Sunday, June 19, 2011



These pics are from today, - this morn after brekkie. Sis said she was keen to see them and now that I got round to taking them I'm glad I did. I didn't weigh in today but yesterday saw my lowest at 62.4kg/137.6lb, (since early 2002). (Am 1.71m) I went out to a BBQ and a few drinks last night so if I looked it may have been a couple of hundred grams up today! So I said total ultimation was 62kg but this is pretty damn close and in the range I decided I want to maintain which is ideally 60-63kg, orange light to 65kg but to not get above 68kg.

So these pics will mark the end of this blog. Right now I feel it's been a productive time.

As for how I lost the weight: - for me it seriously wasn't that hard. Consistency and no bingeing was the key though. I didn't give up carbs, I didn't 100% give up sugar, I don't keep to strict portions/macronutrients or mealtimes, I didn't take any fatburners or supplements, I didn't follow the 'intuitive eating' guidelines, I didn't keep a food log.

For me pretty much is was common sense. Such as treating food more like a ration. Eating till say 6/10 instead of 9/10. We can have another 'ration' later! Meat portions are generally around deck size of playing carbs, - slighly more with fish or maybe 100g-150g meat and always cooked in a non too fatty way! Green veg are pretty much as much as I want. Gourmet low fat muesli or oats is pretty much totally heaped third of a cup and is served with a serve of fresh fruit and 100g or so of a low fat/low sugar kinda natural yoghurt. I still like my scooped out multigrain baguettes with salad and protein and dijon for lunch, fruit or portioned yoghurt for snacks as needed, 1-2 small skinny flat whites/no sugar per day, lots of water. Then healthy but not oversised meal at tea. I'm not that strict though and love going out and tend to work on balancing things out.

Not always easy cause the day after a good party when I maybe indulge in an extra drink and an extra bit of meat, - the next day the temptation is there to wanna go all out and binge, - but I haven't given into that yet. Am definitely enjoying this fitter slimmer leaner thingie going on!

My new blog is http://passions-hobbies.blogspot.com

So please come over for a look. It will keep you up to date with my doings and visions. However I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with this blog...............but I feel time to say to say goodbye.

Pip :-)

Monday, June 13, 2011

WHAT'S WITH THIS...........???

Just before I get around to setting up and opening up my new blog I will state that I went Levis shopping! Thought I'd take advantage of the current sales. My size 12 jeans seem to be on the big side now and slightly dowdy! Even my size 11 Lee's are on the loose side.

Today's purchases = one pair of '27's demi curve stretch black skinny legs AND one pair of maxi curve higher waisted mid blue '28' bootlegs. And they fit good right now! 62.9 this morn or 138.4lb. Glad now I went on a big walk yesterday morning and resisted a greasy feast after attending a big party on Saturday night and feeling slightly hungover, - instead just had a skinny flat white and came home to rye toast topped with cottage cheese, cracked pepper, cherry tomatoes, spinach leaves and a smear of vegemite, - 2 slices only! Then an apple.

Talk soon,

Pip :-)

Sunday, June 12, 2011



I've had this blog since 2007 and have basically decided it's time to update somewhat. Over the years I have deleted many of the repetitive sounding blog posts and particularly those posts in which I've felt I've complained about feeling overweight, make statements on what I say I'm gonna do.........but don't!

As my posts have stated............my long term goal of many years was to get under 68kg and stay there. 60-63kg is ultimate if it can be managed without either too hardcore or health endangering methods! And also to stop binge eating, (the biggie) and stay committed to reasonable regular training and to permanently hold a fitness level I'm proud of.

I have spent many years formulating plans for this, stating them, slipping, making more plans and eventually decided to think............this yoyo thing is normal and decided to try not to worry about it. But the desire to be at optimal health, fitter, sharper etc still persisted so I guess I did what I needed to do!

I believe I'm about 140 lb, 10 stone or 63.4kg these days. The non digital scales can tell me close to 62kg. I wouldn't mind sharpening up by a couple of kilos but don't want to start seeing numbers below 60kg either! 50's just sound too small! But I certainly don't wanna go up either! 60-63kg sounds ultimate to me, - orange light up to 65 and to never get above 68kg!

However moreso, I want my new blog to talk about more than weight. I intend to talk about my fitness pursuits, travel, I want to get a bit more up to date on blog designs, how to get the best out of a computer. And maybe occasionally just day to day life for Pip :-) I am feeling good and confident that my binge eating days may be over for good but do realise it's a lifelong project. I am a foodie, forever will be I think but for now it's under control. I may slip up with say a bit much wine one night, - the next day may feel like a blow out but can somewhat rein self in.

The new blog will be up soon, I will leave this one here but just feel it's time to update! I will keep reading all the regular blogs I read and I'm sure still will talk about my body composition from time to time, (just don't want it to be the main theme).

Till next time,

Pip :-)

Thursday, June 09, 2011

'ULTIMATION' approaching and it feels unreal!!! :-)

Howdy! Firstly I'll explain my explanation of 'ultimation' for me it fatloss/weight and fitness terms.

The easiest way was target one being 68kg or under on me with equates with getting my body fat down to maybe 27-28%. Or at least under 30%. I must say getting body fat % to under 30% is a huge thrill when in the past it's been 40% plus at some points. And 3 years running I reached 68.something for a day before letting it slide. And for the past few years before that didn't see much below 73kg at my fitter points. The idea at target one of 68kg was to feel thrilled, stay below it, lose a few more kg if poss without too much hardcore effort so I could use 68kg as a 'cut off' point if I went on holidays or something.

However I considered 68kg as 'target one', - very pleasing. And considered 60-62kg as ULTIMATION! Body fat % would be in the low 20's, even possibly slightly better if I built some muscle. Size 10 would be closest general clothes size, (occasionally 12's for designers or even '8's believe or not for the bigger generic type brands! I didn't know if my 'ultimation' goal was realistic so decided to let the satisfaction of letting 'target one' set in and not allow myself to slip up on that basically, - ideally be well under it with a bit of a buffer if poss without overly obsessive effort!

And since have been getting fitter, running ability has improved. Nutrition wise I feel it's been rounded. I've given up the daily weighing but do still have a peek every 2-3 days or so.

As for getting close to my ultimation definition:
* I've seen the high '62's' twice over the past week on a morning first thing naked after a big run the day prior, a couple of wines but a light tea! Today was one of those.
* If more hydrated (ie no wine) of if bowels don't feel quite empty in mornings it's closer to 64.

At ultimation I think body fat is in low 20's for me, (if it gets lower I won't complain but am happy at this). Decided 60-63kg is 'ultimate'! Up to 65kg is 'orange zone'. But 68kg now is the number to not get above. I don't think I want to get much below 60kg though, - would rather build muscle if I want to get fitter or leaner. The fact it's so close if not here is awesome.

Thing is I've been 'relatively' discplined and have balanced stuff out but have done nothing particularly hardcore or unsustainable to get here! I do train hard, - run on average 25km per week over 3-4 sessions, one other intense cardio, maybe a 15 min resistance workout cause I'm slack on doing two each week. Work is active and on the go which may help contribute. Calorie wise I reckon I average 1700-1800 a day with a 300 cal a day average of wine or low carb beer cals! However have not binged once recently and I've made sure social meals at others homes or restaurants haven't turned to personal binges.

Talk soon,

Pip :-)

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

19.2km run of today..........


Firstly I'll announce I did train on Sunday, - a 12km run in the Hills. Saturday was 30 mins on the turbo followed by a short 15 min run before we headed to watch the footy. Friday was a day off training. Last Thursday was a 9.6km run effort around 'The Bridges' run. Anyways I'm getting in about 4 good intense cardio workouts a week on average and maybe a piddly resistance workout once a week, - ya know push ups, sit ups and various crunches, plank, lunges, sit against wall thing, tricep dips, walking lunges with not much rest in between various exercises. With the resistance at this stage I just make sure I last 15 mins and usually do some stretching after.

Early Mon morning I COULD have done some training but was still quite pleased with the run the day prior and just bummed around kinda till 10am which I headed out for the days activities. Yesterday after work I blew off a swimming training session to undertake another un-mentionable mission I felt held priority at the moment :-)

Work has been busy and active as per norm.

Anyway it has occured to me a few times that I'm doing a 21.1km half marathon in just over 3 weeks now. Since my last half marathon in 2008 on the Gold Coast my longest run since has been 14km, (which was 'Run for a Reason' race this year and last year). And if running alone my 'long' runs have still been no longer than 12km. 'Short' speed runs are generally around the 5.5-6km.

If I tried 2 laps of my 12km run or 9.1km run in the Hills close to home I know I'd be discouraged by times.........in seeing how I could improve on my current half marathon PB. 1 lap at the fastest pace I can manage is sure enough!

However for being a slacker in regard to organising training the last 2 days and to see how far 'off pace' for half marathon I am I decided to run 2 laps of the 9.6km 'Bridges' run today to see how I went. Not just the one lap where I hold a PB of 51 mins. Obstacles for me were two flights of steps for going up and down, the other cyclists and pedestrians out on the route such as trying to pass a pedestrian on a bridge while looking out for cyclists in all directions, also stopping and jogging on a spot at a couple of intersections till walking lights turned green.

I formulated this plan yesterday and it worked wonders.

The only time available for this run was after a very busy energetic work day on feet. So at the time the last thing I felt like doing! Nutrition had been OK, not magical. Rest, - on feet so not really rested.

And on a 12km run I wouldn't take a water bottle. But on a new 19.2km run I thought I better take a screw top Mt Franklin 600ml bottle as that was all I had on me. So I carried that in one hand and a building swipe card and shop keys in the other.

In general I HATE running carrying a water bottle! I feel lopsided, lost in stride somewhat and slower than I'd like. However my goal was to consume the bottle over the first lap, then ditch it by start of second lap, then speed up on the second lap just carrying swipe card and key.

Successful!!! I had to deal with head winds the first lap, mostly over first 3km! I didn't go out too hard as I knew I had 19.2km to do. Carrying a jiggly water bottle was awkward! I could tell my pace over the first 9.6km lap didn't feel fast, (but it didn't feel hopelessly slow either). I clocked in at 57 mins 30 for the first 9.6km lap and felt like that was just a warm up as I ditched my empty water bottle. 10km/h feeling like a warm up was a tops feeling! For the first few kms of lap 2 I sped up, feeling mighty pleased with myself. At about the 14-15km mark I felt a bit sore, slight cramps but nothing major. I did expect it but I still maintained my pace. In the final 2km or so I guess what, - SPED UP! I was trying to finish under a various time and managed it.

Anyway my time for today's 19.2km run was 1 hour, 51 mins, 54 secs. And I don't feel as if I have particularly gone hard at race pace, - such as I could have put on my 'sprinting' pace earlier rather than reserving. I don't reckon I will be sore tomorrow like I was after 'Run for a Reason 14km'. My first lap was a bit slower cause of holding a water bottle, a min or so in total would have been cause of traffic, I was somewhat tired at starting after a busy work day plus I was running on my own rather than trying to topple my ability.

So today I finished slightly over 2 hour half marathon pace. But I feel I could have gone faster and would have etc if in racing conditions. I felt at the end of today I could have held a decent pace for another 1.9-2km to complete a half marathon! Today's run felt like a training run more than a race................yet if I raced at this pace I would be pleased!

And to get where I needed to go I had an easy 3km or so of walking after finishing my run.

Weight wise I haven't been on the digital to 100g scales but the others show I'm around 64kg these days.

Talk soon,


Wednesday, June 01, 2011

SKINFOLD PROGRESS.................


It was skinfold day today. Two years ago I was seeing a trainer for a good few weeks. Anyway I managed to get my skinfold total over 8 sites down from 183mm down to 115mm in I believe 8 weeks. When I was over 90kg I believe skinfold total would have been over 300mm which is mighty scary.

And I remember dropping about 9kg in that timeframe two years ago as well and feeling pleased with my progress at the time.

Lately however I have felt I've reached yet another 'new better' level so was keen to actually see what my skinfolds were now rather than just assume they were 'about something LOL'.

Anyway today came out with my skinfolds totalling 89 mm over 8 sites, my weight sitting on 64.6kg. Seasoned pro triathletes and runners may peak in the 50-60mm range I believe. Body builders maybe in roughly the 30-40mm range. But now I'm not sitting in an 'overfat' place, - instead an 'acceptable' era! Yay yay, - it's feeling good and will pro improve bit and bit over time :-)


Saturday, May 28, 2011


Firstly yep, it was 4 weeks ago to the day today that I finally saw a number 68kg or 150lb or under. 4 weeks ago I saw 2 dehydrated reads of 67.5 and one of 67.9 and 149.2lb. The reads depended on how the scales were positioned on the tiles or other stupid factors. I say I was dehyrdrated as I'd consumed quite a bit the wine the evening prior while watching the Royal Wedding on 29 April and I note I can weigh anything up to a kilo less the next morning following some wine! I therefore hit target on Sat 30 April 2011. I hit under 70kg first time this year on 18 April.

Secondly I'm proud to report I haven't seen a number above those ones since either.

Today I decided to take a visit to the scales after almost a week of keeping off them. No wine last night and infact a late but lightish tea last night. I therefore felt powerful enough to perform a decent 5-10km run rather than depleted or dehydrated or in dire need of a good brekkie before a run. I saw one read today of 65.4, another of 64.9 and another of 65.0kg. As for pounds I came up as 143.5lb.

I am not really an overly analytical precise person but this has been fun.

I will note another pleasing experience last night was taking a rushed visit to the shop 'Cue'. I had noted at 70-72kg my most regular size had been a 12. OK, sometimes I needed a bigger top to fit across bust etc but average close to a 12. Infact when getting under 76kg I remember being pleased to be able to get into size 12 pants instead of bigger from shops such as Cue, Target, Country Road, Colorado. As you could imagine my size 12 Cue suit I bought last year at 75-76kg is now rather big.

Basically I wanted to go in there to see if I could get away with a size 10 suit! I believed I may have been able to. Until last night I hadn't bought any new clothes since reaching target. The size 10 dress pictured above was a purchase! Infact it was a non stretch size 10 and the pics were taken an hour ago today.

I did try on a beaut grey suit and the assistant looked at me and gave me a 10 jacket and believe it or not size 8 grey suit pants! I put them both on over a beaut lace size 10 fitted top and paraded out feeling comfy! She then told me the pants were an '8' and I thought she was joking! I tried on the '8' skirt but felt that was a bit uncomfy and tight with the 10 being much better. Still seriously, - I think they must be big fitting '8's as my waist at smallest point is still a comfy 29 inches, not tiny or anything. OK, maybe 28.5 inches first thing in morning over bare skin before brekkie. I found another size 10 black mini and other tops to try on. I was advised it's the fashion and often a better look to tuck non bulky tops into skirts. That's a first for me but it was great to feel I looked acceptable in doing so!

I didn't buy then and there. I went and swithered about it while doing my fastest treadmill 30 min run at gym. I achieved my fastest 30 min run for ages at 5.75km in 30 mins so decided um.............stuff it! I'd buy the dress, black mini skirt and a navy lace fashionable formal top. Being sweaty and all I didn't try it on again!

I have decided upon achieving under 68kg..........I sure wanna stay under it. I always used to say 68kg was target one and 62kg was ultimation. I still think along those lines. For example finally getting my body fat under 30% after being 40% was fantastic and I have taken time to feel thrilled but 20-25% body fat is awesome!

I remember via a DEXA scan 3 years ago lean mass was 46.something kg. I maybe able to do slightly more pushups but I just hope it hasn't decreased. If I put on a kg or 2 of muscle, - fantastic. I've decided to make my ideal fitness range 60-65kg.............but if I go travelling etc NEVER to get above 68kg. By keeping up a small amount of regular challenging resistance training as well as my other stuff I believe this is actually achieveable. That will have me maintaining a nice maintainable body fat of 20-25% in the 'fitness' but not 'athlete' range. If I get into the 'athlete' range I'd be stoked but believe that is a bit seasonal etc. I'd be stoked to get and maintain in the fitness range!


* Following a 'no' carb or even 'low' carb diet
* Having set precise mealimes and eating 5-6 mini-meals
* Sticking to my training regimes religiously
* Banning alcohol
* Keeping a food diary
* Following a precise plan
* Prob sleeping enough
* Being strict
* Ringing up restaurants scrutinising their menus in advance or electing to only eat my own food if visiting others


* Mental rough calorie, nutrient balancing
* Common sense
* Often but not religiously sticking to about 3 meals a day during week, 1-2 snacks if needed. At weekends may have a good brekkie, train an hour or two later then not eat till tea if going out unless I feel hungry which is then often something light like fruit.
* Staying away from bingeing
* Have been keeping sugary options out of day to day life. But if it's occasional and I really want something I can plan for it, keep to a moderate portion and budget it in. Not that hard once ya start.
* Getting in at least 3 hard intense training sessions of at least 30 mins each week, a couple of good short resistance workouts and am just generally active with my job etc day to day.
* Really keeping an eye on portion sizes. If out etc I may have a bit more than normal, even dessert as well if say at a dinner party and it's specially made but must feel I'm in control and whatever I do I can't let it turn into getting 'off track'.

Wine is the next big thing I must get a bit stricter on regarding moderation :-)

What I have wanted to achieve since getting under 68kg was:
* staying comfortably under there, (it not being a fleeting one day visit)
* not getting (or appearing) to others too obsessed or completely hardcore about it either.

Talk soon,

Pip :-)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

5.23 min/km time.................!!!

I received my offical race stats from '14km Run for a Reason' back today.

My net time is 1 hr, 14 mins, 7 secs. My average speed was 5 min, 23 sec kms!

Last years net time was 1 hr, 28 mins, 15 secs so I'm well and truly proud :-) I was anticipating being a total happy queen if I got under 1 hr, 20!

Family: - if you are interested in seeing my race pics or finishing video please visit

Then check out 2011 results and under 'search' type 'Pip Dodds' There is a video of me finishing and some running pics of me. I'm the one with the pink headband.

Talk soon!

Pip :-)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

2011 14km RUN FOR A REASON.........22 MAY plus LEANEST ABS SINCE 2002!!!

OK, firstly today was race day. 14km Run for a Reason 2011!

I guess I will start with my GUN time. I crossed the finish line just a small tad under 1 hour, 15 mins, (maybe 1 hour, 14 min, 50 sec or so). I would guess my NET time to be 30 secs to 1 min faster, (you know the time it actually takes to get from your place in the starting herd actually to the start line where the race actually takes place from).

Now to say I'm stoked with that is an understatement! I'm super mighty impressed. It's a shaving of about 14 mins off last years time. My goal this year I was shooting for was c) to beat last years 1 hr, 28 something, b) to beat 1 hr 24 so I average 10kmph, and a), - I decided I'd be super pleased if I could get under 1 hr 20. So you may understand that sub 1 hr 15 is extremely thrilling!!! The day started at 5am when BF and I got up. I didn't get lots of sleep due to anticipating the run for some reason. It was a cold night by Perth standards and a cold morning. I reckon well below 10 degrees at 6.45am if not below 5 degrees LOL.

Alrighty: - I must say that my last few runs have been pleasing. My long run 'cruising' pace seemed to have increased. And I'd had a few consistent 'good' runs! That is despite a cold a couple of weeks back and then a lightly sprained/turned ankle. I hadn't got all the runs I'd wanted to get in, (that being 4 per week). Quite often I'd only got in 2 runs, a swim or two and my bit of resistance training. However work has been very active and busy, (ok not quite sweat busting that often but just in general flat out, on the go with lots of bending, lifting, constant movement for many hours on end)! If overtime is needed it's hard to get motivated to train after an active work day!

The other pics in the bra, dark grey trackkies are from Thurs morn this week before putting on work top and having brekkie. Just thought I'd have a look. I would have to say that is my flattest stomach and leanest torso since 2002! I didn't weigh in that morning but yesterday morn was 65.3 first thing before brekkie. That is my lightest since 2002 as well.

Anyway I've kept under the 68kg now for 22 days and have been under 70kg for 34 days. I don't weigh daily but haven't seen numbers above these since then. And I want it to stay that way. Infact ideally I think a maintenance of between 60-65kg would be awesome to forever maintain. That would roughly be between 20-25% BF unless I gained a heap of muscle. So I will exercise my cut off point to still be 68kg but will aim for the lower half of the 60's to get and stay with!

A bit to do, - talk soon. In my run photo I was wearing a sports bra, - hence possible lack of chest definition!

Pip :-)

Monday, May 16, 2011


Well, - I completed the 'Bridges' 9.6km effort in just on 51 mins today. I'm sure that is a PB for 'The Bridges' and probably almost betters my 50 min 5 sec PB on my 9.3km effort back in 2006. It's a mainly flat run but there are a couple of flights of steps on it, - down one and up the other!!! If I could keep up that pace, (or close to it) for my 14km run this weekend and my looming half marathon I would be super stoked now.

Just recently I've noted my 'cruising' pace to be at least 10kmph and race pace is slightly above that which I'm super pleased with. I'm sure losing weight and body fat and getting the nutrition mix suitable has helped. However it takes time and patience.

When heavier when trying to eat less and notably cut carbs..........it can effect running pace at times as can not enough sleep or water or too much alcohol the night prior!

I am still tentative with how I place my injured ankle last week with each foot strike. By that I slow down slightly when turning corners suddenly and make sure I place foot/toes squarely on the ground. If doing all that it's not sore.

Another thing I am pleased with is that I resisted temptation to be a 'pig' after my social yummy lunch/dessert yesterday. After my moderate amount of dessert, lunch and wine yesterday I did feel like over-eating on all types of yummy sweet things followed by lots of cheese when I got home till I'd consumed an insane quantity and got over full! I know once I lose control, - it's a bugger to get back and can take a while and too much self loathing!

However I resisted, stuck to a sensible tea, woke up without a 'junkfood or overeating hangover' and was fully on track today nutrition wise and trained hard, (see run story above). I didn't weigh self though incase I was a couple of hundred grams more than yesterday morning cause of Sunday lunch and didn't want to start bloody Monday with a defeated attitude about that!

Another thing I will mention is:
* I'm suddenly not overly worried about how others perceive me.

For sure I'm still a natural people pleaser to a degree and like to impress others and make life easier for them if I can. But that's to a degree as well.

Also I guess lots of the time I haven't had lots of confidence in myself. Admittably I've thought of myself fat, (to different degrees at various times), someone who wastes/undos any hard work or effort I make therefore can't maintain control. Have thought of myself as a bit (or quite) clueless/hopeless at times. On the positive I did always know I'm relatively friendly, helpful, (or try to be) means well, reliable and do at times perservere with stuff. But I shot myself in the foot thinking I wasn't that talented or good at anything.

Amongst all that I did crave validation that I'm cool, worthy etc.

However lately I'm suddenly not so bothered at all about validation. I may certainly not be 'perfect' but am a reasonable worthy person with strengths and weaknesses like most of us!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

15 MAY 11 TALK..........


Short update time here.

Firstly with ankle, - it's nearly good again but I'm still a bit tentative with it. Yesterday morning I did a 12km hilly run with it. I didn't push myself as hard as I possibly could because of ankle and the fact that 12km is a reasonably long distance. When turning corners or on uneven surfaces such as gravel I slowed down to watch every stride. I stood on a big rock at one stage on run and for that split second felt my ankle but it was fine thereafter. However my slower comfortable running pace has seemed to increase. I averaged 6 min km or 10km/h at that run where I wasn't really pushing myself to full and lots of uneven surfaces and uphill was included so I'm happy with that.

I did intend on a sprint 5km this morn............slacker Pippi didn't get organised and didn't get up and do it early!

BF's Mum picked me up today late morning to attend BF's cousins baby shower. It was a great fun day, a beaut spread for lunch was had by us. BF's cousin is due in 3 weeks. The party was at her sisters and she is an awesome cook, - always has been!

All her mains and salads are beautiful. However........if you are having dessert she's the dream! Wbatever type of cake, slice or dessert you are having, - she seems to make it better than any shop/cafe ever and it's presented in an immaculate manner. Over the past 3 years I've tasted and have eaten a few of her delicacies. Her fruit cake is laden with fruit, brandy stuff and is MOIST! Her choc mud cake as I had her make for my 30th last year is so moist and rich! I had a bit of her lemon meringue cake today and the lemon flavour was bursting, - the best lemon meringue cake I've ever had and I've tried a few! Awesomely tangy! Her cupcakes are moist, fruity with tangy icing.

With my mission of fatloss/fitness gain/weight loss or maintenance I generally try to now keep away from all sugary stuff on a general day to day basis. When in the mindset it's not that hard. I knew today would be a special occasion and did budget myself to indulge with a 'reasonable' amount of sweets from the sweets table! They did taste awesome! Particularly after a beaut lunch with champers!

Now the Pippi challenge begins. I'm not worried about what I ate at lunch. I didn't binge. I had a moderate plateful of healthy choices at lunch and a small bread and butter plateful of fresh fruit and a few but moderate amount of bite sized delicacies for dessert. I've had a couple of extra glasses of champers this evening and 2 slices of wholegrain toast with small amount of low fat cottage cheese, slither of avocado and vegemite with chopped fresh tomato and cracked pepper. Am now on water.

I'm not physically hungry but am in mood morso than for a while for chocs and mini cupcakes from today in fridge, thickly cut cheese and icecream in large quantities. However I know I will be happiest if I don't go there and won't do it. Instead I will do some resistance work, drink water and get to bed at decent hour for a Sunday. Then normal brekkie, lunch, snack, training and tea tomorrow.

I did get on the metal monsters this morn and was shocked but stoked to see the number 65.8kg! I had 3 glasses of wine yesterday evening, - otherwise trained hard and was on track food wise. I know if I eat and train well but don't drink any wine, (just more water) the day before I'm often a few hundred grams heavier haha!

Unbelieveably I'm wearing awesome size 10 Just Jeans mid blue jeans with a slight stretch in them today and wore them out. They fit great just now. In 2006 I slipped into the 66's for a day or two before a huge slip up and bought those jeans then. So today is first day of wearing them since. I will note today is the first time since 2002 that the 65's have been seen! Infact at the moment I'm proud to say I have no items at all in my wardrobe that are too small for me. Either clothes fit perfect or they are slightly big but I wear them anyway or they are far too big and in a bag at back of wardrobe! My winter coat from 2003 is a size 14 when now I'd get a 10-12 depending on shop However I cinch it in with a stretch size S womens belt! That works nicely over cocktail dresses to show off a waist too. (Me wanting to show off a waist is saying something!)

So I definitely need to keep under the 68kg for mark for good. I've always said 60-62kg is ultimation. I don't want to push myself to un-natural or unsustainable measures to reach ultimation. I do want and need to maintain a fit lifestyle, am happy to watch how clean my diet is along with portion control but don't want to take it to precise hardcore standards on social occasions and want to feel whatever I do can be maintainable.

I'm looking at starting a distance learning course with Cengage Education over the next few years. Maybe a sports nutrition certificate or nutrition certificate or retail pharmacy certificate or dental assistant cert 4 or a business or tourism/travel course. I've done no study since the 90's and can't afford to leave full time work. But gaining new skills would be great. Will let ya know the outcome.

Talk soon

Pip :-)

Thursday, May 12, 2011



Am just doing a late evening quick report again lol!

Firstly I had what I considered an awesome training session on Monday. After a busy work day I did my 9.1km outdoor hilly run. That includes hills all the way, - some down, some downward steps but lots of continuous uphill. Completion time was just on 51 mins which I was super stoked with!

Work is hands on, active and busy as per norm!

HOWEVER, - due to slight disorganisation on Tuesday morning I was out the door 2-3 mins later than norm and felt uncomfortable about it. Maybe left the house at 5.47am rather than a more comfy 5.44am. I had my swimming gear backpack on back as well as my general handbag over shoulder. I decided to sprint to the bus stop incase the 'thing' was early lol!

Alas, - these surfaces are uneven, potholes and stones to navigate which I forgot about at that time of the day without coffee! So I turned on my ankle and luckily (only slightly sprained or rolled it). Crapola!! I did make it to the bus though but ran the rest of the way slower!

Ankle was an inconvenience at work that day. I googled light sprains/rolls later that evening and freaked out! A couple had told me...........all my hard work for nothing!

It feels slightly sensitive today and my cardio was a good swim session. But it's impoving and I feel confident of able to do next weeks 'Run for a Reason'.

Weight wise have hit the 66's and now sit around 147 lb! And torso is improving by the week/fortnight or so! Awesome! Getting and staying under 68 was always the main target I'd assigned myself and it's awesome to be there! 62kg was what I considered ultimation and it's unbelievable to note that I'm less than 5kg away from that! There is still a bit to go so I could do it. I still wanna keep up my resistance work though! Keeping active, some hardcore training, keeping away from most sugar, portion control over time seems to be doing it. Have now been 12 days under 68 and 24 days under the 70kg mark.

Talk soon,

Pip :-)

Saturday, May 07, 2011


G'day all! Sorry about all the pics. The bikini ones are there cause I always said I'd take some when under the 68kg or 150lb mark. The bikini ones were actually taken this morning, - one week officially after hitting 68kg or under! I think I should have got a spray tan! Last Saturday was 67.9, this morning 67.1 even though I should learn to stay off them! But have stayed under 68 all last week and under 70 for 3 weeks on Monday. Not sure of my body fat %. I'm confident it's under 30% and would love to get it under 25% permanently!

The bikini is a Roxy size 12 one purchased back in 2006 which was the last year I got under 68kg for a short tad of time.

The boots were purchased earlier in the week, - my first pair of tan boots that come up quite high. I also own a pair of black leather ankle boots with high heels which I got for my 24th birthday and still wear. The jeans are stretch Lee ones, - I've had them since 2006 I think. And my lil sis Diana got me the blue singlet and gold hoop earrings.

I've done no training for almost a week. I came down with a cold. Last Sunday and Monday had the sore throat and went from sweating to cold and back a few times. And then it turned into a head cold and the sore throat luckily went. Still went to work etc every day and went hardcore there. No cough or chest infection though so need to get back into consistent training for the half marathon in 8 weeks and my 14km run in 2 weeks! Yay to me though, - despite a cold I didn't give in to any gorging or comfort eating on chocolate, sugary foods, comfort Boost Juice or Wendy's smoothies, icecream or cheesy savoury stuff. I know if I start, it's harder to stop so am training myself to be satisfied with suitable stuff.

My diet these days varies but very often brekkie is
* a heaped 1/3 cup oats with some boiling water over top and left to steam for a bit. Then I stir in a teaspoon of goji berries, a teaspoon sultanas, a few grapes or grated apple and cinnamon OR about 100g non fat greek yoghurt, a heaped 1/3 cup bircher museli and a chopped up bit of fruit.
When at work generally have a medium skinny flat white, no sugar.

Lunch is mostly a long skinny multigrain crusty baguette with inner dough scooped out with hand, then spread with a bit of dijon mustard, then good serve of full garden salad, (sometimes a bit of avocado) and either a 95g tin tuna OR cold chicken from home OR 50g smoked salmon from work and cracked pepper. (Free at work).

Probably throughout day I'd have another small skinny flat white, (1 coffee shot and no sugar) and also a bit of fresh fruit or yoghurt.

Then in evenings it's 100-150g serve of lean protein, (steak, lamb, chicken, fish, kangaroo or egg white omelette) and quite a few vegies or salad and mostly a small carb serve such as some microwaved then grilled sweet potato, 1/4 cup steamed basmati or brown rice or one small jacket potato. I have a few variations on how I construct these dishes, I like herbs, lemon juice and BF and I eat lots of onion and garlic! As for water I like to have at least 3L throughout day.

Talk soon,

Pip :-)

Friday, May 06, 2011

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Just a couple of quick pics here of hair style and the new boots bought today on sale at Zu, (a shoe shop here in Perth). I could have tried a bit longer to get better angles etc but here goes, things to do!

Wednesday, May 04, 2011


Howdy! Yesterday had a haircut. Now I have a short rather layered but not concave bob! And bright copper highlights throughout! I do like it! After looking at myself from all angles I decided long hair didn't suit me optimally unless I spend a great time either trying to straighten, curl and style it. So back to short. Pics will be up soon. Still under the 68kg. 67.2 today in though I shouldn't have looked. And have been under the 70kg mark for 17 consecutive days now. Keeping busy and all, - I enjoyed watching the Biggest Loser Finale, - dunno if I got my short hair again inspiration from Emma the winner or Lara or Bec, - they all did look fab.

Talk soon,

Pip :-)

Saturday, April 30, 2011


Wait for it! I got on the metal monsters. 67.5 at first glance! WOW, first time I've seen 68 or under in many years!

I then moved them to a different area of tiles and turned mode to pounds. 149.2 lb!

I then shifted them and turned dial back to kg. 67.9 this time. I moved them to another area on the tiles. 67.5 again.

Now for me that is a great feeling of accomplishment! 68kg or under or 150lb or under!

Am about to head off for a run now! BF and I then went out for tea, I cracked the expensive bottle pictured and shared some. Run was good. All pics with this post are from today!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

27 APRIL 2011 RAMBLE.............

G'day! Gee, wasn't it sad to go back to work after a 5 day break! I reckon it sure sucked!!!

I have failed with my goal of keeping away from the metal monsters till 1 May. Therefore today was 68.3 which was exactly the same as last Thursday morning so I am very happy to have not let loose over Easter. Of course they bounce around by a few hundred grams but 10 consecutive days under 70 is good. And also the fact that 68.3 wasn't a one off fleeting visit to the 68's not to be returned to for a year or so. I've infact seen that number 3 different days recently which is the lowest for the year. So times are a changin'!

I had a very pleasing treadmill workout today. 5.60km in 30 mins which absolutely pushed me to the max. I was planning on the 9.6km Bridges run but Perth was actually having very rare rain, a few sudden strong downpours, some wind, some puddles and I guess that's not an excuse. I just didn't want to risk getting my 3 week new runners muddy already or slip.

Am swimming tomorrow after work and am gearing up to watch the Royal Wedding after work on Friday.............prob dressed up slightly with maybe some champers just at home haha! So after maybe a bit much wine at Easter I'm holding out till then for wine.

Bedtime now, Easter was a good one.

Pip :-)

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Hello, Happy Easter Sunday all! Happy Birthday for today Mum!

Oh and I've been a bit obsessed with the scales and have got on them each morning this week, (naked before brekkie of course). 7 consecutive days under 70kg achieved!
The 68.3 in my last post last Thursday was a fleeting visit and looking at it I think I was a bit dehydrated that morning due to 3 largish glasses of wine the evening prior. After eating exactly the same, (as it was convenient) on Thursday as I did on Wednesday I somewhow managed to be a whole kilo heavier on Friday morning. The only difference was more water and less wine on Thursday haha! 69.0 today,
(152 lb).

I do want to stop the daily weighing though. I think once a month weigh ins would be good. Such as the 1st of every month or as close to it as convenient. Now that I'm under 70 I REALLY don't want to get above it again. I feel somewhat leaner when I inch into the 60's so need to be here for good, (not just a week or so each year). The big thing is I still want to consolidate under 68 and stay there but under absolutely no circumstances see the 70's again.

So.........can I keep off the scales for a week, (until 1 May)? That's my first goal. And I still intend on being under 70. Maybe I could be under 68 as well? I want to train hard and eat well and drink enough water next week but I'm not prepared to starve and dehydrate for a day or two before weigh in or take a laxative for the first time. Then for the 1st of June and first of each month after the objective is that my weigh in figure is under 68kg/150lb.

I am liking my shoulders, arms, legs, calves. Midriff could still lean down a bit but improvement has been great. I tried on the Cue size 12 suit I bought in August last year. I definitely would now need a 10 in the trousers or to have these ones tailored. The size 12 jacket is roomy, can get buttoned up with extra room rather than there being a slight strain to get up buttoned up, (on the occasions I wore it I found it best to leave the jacket open).

I did the Bridges run in 56 mins, 30 secs on Wednesday, (9.6km). I did a 9.1km rather hilly run with gravel etc involved in 54 mins last week. Yesterday I did a 13km run, lots of hills on it as well. Hard work but made it! The rain has pelted down for a bit this morning but has stopped for a bit so I'm off to try and do my 5.4km run as fast as poss. Would LOVE to achieve under 30 mins for that, (there are a few hills!) I enjoyed my swim this week.

4 weeks till Run for a Reason.
10 weeks till Gold Coast half marathon.

Talk soon,

Pip :-)

Thursday, April 21, 2011


First news first. 68.3kg today, (151.0lb). Last years lowest read was 68.6, the year before the lowest was 68.4, back in 2008 my lowest read was 68.5. In 2006 I think I may have actually got under 68kg for a couple of days and in 2007 I didn't make the 60's.

The thing is..........the pattern is that I seem to have managed to just see the 60's most years for about a week before they somehow seem to slip away. And the joy of hitting the 60's is awesome. Size 12 waistbands are comfy if not a little loose sometimes! Today I fitted into and comfortably wore some Target size 10 work 3/4 pants that a mate gave me a year ago brand new as they were surplus to her requirments. First time they have been wearable! Gosh, I bought a size 12 Cue suit last year at 75.3kg which fitted well at the time. I wonder if now 7kg down I could manage a size 10 haha! The sizing must have been on the biggish side as I would still consider myself more a 12 than a 10 mostly.

Admittably I've been weighing myself daily this week and have been training well, haven't felt too carb depleted or dehydrated.

Hmm, I'm luvin the 60's and my big target is to get and stay under the 68kg/150lb. Easter weekend may prove a slight challenge. I have had a 2kg or so drop in the last week which has been a bit uncharacteristic of late and running performances have improved! I think it may be best to keep off the scales for a few days/week or two as I don't want to feel disheartened at a 400g gain or something. However sub 68 it will be soon. Then want to head at aiming for under 66kg. Then I want to drop my weigh ins to once a month or so with the target of staying under the 68kg. If I miss the 68kg crack down by a whisker, - I MUST not get above 70 and must crack down harder! So 70 is the final absolute cut off point but ideally wanna get/stay under 68.

Am stoked it's now Easter break. Training is going well, sorry for all the numbers talk haha.

Talk soon,

Pip :-)

Monday, April 18, 2011

69er's finally arrive!!!..........

Haha, wonder if that may have grabbed someone's attention!!! I'm sure most of you know what I may mean, - here today!!!

I had a quick Monday jump on the metal monsters this morn. I wasn't expecting much change from my last visit of 70.5 read. I'd done some training but had kind of a restful weekend otherwise. However I didn't overeat, (just a couple of extra wines on Sat night). I kept out of the iced coffee and sugar. So just thought I'd take a peek.

First read was 70.5 again which I was OK with and if similar to last weigh in such as within a kilo my scales often jump back with the same read. Then for fun I changed the mode to pounds and noticed I was about 1.5lbs less than my last read, (the same time I last weighed 70.5). So I switched it back to kilos thinking I may see 70.1 or something and got 69.9 jumping back at me twice.

So I've seen it this year, now am on track to consolidate the 60's, get fitter and get under 68kg or 150lb!

Had my first swim session today which was fab. I have a bit to work on before the tri season starting next summer!

Talk soon,

Pip :-)

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Firstly 2 posts from me in one day! It looks as if just today I may have some free time haha! Okey Dokey, I'm writing a bit on ageing today. A kinda sombre, (however that is spelt) topic for me and prob a few people. Dunno why I'm feeling brave.

Anyways...........over the last few months I've noticed a couple of permanent creases that seem to stay on my face, (still rather small and faint hopefully). One on the forehead and 2 vertical frown lines just above my eyes with one being a bit more prominent than the other. They seem to look worse without any makeup, - ie a moisturisor and liquid foundation on. Luckily light to moderate makeup disguises maybe 80% of the ageing lines.

I also colour my hair. My natural colour is a dark brown. It still is.............but I see a few single grey strands now in every square cm once the re-growth gets to about 2 months. By 3-4 months I REALLY feel I need to put a colour in, - (today was one of those days and I coloured my hair today). My hair maintenance is still rather cheap at about 4 colours a year at about $15.95 a pop and 4 trims at about $19.50 a pop. But over the few months I notice the volume of greys aren't decreasing as re-growth pops through.........instead increasing slowly and surely. I either use supermarket shampoos or take advantage of cheaper salon shampooing/conditioning packages and specials. But I really need those colours! I used to get lighter foils in my hair at a salon...........but in an effort to try and save money for other things I've moved away from that the last 20 months or so. I've thought about a fringe to cover the forehead line and pulled my hair over that way to check it out. But I still see the faint vertical lines and I'm not prepared to have my hair covering my eyes!
Dammit, - maybe I can't pass for 18 anymore!!!

I remember as a kid and in my teens I was told I had perfect vision, - sharp and all! Last year I noticed it took my eyes a bit longer to fully focus early mornings, (I get up early for work). Small print looked a bit blurry in a distance. I put my head down a bit closer to read tiny print. Therefore I decided to take advantage of free optical tests on offer last year. I had a great assessment and the conclusion I was told was my vision wasn't perfect, (but still good enough not to warrant contacts or glasses). But it would diminish ever so slighly over the years so in about 10 years I would need driving/reading glasses.

A few years ago I actually spent a bit on expensive skincare regimes in the belief I may always look just a 'bit' younger than my age. But I accumulated credit card debt back in those days in doing so amongst other careless spending. Today I use mostly Nivea Visage from Woolworths and make sure I use either/and a moisturisor/foundation/sunscreen on my face with at least SPF 15 each day, (SPF 30 if outdoors for long periods). Finances are in better order these days.

The thoughts of Botox I can't afford have crossed my mind, (I haven't contemplated having it, just wished I've had the money I was able to consider it and keeping it up). However that sometimes is all a bit vain..................no-one important is gonna like ya better for it.

What I am grateful for is I'm now not in the position where I feel I need to lose huge amounts of weight. A couple, - 5 kgs nice.........yep, getting fitter and a bit more toned.......yep. But not oodles. My thing of lowering my cut off point, (of rebounding weight gain) has been successful for a few consistent years.

So as a result I am more worried about trying to cover up/use sunscreen/hats etc rather than getting a tan, I don't spend money I can't afford, (chopped up credit cards maybe a year ago), my weight fluctuations have become lots more minimal and actually my BMI is a couple of kg under 25 now.

I don't want to settle here though................I've entered two races as per above post in the nearish future and wanna be happy with my prep! However.......it's fun to acknowledge progress! And I'm on track for my overseas big holiday/adventure in a few years.

Guess I can't get too caught up in greys/permanent facial lines and realise I've kinda grown up LOL! BTW I turn 31 on July 19 this year. The pics at top of this post are of today and there is one with no makeup or nothing. Today I went a shade lighter with my hair colour, - a 4.0 instead of a 3.0 but don't notice much difference :-)

Finally, - I can't really figure out how to delete the right photo. The one of me in my maroon top with my mate are from a Christmas party last December, not to be disturbed with this post. The one with the pink top of me 2 weeks ago was the one I was meaning to put here.

Howdy gang!

Well, as of this morning I actually entered the HBF Perth 14km Run for a Reason on 22 May. AND I secured my spot in the Gold Coast Half Marathon held on 3 July 2011. So all is on. Sometimes I wonder why I do this to myself! But it's all good!

I did the HBF run last year and reckon it was more 14.5km rather than 14km as there was about a 500m finishing bit to run after seeing the 14km sign. My time last year for that was 1 hour, 28 mins. Therefore I need to beat that this year, - at least I aim to finish under 1 hour, 24 mins to keep above 10kmph pace. I remember I was 74-75kg when I did that race last year and training hadn't at all been consistent. This week I put a reasonable effort in and have another 5 weeks to produce some consistency for that race.

Oh yeah, I weighed in @ 70.5kg this morning, (155.5lb). Lightest this year to date and can tell in my clothes now just a bit. Still flabby around the middle......but improving! Good to be a comfy size 12 now in general.

Talk soon

Pip :-)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

QUICK UPDATE..........................

G'day! I see I haven't blogged in close to three weeks! This hasn't been intentional......................just guess I haven't had lots of spare time and it's bedtime now pretty much so will try not to go on too long now!

So what's been happening?:
* Work has been rather full on, - doing some overtime and have been going full steam at the fastest pace I can muster most of the time haha! Nah, I've been working hard!

* BF and I have been having quite a social life the last few weekends and have a dinner out with BF's family planned for this weekend. BF is planning on some overnight motorbike trips with his mates and is eventually planning for a really big 3-4 week type one incorporating heading up north to Broome, maybe across to NT even before heading back to Perth. We caught up with his mate's family for tea last weekend. His wife swam at state and national level a few years back, she knows I occasionally attempt triathlon and came forward to help me with swimming which is fantastic and of great help to me. She has written me out a 5 day program with each day looking to incorporate 3-5kmish a hit! I'm to do a swim session twice a week and rotate the 5 days. She has offered to come, help me with my stoke etc. That's a lot of swimming, - more than I'd ever do without a program but if I improve and get stronger at it I will be stoked!

* 9 days ago the work team went to play Supa Golf in the Swan Valley, - lots of fun. Bigger balls and bigger clubs than regular Golf. I'd get frustrated with golf and my hits but could see myself really getting into Golf. This was my first attempt at any Golf bar mini Golf!

* I've booked my accommodation on the Gold Coast for the half marathon on 3 July. Have yet to book the race and part of me is wanting to just do the 10km but I still want the satisfaction of doing the half marathon so intend to enter that event. I still am striving to go under 2 hours! My excitement would be unstoppable if I did that! However finishing under 2 hrs, 6 mins would be awesome as I would have maintained 10km/h pace or 6 min kms! My PB is 2 hrs, 15 mins, 14 secs in the half in 2008 so I guess I'd be pleased to improve on that. In theory that shouldn't be hard as I was 13-14kg more then than I am today.

* I have quite a bit of work to do with running but! I did 30 mins as fast as poss on the treadmill yesterday achieving 5.56km. So that's just over 11km/h pace. The last 7 mins or so though I felt physically sick, stuffed and everything and just wanted to get off but thought of those Biggest Loser contestants and went minute by min and was glad to get to the end of 30 mins without slowing down the treadmill. Scary thing is I have to do almost 4 times that distance at a similar pace to that to do the half in under 2 hours. However I was happy with yesterday's treadmill run as it was my fastest in almost a year on the treadmill. I managed the turbo trainer today for 30 mins.

* Lately I've been maintaining my weight rather than it going down, (or up for that matter) either. Just up and down but about a kilo depending on my focus for the week but it's done that a few times. Just a bit more consistency would get it down another few/couple of kilos and help with a bit more core toning, - easy in theory haha! Was surprised/pleased to be told I was more a 12 than a 14 when using BF's Chrissy voucher to get fitted for bras last weekend! 12DD -12E! I fitted into a nice pair of demi curve size 12 Levis from the Levi shop recently but left them on the shelf.
71.4kg or 157 lb today.

* Oh, I decided to take advantage of the strong current Aussie dollar and ordered some sunglasses from USA! They retail for $320 here in Sunglasses Hut in Aussie but I am paying $183 all up to get them sent to me from the States, ($US189)! Should get them soon, - whoohoo :-)

So that's about it, till next time,

Pip :-)

Sunday, March 20, 2011


G'day all! A while since I've written I know. Just seem to have been crazy busy of late, (not totally in an organised way mind you).

First mention is that unfortunately I knew of one of the victims of the Christchurch Earthquake. She was in my year at school in 1997, (my last year of school and I changed schools and stayed in a hostel that year). She infact boarded in the room beside mine along with about 10 of us from my year. She was lovely, someone I looked up to in terms of being organised, into everything, great at sports and also an A student. She was much more popular than me so I didn't get to know her really closely but she was nice and friendly to me and many others on a general level and the group in my year at the hostel had many good times together. She unfortunately left behind a husband and a 3 yr old and 1 yr old daughter. The whole situation makes me shudder to think of. Not to mention the Japanese disaster since then. But onwards and upwards, I can't use her as an excuse to be a drain on others however it again illustrates that we can't take our lives for granted.

Work has been mega busy. We've had some bad luck with machines breaking down. Also we had no water for 2 mornings last week and had to carry cold water in buckets a block away to wash the produce etc we use. The water was turned off due to roadworks and re-construction of the city directly outside our building.

I don't have much to report regarding training. I'm going hard at work with moving, walking fast, bending, lifting etc trying to think ahead and be as productive as possible. Have been doing some overtime which is very helpful at the moment too. And just general jobs. However outside of work have been a little disorganised but flat out otherwise. Eating wise, um, not the best but 2-3 coffees a day and constantly being on go must have kept metabolism ampped up enough to at least not gain weight. I braved the scales this morning at 72kg. I was 71.8 at the beginning of the month feeling rather hungry and dehydrated before the scales mind you. I had a decent tea and quite a bit of water last night and didn't feel at all famished when waking up so I will say I weigh the same.

I really need to kick it to the next level to fine tune organisation. Work will still be flat out but still need to fit in training. 15 weeks today till Gold Coast half marathon. And that requires 15 consistent weeks of prep and really cutting back the alcohol to just social occasions again.

I've been mindful of getting my accommodation booked for the Gold Coast. I'm there for 4 nights. I arrive on 1 July, the race is 3 July and I leave on 5 July. I'd normally be happy to stay in a backpackers but with race relaxation, early starts etc I prepared myself to check into a cheapish apartment, hotel or motel for those 4 nights. I didn't want all the cheapies to go to be left with only options costing $500 a night or more. Anyway I found somewhere today! It's called 'BreakFree St Tropez' and is located on Orchid Ave in Surfers. They have a current deal of 'book 4 nights, pay for 3' and the total cost is $381 for those 4 nights. They required a $200 deposit to guarrantee the room which I could afford to pay today without shifting money around and cheating on my budget. It's also less than 500 metres from nearest free shuttle to take us to start of race. (Race starts at 6am but I wanna be there at least 30 mins prior).

Starting tomorrow my training prep will go something as follows:
* 1 long run every week, (prob Sunday) Maybe start at one hour, adding another 5 mins on each week

* 1 session of interval training per week, (either outdoors or on treadmill) covering 30 mins minimum

* either a 5km speed run or as far as poss on treadmill in 30 mins.

* Some weeks will want to add another run, maybe a 5-10km effort.

* Still need to do my 15 mins resistance 3 times per week.

* Still need to get a 30 min turbo bike ride in every week and a swim at least every second week.

Gosh it's lots hey! Most half marathon and marathon training programs seem to recommend running 4 times a week, (some are lighter effort/recovery weeks) plus some other cardio and resistance work is recommended.

So I plan on aiming for 3-4 runs per week, (sometimes 3, sometimes 4). A challenging ride every week of at least 30 mins to keep those legs turning over. A swim at least every fortnight focussing on developing an effective technique working toward triathlon season next year. The resistance stuff is painful at times but I think great with muscle tone, strength, and I hear to help with preventing some injuries.

Gosh, if I can pull off completing the half marathon under 2 hours and being comfortably under 68kg, (72 now) having body fat at or under 25%, I will feel like I'm floating on clouds after that race! My last attempt at that race was 2 hrs, 15 and I was about 85kg then.

Talk soon,

Pip :-)

Monday, March 07, 2011



Just decided to post to say I'm back safely from my trip to South Aussie. I had a fantastic busy fun time and was very lucky to stay with and be shown around by Kristy. Also I was very lucky to meet Magda.

I have just posted 75 new pics with descriptions of each pic on facebook.

I feel very lucky to have taken that trip. I have learnt heaps. I've started making a photo album with the pics I've developed and am writing captions with each pic.

I will be back with a SA report very soon. I feel very much on track as the first thing I did today, (after returning home at 11.30pm last night) was to infact go on a 9km hilly run today. This involved quite steep hills, gravel, steps, very skinny pathes on route etc etc. Anyway I knocked off over 4 mins since my last attempt. I was pleased to see it was still possible for me to run 5km in 26 mins, 50 secs on a flat track in Adelaide, (my best outdoor 5km in ages). Now if I can maintain that pace for just over 4 times that long I will easily get under 2 hours in my half marathon in July! And found out I can still even do 20 pushups, plank and the rest.

Will be back to talk soon.

Pip :-)

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

MARCH 1 WEIGH IN...............

Righteo, I weighed in at 71.8kg today before brekkie today.

We compare that to 72.5 on 1 Feb and 74.5 on 31 Dec 2010.

Not that weight number is the most vital thing at all, (but it's an easy accurate immediate gauge). I'd love to get my skinfolds done or know my body fat %. In general when around my weight my BF is about 31-32%. Physically what I can see on me is that my shoulders, upper arms, calves are toning up rather nicely, even to the point of seeing a small bit of muscle definition in photos when just looking casual. Nice to perhaps see the arms and shoulders as a new area to aquire definition through the hard work of pushups, dips, some weights and training resistance work as well as my normal lifestyle. Thighs aren't bad, they are in proportion but not lean enough to see muscle, still a couple of dimples lol! I can see face is leaner than when 10-15 plus kg heavier, same with neck, - all good! Torso is the last to go. It still has quite a bit of annoying flab although it has definitely reduced. Actually upper back is kinda looking better. Just area around stomach is most stubborn and is a while from looking anything lean but tape measure says it's reducing. So there has it.

Something I noted last night was I tried on my sis's original size 12 bridesmaid dress. It actually fits enough to the point of in my way being acceptable to wear out in my view. My stomach still shows through a bit, I've gotta be careful of how I move my chestline however in my opinion.......it's OK! Now I can't wait to find an excuse to wear it out. When I was actually a bridesmaid for my sis in Nov 2009 I was about 10kg more and wore a different homemade dress in about a size 16ish. A couple of months ago I was 75-76kg but just felt sis's original bridesmaid dress didn't yet look 'wearable'. I may post a couple of late night pics of me with it on all done up properly, no make up and they are a bit fuzzy.

So.............Feb started off great, we had BF's birthday party. I was a bit slack for the 2nd and 3rd week of Feb, firstly with bushfire disasters in Perth and BF's party leftovers, then having a sore back for a week. Training almost stopped, nutrition was a bit slack but work was very busy and full on. However only went up by about 1.3kg those 2 weeks. This past week have gotten back into training and better dietary control. So I guess a big win is being able to rein it in sooner or not let things get out of hand in the first place.

Anyway: Goals for March:

* No weighing till 1 April!
* Shooting for below 70kg by then!
* Keep to training standards unless of injury or reason I'm satisfied with and ideally improve strength and see some speeding up on run, bike and swim times.
* Keep to alcohol goals.
* Be happy with my eats for a month.........I'm not that strict either.

BF gave me a lingerie voucher for Christmas that doesn't have an expiry date. When I see 68.0kg or below I allow myself to use it! And at that point want to get either my skinfolds done or body fat done to see where it stands and am hopeful of not being too far off 25% BF at that point!

I've decided to stop one guideline too. That is the one about only eating confectionary based sugar on social occasions where I feel rude if I don't blah blah blah............ It's mostly quite an easy thing to stick to at times when I do. However I decided to break that rule 2 weeks ago when I bought a takeaway skinny flat white from a shop that is also famous for local handmade chocolates. I avoided them choccies. However on top of my coffee I was served one homemade choc button about the size of a 20 cent coin as part of the service. I wanted to try it...........but was hesistant about my rule of breaking not eating any confectionary by myself. I could have thrown it........but I ate it.

Not a bad thing though! In the past deciding off hand to have just 'that' would likely have resulted in heaps of self loathing, it would have erased self confidence, I would likely have felt 'burnt'. I may have dug deep and with a huge effort got back on track at times.........only to a few days/weeks later do the same and totally lose focus and feel a um kinda failure for a bit. The result being mega bingeing, putting off stuff and putting on 10-15-20 plus kilos in only a couple of short months before 'getting serious' again. My 'cut off point' used to be 90kg, it got lowered to 85kg successfully for a year so I made the goal of lowering it to 80kg and succeeded at that one all last year.

This year cut off point is 75kg, (successful to date). My little episodes of getting 'off track' seem to be heaps shorter, (however still long enough to gain 3kg or so and lose momentum) if I allow. Also I find I just can't shed the kg as quick as I used to but then again it's not so out of control these days so that's cool.

So the message of my post rigmarole etc is:.........no rules about food other than if I'm gonna feel good enough/in control/ok with my choices I can go ahead with what I consider a controlled amount I'm happy with. If feelings like........'I shouldn't be eating this', 'I'll have to pay for it next week but can't be bothered controlling myself now' then yep.........no! Water and control! Less ways for mishaps!

Pip :-)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

ADELAIDE THIS WEEK............!!!

Almost here now, am feeling excited. 2 days of work this week so I can't wait till I finish on Tuesday!

I have quite a few things to do in the next 2 days.............will get them done though! I got a run of just over 9km over heaps of hills and various terrains in on Sat morning. I'm eventually aiming to get that down under 50 mins but it took an hour exactly which is a bit long! However it was already 33 degrees by the time I started just after 7.30am, (it got to 38!) I managed 20 pushups again on toes, a real struggle!

Today I got in 31 mins on the turbo, hardcore! Again in warm weather and no aircon and I went hard so am happy with that effort while drinking lots of water. Should go and do some resistance now before I have a quick shower before bed!

I did the stupid thing of misplacing my ATM card on Friday evening but didn't realise till yesterday arvo as I was about to do food shopping! Urrgh! As I don't have a credit card these days (a good thing) I have no way to access money till tomorrow and I don't carry much cash in wallet! So that meant pantry food such as tinned tuna and frozen veg nuked in microwave, toast and cottage cheese and finishing up the fruit! Can't wait for some fresh produce! BF got into the frozen pies in the freezer. So I will order another card, withdraw cash and do banking the old fashioned way for a few days.

Food hasn't been too bad otherwise. I confess to 2 beers both days as well as heaps of water but still think daily cals were around 1500 and felt in control.

Can't see msyelf getting time for a workout tomorrow with particularly long workday and food shopping! However Tuesday, Wed morning there really aren't any excuses!

My thoughts are with the terrible situation in Christchurch.

Over and out,
Pip :-)

Thursday, February 24, 2011


I followed Magda's list and thought I'd try to do the A to Z thing as well.

A: Age: 30
B: Bedsize: Queen
C: Chore ya hate: Scrubbing grouting......once I start I hate to stop till there is a big difference and it takes too much time! Don't like leaving it half done!
D: Dogs: BF has one!
E: Essential start to day: Breakfast and coffee if doing anything physical or important!
F: Fave colour: Aqua blue/turquoise/ocean blue colours!
G: Gold or silver: Both have their place that I like! Gold is very special but!
H: Height: 1.71m, (5 ft 7)
I: Instruments I play: Used to play piano as a kid, could prob still play a few simple songs and read really simple piano music
J: Job: Cafe/bakery/catering outlet/coffee shop assistant type manager
K: Kids: None
L: Live: Perth
M: Mum's Name: She is a very private person and I'd be in trouble if I let it slip!
N: Nicknames: Pip, Pippi, Pipster
O: Overnight Hospital stays: Yep one night when I had gas burns to face in 2005!
P: Pet Peave: No-one dare better try opening a toilet door that says 'engaged' when I'm in it! I just wanna punch them when I come out!
Q: Quote from movie: 'Run Forrest Run'
R: Righty or lefty: Righty
S: Siblings: 1 younger sister, 1 older half sis
T: Time you wake up: 5am alarm these mornings generally, later on weekends, (better than the 3.30am ones I used to do!
U: Underwear: I mainly wear it!
V: Vegies I dislike: I love them all! Just don't over boil then, then over salt them, then smother them in butter or some white thick type of sauce!!!
W: What makes me run late: Disorganisation by trying to do too much at once but not concentrating.
X: X-rays I've had: teeth, knee, breasts.
Y: Yummy food I make: Lots! Sushi, salads, a healthier lasagna version, hopefully most things I do!
Z: Zoo fav animal: Toss between giraffe and zebra!

Firstly: Am in total shock still about the Christchurch earthquake, ..........all the people missing and all the destruction and the heartbreak of all involved.

Luckily all my family and relatives have survived, no injuries. I just hope I don't recognise any names when I read the dreaded list. Being trapped, not being able to get out, sore, not being able to be heard, still alive....................the worst.

Today hit the treadmill again. Couldn't beat my 5.47km on treadmill but not through lack of trying. 5.45km today. I started the treadmill at 11.1kmph and maintained that pace for 25 mins, (I really struggled after 15 mins haha). But I think I reached my max at 25 mins at that speed so dropped the pace down to just over 10kmph to slog out the rest of that run! Will head for some pushups and plank etc before my shower! I skipped a workout yesterday..............hmmmm. Very busy and active at work this week, it's a challenging game at the moment there!

I checked out my weight thing, 74.5kg on 31 Dec 2010. 72.5kg, (160lb) on 1 Feb 2010 72.9 (160.6lb) today.

I went hard the first week of Feb, got down to 72.0, then had back injury and a few more party leftovers and limited training other than being very active at work for 2 weeks. Climbed back up to 73.2kg last weekend. I don't weigh daily and the numbers bounce around by a few hundred grams due to how body has digested food, hydration levels etc. So no real change...........but it would be nice not to see a number above 72.5kg on 1 March haha! As of 1 March I will really give it a go to only weigh in once a month on 1st of each month or as close as poss. A drop of 2kg or more a month will be the target.

Holding my own but. Can't wait till Adelaide!


Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I dunno what to say here really..........just so awful. Another addition to a long string of natural disasters. My family are located 500km south but I know quite alot of people from my school moved to Christchurch to work. I dare hope all of them, (and my relatives who live in Christchurch are safe). My thoughts go out to everyone involved and to those who have family and friends near the area.

After that horrible unwanted distraction in the day and another busy one at work I will say I hit the gym, (instead of wine bottle) and actually had my best tempo running workout in months. 5.47km in 30 mins, increasing the speed by an increment every few mins. I felt as if I could have even done a bit more even though I ran the last min at 12.8kmph just to finish me off. And hit the rower for a 5 min blast thereafter. Still feel a bit of backstrain, particularly after being at work on feet, bending etc after a few hours but it seems to be getting better. Guy at bus stop this morn was asking today and still thinks I should have seen some specialists etc and gave me a concerned look about soldiering on and reckons I'd be really pushing it to run in the Gold Coast half marathon in July..................hmmm. He sounds like he has had some unfortunate back probs over time.

Not sure of tomorrows workout yet...............will decide and then hopefully do it.

Pip :-)

Monday, February 21, 2011

PERTH BOMB SCARE..............

Howdy, my plans to visit the gym today didn't eventuate due to reasons out of my control.

After a busy day at work, feeling a slight ache in back (but less than last week) I hurled it toward the gym. I walk down one arcade to make it to the necessary mall. I noticed exit to the mall was blocked off and many security guards, police etc were around so I then walked around the long way, still the mall was blocked off! Police etc were ushering us away, I did note ALL businesses in the mall were closed just after 4pm......hmm. So I turned back and headed for the bus, police speeded down footpaths in cars and all us puzzled people out and about had no clue what was happening. The bus was late, trip home was slow, then I turn on the news as there was a dodgy looking package somewhere near David Jones with some dangerous note attached to it which obviously caused great alarm. Apparently it turned out to be a scare, nothing yet but it sure caused lots of caos. There were weird people on the street trying to introduce themselves and shake our hands............creepy! I could have gone on a run tonight outdoors but a) it was late, b) I wanted to catch the news regarding terroists before heading outdoors, c) it was still about 34 degrees at 6.30pm just before it started getting dark.......I love the heat so that wasn't really a pertinent issue! d) sore back, gotta ease it back kinda slowly and today was sure busy and active! A beer and cooking a healthy tea was more inviting. Full of excuses aren't I??? Haha!

Pip :-)

Definitely a gym visit is on agenda after work tomorrow provided the mall isn't blocked off due to bomb scares...........

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Howdy team!

Firstly I will say that I still feel some back strain.........enough that I'm aware it's there, particularly if on feet for too long or bending in various positions. However I feel it's lessened a bit since early/mid last week. In all fairness this back pain isn't diabolical, (however that is spelt) but a bit annoying and I have a fear about aggrevating back pain.

Also I'm on a budget and as ya know if ya visit a doc, they seem to refer to to either a physio, osetopath or similar and order you to have x-rays somewhere else, then there are recommended follow up visits and the end result is many hundred $$$ spent if not more! If I was in total severe pain and couldn't move..........there would be less choice. But for me I'm doing stretches, carrying on as norm etc.

Today I decided on my first run for a week. Did a 5.3km hilly outdoor run and while I felt my back, nothing abnormal etc was felt. I didn't time myself and pace felt about norm for now. I could pick up the speed somewhat when wanted. Came back and did many core exercises and stretches and tried on the pushups. First set on toes I only managed 10 but on the second set I pushed out 15 consecutive! As a couple of weeks ago I managed 20, I want that to be a regular thing and now to work on going lower and absolute top controlled form! The plank make my strain feel the stretch I think but in a good way!

I weighed in today, - result was 73.2kg. Am alright with that for now as while last week was totally/active/busy at work I seemed to make excuses up and get into the mindset to eat muffin scraps, chocolate bars, skinny mochas instead of skinny flat whites and a bit more cheese than norm and tried a couple of crusty new white bread rolls as they came with fillings for a couple of lunches instead of my home lunch or 'doughed out crusty multigrain roll'. The day of BF's party I got down to 72.0kg, (ok actually 2 reads of 71.9 and one of 72.1kg, - it all depends on how scales are positioned on tiles!) Party leftovers and a bit of slackness occupied the first week, back injury last week and dietary disorganisation! No big bingeing, just less than desirable habits started coming to the forefront! This morn I also felt as if I could have gone for a number 2 but not quite.............2 weeks ago I felt rather starved at the morning weigh in due to not wanting to mess up the kitchen the previous night after sorting for BF's party, (so tea then.....an apple and a small 95g tin tuna).

However still need to organise training schedule, - will get that up tomorrow. At this stage think back is on the mend and strain should leave soon :-)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

SPANNER IN THE WORKS...............

As you may gather from my training updates this week.....................you can prob guess and would be indeed right, no ticking stuff off!

On Monday I woke up with a notably sore lower back. I can't think of anything I did to injure it outright.

I do know that about a year ago I did hurt my back worse than what it is hurt now. I think the injury a year ago may have been the delayed aspect of road cycling with heavy uneven loads on my back! Anyway a year ago I woke with a bad hunched cripple, could only walk slow, took a few mins to do such things as get out of bed, in or out of the shower etc thinking.......whoops, this way won't work! Because I would have been lucky to be even 30% of my normal capacity I had to take 2 days off work a year ago. I had to get a doc's certificate and he recommended rest then physio etc. I didn't do physio or anything due to cost but did my own stretches and within 5-6 days my back felt back to norm, - pretty much anyway. Over the past year or so my back has felt pretty much OK, a little sore every now and then but not enough to stop my normal regime or think about it further and the following day any slight pain seemed to ease. However I guess I wasn't always diligent about looking AFTER my back.............that kinda invicible feel, thinking I'd deal with it later, wanting to think of myself as TOUGH!

This week my back pain wasn't as bad as last year, it hasn't gotten any worse since Monday but no better. I can walk pretty much at full pace, have to think about how I bend and bend at knees all the time. Jogging 20 metres aggrevates it. Work has been frantic this week for various reasons, have done some overtime and feel aware of my back all day at work, (making faces when bent down where customers wouldn't see). Am in slight pain, more at times but I manage to plod along and work at mostly full pace I think, (maybe with slight exception to bending and picking stuff up). The stop start nature frustrates me LOTS at the moment but bit by bit have sucked it uo. I just didn't expect or call for this to happen............but as much as frustration at times hits I can't really whinge I guess!

However diet hasn't really been on this week either...............that..................and doing rehab stretches etc needs to improve! Despite charging around in some pain at work feeling frustrated about it............my middle gets larger if I habitally eat sugar and cheese as a daily thing............and lollies, muffin scraps etc etc. That's what's gotta stop for good!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Alrighty gang, I dunno how to score myself for last week! If I had The Commando from 'The Biggest Loser' or even a personal coach/trainer I'm sure I'd get a score close to a big fat ZERO!

On self analysis: I didn't pull myself back from BF's b-day party. On Sunday after the party I ate a modest, (or slightly more than modest but not binge worthy) portion of leftovers and had no real prob about that. In Perth (but not me personally) there were some fire disasters. BF is a firefighter and was out for 2 nights helping to fight them. The first night I didn't manage to keep to my non-negotiable behaviours.............I found it just too hard to pull back into line, (but it would have been possible). Not the best place to be. I found excuses to pick at muffins, skinny mochas, cheese, chocolate, un-needed extras for rest of week to a degree where I felt slightly too full to train at end of day. After consuming a little confectionary that 'I know it was best if I didn't'...........I just wanna gorge!

When not having it............I'm fine, don't think about it and do like healthy nourishing type options.

So.........no excuses, beating oneself up sure doesn't help. However I know if I had a pro trainer monitoring me............there would be hard questions!

To re-iterate........my main goals/behaviours aren't that hard and need to be non negotiable if I'm to head toward my objectives. They are:

* confectionary sugary products and deep fried or pastry laden products are only acceptable in social situations in moderation, (where I feel out of place if I don't have a little), - on average once every 4 weeks or so. That means no buying for self, eating leftovers non socially etc etc Iced coffees and soft drinks etc and any similar sweet tasting stuff..banned!

* the alcohol one is and stays non negotiable: That is: I'm not allowed to drink anymore than 3/7 days in a calendar week Mon to Sun. Maximum quantities allowed in a day are either: 2 glasses/400ml wine OR 2 beers, (stubbies, pints, schooners etc) OR 60 ml spirits. Up to 12 times a year I can exceed these amounts............but not more often. These days and amounts must be recorded! Unsused drinks or drinking days can't be saved up. If on annual leave holidays I can drink more days if I want but must keep to general day drinking limits, (no more than 400ml wine, OR 2 beers OR 60 ml spirits per day) except for the 12 day a year allowance.

Rules above are the non negotiables and I feel need to be adhered to for the rest of my life. They are strict enough but not overly strict! It's better to feel a little annoyed at not overindulging occasionally then the annoyance from overindulgence after the party has finished and thoughts about further un-needed indulgences are!as I found out yet again.

I know I CAN do this..............it's not a question of that. It's keeping it up as a lifestyle without the annoying fluctuations in these areas!

Other lifestyle rules are doing upmost best to my satisfaction regarding keeping to training standards, also to keep in line with organisational standards and to keep to budget and do my best to keep to goal of being in bed, lights out at least 7 hours at least 5 nights a week.

Scales and body tell me I've put on 1.5 to 2kg in the last week:-(

However onwards and upwards and tomorrow marks day one of 20 week half marathon training plan for the Gold Coast half marathon on 3 July 2011! Most half marathon training plans at an intermediate level seem to have 4 running sessions a week and up to 2 cross training sessions if wanted. I've been debating whether to follow one to the letter OR get a personalised plan or coach OR whether to make up my own plan from the base plan which sort of gears toward triathlon building as well.

In the end I've decided to make up and follow my own plan and see where it gets me! I intend to give myself at least 3 running sessions per week with one of them being a long run. Then also at least one bike and one swim session, (maybe more) and at least 2 resistance sessions weekly.

Performance goal for half marathon is completion under 2 hours! Wanna feel good for this holiday and also Airlie Beach kayaking etc and skiing in NZ after that! Wanna keep self in line for triathlons the following spring/summer.

Weight goal before leaving Perth is under 66kg, (with intention of staying under 68kg for good thereafter), (73.5-74kg now).

With body fat % goal is under 25%.


MONDAY 14 FEB: Treadmill 30 mins as fast as poss running. 15 mins resistance (pm) workout

TUESDAY 15 FEB: Rower 15 mins, Body Pump class performing best as poss (pm)

WEDNESDAY 16 FEB: Turbo trainer 30 mins as fast as poss (pm)

THURSDAY 17 FEB: Either 5.3km run outdoors OR treadmill 30 mins as fast as poss, 15 mins resistance (pm)

FRIDAY 18 FEB: 30 min swim session somewhere, no matter what it takes me!

SATURDAY 19 FEB: turbo 20 mins followed by 20 min run, (am)

SUNDAY 20 FEB: Run around block which is just over 9km, (am)