Wednesday, June 01, 2011

SKINFOLD PROGRESS.................


It was skinfold day today. Two years ago I was seeing a trainer for a good few weeks. Anyway I managed to get my skinfold total over 8 sites down from 183mm down to 115mm in I believe 8 weeks. When I was over 90kg I believe skinfold total would have been over 300mm which is mighty scary.

And I remember dropping about 9kg in that timeframe two years ago as well and feeling pleased with my progress at the time.

Lately however I have felt I've reached yet another 'new better' level so was keen to actually see what my skinfolds were now rather than just assume they were 'about something LOL'.

Anyway today came out with my skinfolds totalling 89 mm over 8 sites, my weight sitting on 64.6kg. Seasoned pro triathletes and runners may peak in the 50-60mm range I believe. Body builders maybe in roughly the 30-40mm range. But now I'm not sitting in an 'overfat' place, - instead an 'acceptable' era! Yay yay, - it's feeling good and will pro improve bit and bit over time :-)


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Teresa said...

Wonderful progress Pip! All the best for continued success.
Hope you make it to Montreal and we can meet up. BTW those temperatures are not quite right. We had 30 the day before and 28 yesterday. Still not summer. That does not take into account the humidity. It feels much hotter with humidity or colder with wind chills. Not that your are planning to visit during the winter. Sounds like you have a big trip planned there. Looking forward to see you in 2013.