Sunday, October 31, 2010


Hi! I'm following Liz's group/lead here and decided I'm in need of a 'Nail It November' month.........for a few reasons! Therefore I'm on the team!

My objectives:

* NO ALCOHOL! Yep, I'm in the game for a completely dry November! I did it for 6 consecutive weeks earlier in the year but it's time for a re-do! I have a triathlon on 4 December to do and I know my prep could be better/more consistent if there is no alcohol consumed........at all!

* NO WEIGHING! I intend to work to get fitter, my body fat reduced and for the scale needle to go down. When I'm confident the needle is on the way down I seem to get on them at least twice a week. If I know the needle isn't going down I can easily keep off them for a few weeks straight. Yesterday morning I weighed in @ 75.7kg which is pretty much my average for the last 5-6 months. Am aiming to keep off scales till 1 December and be at least 2.5kg less than this!

* ENOUGH TIME IN BED! At least 7 hours lights out time a night at least 5 nights a week. The more the better though!

* NO FLAGGING OFF TRAINING CAUSE OF LAZINESS/POOR PLANNING! I have a triathlon on 4 December and want to feel I've put in at least a month of consistent training. The aim is still to finish and ideally not be the last finisher! I need to swim at least 1km each week, do 3 runs of at least 5km each week, go on a bike ride of at least 20km each week focussing on speed and do 3 resistance training sessions of at least 15 mins each every week. Of course injuries are to be worked around if they occur but general slackness, - no!

* KEEP TO ORGANISATION AND BUDGET! My savings for investing are on track. I've saved $1555.28 toward my round the world trip which I schedule to depart about June 2015. Maintain general organisational standards!


Will keep you informed!

Oh yeah, I've booked a trip to Adelaide using specials from Jetstar! I leave on 2 March 2011 and return 6 March 2011. Am looking forward to this!

Also after my triathlon on 4 Dec I am planning to go down to Busselton to watch Busselton Ironman on Sunday 5 December!

Pip :-)

Monday, October 25, 2010


First up as of yesterday I entered into a triathlon. It's a Womens triathlon fundrasing for breast cancer held at Champion Lakes near Gosnells/Kelmscott. It's on Saturday 4 December and kicks of at 8am. Registration opens at 6am so I aim to be down there then, will set up bike in transition area etc and attend the briefing at 7.45am. I intend to drive there. It's near an area I've driven to before so the drive doesn't scare me too much and it will be in the early hours when there is not much traffic about.

Now I had two choices regarding distances. Firstly there was a 200m swim, 8km bike ride and 2km run OR you could choose the long one with double the distances.....a 400m swim, 16km ride and 4km run. I was swithering thinking the short one was much more sensible for someone who hasn't been swimming in a few months and has only done about 2 bike rides in the last 2 months and the odd run but even in the last couple of weeks I got lazy with running again. But sensibility didn't cross my mind and I signed up for the longer affair! The aim is to complete it............and hopefully not be the last finisher haha! I'd be happy I think with a 400m swim in 14-15 mins, the 16km bike ride in about 45 mins and the 4km run under 24 mins with a couple of mins for each transition. I don't have clipless pedals or bike shoes but I'm sure I will be fine. But training must start now..........and stay! Completing that will be my longest one to date! I was going to enter Triathlon Pink in 2 weeks but am not confident driving to and from the location where that is!

The rules talked about in post below kick off again for good tomorrow 26 Oct 2010 and I really wanna stay focussed with them for a year to start with. Day one tomorrow! Gotta do it!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Hi! This seems to be the question which many ask! Which of these suits us best? I do think that it depends on where we are in our lives and what we want out of life at this time as needs could differ throught life. Also it differs I think depending on the person. Those addictive/driven personality types may thrive better with some rules or guidelines. However the less goal orientated person with a maybe a less addictive personality may feel able to trust their common sense better and thrive to a level they are happy with.

We are all made to believe 'diets don't work'. Ok, they may in the short term if we persist for long enough but as soon as they are unsustained they won't. However if a 'diet' or better words 'nutritional guideline' is practiced forever it is likely to work forever. This in where in which a maintainable approach is required as we all know.

For me I have sort of been doing the intuitive common sense thing for a while.........which for me works to a degree but can come unstuck very easily too. I can very happily live without any confectionary for a few weeks and feel great after a few days refinding that groove of course. But after unplanned somewhat uncontrolled overindulging I'm not happy with..........that leaves me feeling winded, bloated and lethargic there is the big battle of 'getting back on track again' with a tighter waistband. Often then followed by cheese and salt and the like. What I am grateful now for is that I only get about a week/10 days off track and maybe up 2-3 kgs more before reining it in rather than 3-6 months later and 15kg plus more. Alcohol can be a problem sometimes too, just having a couple too many as the affects and sometimes overeating hit an hour or so later! But drinking wine of course feels and tastes so good at the time! Budget is also a big thing. I hate to think of wasting too much $ on wine, 'off track' food, from time to time bigger more comfy clothes I'd prefer not to buy and the like. I'd rather save money, go on overseas holidays and adventures, spend my money on new and fun experiences in this life and do want to get to some fitness levels I like........and something not that far from a 6-pack haha!

I have thought about how I really wanna live and think that self imposed rules may be best for me! The rules are in my best interest, to help me toward my objectives. They aren't there to deny.........I've tried to work toward an achieveable and flexible balance...........cause I'm flexible! I just function best if I keep to these rules! And I've made up penalties if I break them as I think a bit of military style is good! Wanna know my rules anyone haha???

Pip :-)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

WHOOHOOOO,.............THAT'S IT!!! :-)

Firstly, photos above are from last Sat, (9th Oct)

I've made a decision. I'm no longer a work in progress on the weight and fitness fluctuation front. We only get one chance. I'm over it and over making excuses about it unless I'm heading for something exciting!

Firstly I must admit I've seen an improvement in a round about way of present. For the past 6 months my weight has stayed and swayed between a low of 73.2kg and hit a high of 77.4 but the majority of the time when I've hit the scales in the am they have said 75.something. (Height 1.71m and body fat still 33 - 35%). That's size 14 in general, (sometimes 16 across boobs and 12 on hips and in pants). My Cue charcoal suit I bought recently before my last NZ trip was a size 12 which I was stoked about, it fits perfect and 14 was too big! As for training, sometimes I put in a couple of great weeks of at least 4 rather intense cardio styled sessions and maybe 3 intense 15-20 min resistance workouts plus am generally active and busy all day. Along with this I'm reasonably clean with my diet, cut alcohol down to about 2-3 days a week max without overindulging too much! Then I may slacken for a week, drink wine 2-3 drinks say five days a week, train hard maybe only once or twice, eat more cheese after finding an excuse for sweets for a couple of days before making the mental challenge to rein it in and just generally slacken for a bit. After a slack few days and extra couple of kilos I rein it in..........but nowdays it takes longer for the scales and fat to drop though it does with persistance. I always drink lots of water.

I took note of the 6 month after update of 12 of this years biggest loser contestants in this weeks New Idea. Most have done well with pretty much maintaining their new lower weight and lifestyle with finding a balance to suit them. However I'm dissapointed that at least 3-4 of them don't seem to have found that balance yet to be where they want to but do realise the factors involved!

On one hand I'm pleased to be able to rein overindulging in lots sooner and binges are lots smaller than they used to be. Good, - yep!

BUT...........I can do better and from now on will make it my commitment to! One reason is for the reasons listed in the above post and two..........life is all round better if we keep to some self respect standards we are proud of! I'm not talking ultra strict, - I still look forward to a drink or two up to 3 nights a week. I don't want to take my own food to mates houses the times I go or I don't want or ever plan to ring restaurants in advance to check menus on the occasions I may go out. Of course moderation and self control is the key when these occasions do arise. I am confident of getting and keeping off at least 5-10kg for good which I'd be stoked with!

Pip :-)

Thursday, October 07, 2010

'KEEP AT IT'!!!..................

Howdy!!! This week has shown some improvements in my fitness levels..........nice improvements, infact I'm stoked! Am faster, (5.46km in 30 mins on treadmill, big effort and these treadmills equate to my speed outdoors). Amount of pushups I can do on toes has increased from 3 to 9 in 3 weeks. I have gone up a level in most dumbell, barbell and weights exercises and can do or if I get a chance superset with something else 2-3 sets of 12-15 reps. I seem more agile, am better on the plank and other core stuff such as feeling smoother and stronger. I was starting to think since turning 30, I may be past it, have to settle for less or have to work harder for longer to achieve anything small fitness wise!

One thing I have realised is now my body doesn't bounce back quite the same as a few years ago if weight is gained. Hence I don't want to gain weight unnecessarily or I don't want to lose weight if I gain too much to only be left with loose skin after much slog therefore things can't get out of hand.! And it's also not just about weight/fat losses, it's about fitness targets and setting maintenance standards if not striving for something!

Thinking about this and biceps/triceps/shoulders and maintaining calve tone, lifted firm butt (rather than heading for that 'tuckshop look' or 'lowered butt' has motivated me in being reasonably regular and consistent with resistance training/getting stronger and really supple as well as achieveing cardiovscular objectives.

I have drastically reduced sugar intake, - infact sugar consumed in last couple of weeks amounts to about 5 tic tacs to freshen breath, - (in sweet tasting food anyway). It's a little tough initially but after a while the rewards outweigh the momentary taste indulgence and the lingering hankering for more indulging of that nature.

I don't say 'NEVER' for sugar etc but in general I'd save it only for special social occasions where I'd feel a bit of an outcast if I don't have a bit of birthday cake. Or very occasionally, I just may...............but would ideally like to weigh it up first and make sure I feel happy about it and it feels controlled...............Getting old or sensible or what I say??? That seems to have led to no out of control indulging at all other than a couple of extra wines occassionally.

Anyway 3 days ago I weighed in at a new low for a while of 73.9,........thinking, WOW, cool, am on the way to shooting down the kg's finally now and things are starting to happen! I stopped drinking wine, was clean and controlled diet wise, was training hard to max and drinking lots of water and training was telling me good results! Today I got on the scales for some stupid reason..............75.0! Then I remembered...........I was prob a bit dehydrated after getting on scales 3 days ago as I had 2 larger glasses of wine that night but none since. It was also that it was that time of the month, (not that time of the months normally reflects for me on the scales). However training hard, drinking lots of water after a hungover day has made the scales climb a kilo in a day in past-times so I can't be too horrified! Am still 2.4kg down from 3-4 weeks ago but and AM fitter! I am feeling good about staying under 80 all 2010 still!

BTW when I say hardcore training, I'd say it's about an hour 4 days a week at present plus lots of other general work activity, daily jobs and walking so there is still room to increase but am happy with doings and progress at present............seeing body fat drop regularly would be good but!

I bought the Blockbuster Estee Lauder makeup kit for $120 and the Pure White Linen White Breeze Estee Lauder perfume tonight at David Jones where store profits were said to go toward helping the Breast Cancer charity. That's me done for makeup and perfume for at least 2 years! I wanted to buy the Elizabeth Arden Intervene skincare special again but am trying to cheapen up my skincare and now use Dove 2 and 1 cleanser/toner and either Invisible Zinc SPF30 moisturisor sunnscreen then Body Shop SPF 15 liquid foundation or Invisible Zince SPF 30 + tinted moisturisor. I also use Nivea night cream at night with some eye cream morning and night.

It's a tough choice,..........to have big overseas holiday sooner or with more money or to now spend more on skincare to possibly perserve skin for later life. I've gone for saving more for the holiday and trusting cheaper brands and some sun sense!

Talk soon, bedtime now!

Pip :-)

Monday, October 04, 2010

OCTOBER ALREADY!!!!!.........................

Howdy! Just am here for a quick update today hopefully.

SEEDLINGS: The spring onions are starting to germinate. However with the seedlings I realise I now have made a mistake of planting a whole packet of each, (spring onions, parsley and chives) in a too confined area. OK, read............I planted a packet of each per pot with about 30cm diameter! Some thinning may be in order but I do know that our consumption of the plants mentioned above is rather large so I'm sure not much will go to waste! I will see in due course I'm sure.

Saturday was a cruisy day for me as I worked on Sunday. Just odd jobs, a small drive to buy groceries, some training and chillaxing.

Had a good thrashing at gym tonight with a 30 min run as far as poss............5.31km tonight was a struggle to manage and my best in a while. Then stretching etc.
At home at least 3 nights a week I have made up a little regime of doing as many pushups on toes as poss, then dropping straight away to 25 on knees, following by 25 of a type of crunch, then 15 tricep dips against chair, then plank for as long as poss, (at least a min) then repeat once! That's in addition to ideally one body pump class most weeks and some challenging weights at least one night a week at gym. Still need to start some swimming and more cycling but have at least found out where nearest heated pool is, maybe may bike there on Sat morning for a swim, the bike ride there is a good 9km each way with uphill on return. Am pretty happy with food choices etc but the only thing is that I should and will cut my wine consumption down a little more and keep it that way. 2 days ago scales were sitting at 75.1.

Talk soon all,

Pip :-)