Saturday, April 30, 2011


Wait for it! I got on the metal monsters. 67.5 at first glance! WOW, first time I've seen 68 or under in many years!

I then moved them to a different area of tiles and turned mode to pounds. 149.2 lb!

I then shifted them and turned dial back to kg. 67.9 this time. I moved them to another area on the tiles. 67.5 again.

Now for me that is a great feeling of accomplishment! 68kg or under or 150lb or under!

Am about to head off for a run now! BF and I then went out for tea, I cracked the expensive bottle pictured and shared some. Run was good. All pics with this post are from today!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

27 APRIL 2011 RAMBLE.............

G'day! Gee, wasn't it sad to go back to work after a 5 day break! I reckon it sure sucked!!!

I have failed with my goal of keeping away from the metal monsters till 1 May. Therefore today was 68.3 which was exactly the same as last Thursday morning so I am very happy to have not let loose over Easter. Of course they bounce around by a few hundred grams but 10 consecutive days under 70 is good. And also the fact that 68.3 wasn't a one off fleeting visit to the 68's not to be returned to for a year or so. I've infact seen that number 3 different days recently which is the lowest for the year. So times are a changin'!

I had a very pleasing treadmill workout today. 5.60km in 30 mins which absolutely pushed me to the max. I was planning on the 9.6km Bridges run but Perth was actually having very rare rain, a few sudden strong downpours, some wind, some puddles and I guess that's not an excuse. I just didn't want to risk getting my 3 week new runners muddy already or slip.

Am swimming tomorrow after work and am gearing up to watch the Royal Wedding after work on Friday.............prob dressed up slightly with maybe some champers just at home haha! So after maybe a bit much wine at Easter I'm holding out till then for wine.

Bedtime now, Easter was a good one.

Pip :-)

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Hello, Happy Easter Sunday all! Happy Birthday for today Mum!

Oh and I've been a bit obsessed with the scales and have got on them each morning this week, (naked before brekkie of course). 7 consecutive days under 70kg achieved!
The 68.3 in my last post last Thursday was a fleeting visit and looking at it I think I was a bit dehydrated that morning due to 3 largish glasses of wine the evening prior. After eating exactly the same, (as it was convenient) on Thursday as I did on Wednesday I somewhow managed to be a whole kilo heavier on Friday morning. The only difference was more water and less wine on Thursday haha! 69.0 today,
(152 lb).

I do want to stop the daily weighing though. I think once a month weigh ins would be good. Such as the 1st of every month or as close to it as convenient. Now that I'm under 70 I REALLY don't want to get above it again. I feel somewhat leaner when I inch into the 60's so need to be here for good, (not just a week or so each year). The big thing is I still want to consolidate under 68 and stay there but under absolutely no circumstances see the 70's again.

So.........can I keep off the scales for a week, (until 1 May)? That's my first goal. And I still intend on being under 70. Maybe I could be under 68 as well? I want to train hard and eat well and drink enough water next week but I'm not prepared to starve and dehydrate for a day or two before weigh in or take a laxative for the first time. Then for the 1st of June and first of each month after the objective is that my weigh in figure is under 68kg/150lb.

I am liking my shoulders, arms, legs, calves. Midriff could still lean down a bit but improvement has been great. I tried on the Cue size 12 suit I bought in August last year. I definitely would now need a 10 in the trousers or to have these ones tailored. The size 12 jacket is roomy, can get buttoned up with extra room rather than there being a slight strain to get up buttoned up, (on the occasions I wore it I found it best to leave the jacket open).

I did the Bridges run in 56 mins, 30 secs on Wednesday, (9.6km). I did a 9.1km rather hilly run with gravel etc involved in 54 mins last week. Yesterday I did a 13km run, lots of hills on it as well. Hard work but made it! The rain has pelted down for a bit this morning but has stopped for a bit so I'm off to try and do my 5.4km run as fast as poss. Would LOVE to achieve under 30 mins for that, (there are a few hills!) I enjoyed my swim this week.

4 weeks till Run for a Reason.
10 weeks till Gold Coast half marathon.

Talk soon,

Pip :-)

Thursday, April 21, 2011


First news first. 68.3kg today, (151.0lb). Last years lowest read was 68.6, the year before the lowest was 68.4, back in 2008 my lowest read was 68.5. In 2006 I think I may have actually got under 68kg for a couple of days and in 2007 I didn't make the 60's.

The thing is..........the pattern is that I seem to have managed to just see the 60's most years for about a week before they somehow seem to slip away. And the joy of hitting the 60's is awesome. Size 12 waistbands are comfy if not a little loose sometimes! Today I fitted into and comfortably wore some Target size 10 work 3/4 pants that a mate gave me a year ago brand new as they were surplus to her requirments. First time they have been wearable! Gosh, I bought a size 12 Cue suit last year at 75.3kg which fitted well at the time. I wonder if now 7kg down I could manage a size 10 haha! The sizing must have been on the biggish side as I would still consider myself more a 12 than a 10 mostly.

Admittably I've been weighing myself daily this week and have been training well, haven't felt too carb depleted or dehydrated.

Hmm, I'm luvin the 60's and my big target is to get and stay under the 68kg/150lb. Easter weekend may prove a slight challenge. I have had a 2kg or so drop in the last week which has been a bit uncharacteristic of late and running performances have improved! I think it may be best to keep off the scales for a few days/week or two as I don't want to feel disheartened at a 400g gain or something. However sub 68 it will be soon. Then want to head at aiming for under 66kg. Then I want to drop my weigh ins to once a month or so with the target of staying under the 68kg. If I miss the 68kg crack down by a whisker, - I MUST not get above 70 and must crack down harder! So 70 is the final absolute cut off point but ideally wanna get/stay under 68.

Am stoked it's now Easter break. Training is going well, sorry for all the numbers talk haha.

Talk soon,

Pip :-)

Monday, April 18, 2011

69er's finally arrive!!!..........

Haha, wonder if that may have grabbed someone's attention!!! I'm sure most of you know what I may mean, - here today!!!

I had a quick Monday jump on the metal monsters this morn. I wasn't expecting much change from my last visit of 70.5 read. I'd done some training but had kind of a restful weekend otherwise. However I didn't overeat, (just a couple of extra wines on Sat night). I kept out of the iced coffee and sugar. So just thought I'd take a peek.

First read was 70.5 again which I was OK with and if similar to last weigh in such as within a kilo my scales often jump back with the same read. Then for fun I changed the mode to pounds and noticed I was about 1.5lbs less than my last read, (the same time I last weighed 70.5). So I switched it back to kilos thinking I may see 70.1 or something and got 69.9 jumping back at me twice.

So I've seen it this year, now am on track to consolidate the 60's, get fitter and get under 68kg or 150lb!

Had my first swim session today which was fab. I have a bit to work on before the tri season starting next summer!

Talk soon,

Pip :-)

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Firstly 2 posts from me in one day! It looks as if just today I may have some free time haha! Okey Dokey, I'm writing a bit on ageing today. A kinda sombre, (however that is spelt) topic for me and prob a few people. Dunno why I'm feeling brave.

Anyways...........over the last few months I've noticed a couple of permanent creases that seem to stay on my face, (still rather small and faint hopefully). One on the forehead and 2 vertical frown lines just above my eyes with one being a bit more prominent than the other. They seem to look worse without any makeup, - ie a moisturisor and liquid foundation on. Luckily light to moderate makeup disguises maybe 80% of the ageing lines.

I also colour my hair. My natural colour is a dark brown. It still is.............but I see a few single grey strands now in every square cm once the re-growth gets to about 2 months. By 3-4 months I REALLY feel I need to put a colour in, - (today was one of those days and I coloured my hair today). My hair maintenance is still rather cheap at about 4 colours a year at about $15.95 a pop and 4 trims at about $19.50 a pop. But over the few months I notice the volume of greys aren't decreasing as re-growth pops through.........instead increasing slowly and surely. I either use supermarket shampoos or take advantage of cheaper salon shampooing/conditioning packages and specials. But I really need those colours! I used to get lighter foils in my hair at a salon...........but in an effort to try and save money for other things I've moved away from that the last 20 months or so. I've thought about a fringe to cover the forehead line and pulled my hair over that way to check it out. But I still see the faint vertical lines and I'm not prepared to have my hair covering my eyes!
Dammit, - maybe I can't pass for 18 anymore!!!

I remember as a kid and in my teens I was told I had perfect vision, - sharp and all! Last year I noticed it took my eyes a bit longer to fully focus early mornings, (I get up early for work). Small print looked a bit blurry in a distance. I put my head down a bit closer to read tiny print. Therefore I decided to take advantage of free optical tests on offer last year. I had a great assessment and the conclusion I was told was my vision wasn't perfect, (but still good enough not to warrant contacts or glasses). But it would diminish ever so slighly over the years so in about 10 years I would need driving/reading glasses.

A few years ago I actually spent a bit on expensive skincare regimes in the belief I may always look just a 'bit' younger than my age. But I accumulated credit card debt back in those days in doing so amongst other careless spending. Today I use mostly Nivea Visage from Woolworths and make sure I use either/and a moisturisor/foundation/sunscreen on my face with at least SPF 15 each day, (SPF 30 if outdoors for long periods). Finances are in better order these days.

The thoughts of Botox I can't afford have crossed my mind, (I haven't contemplated having it, just wished I've had the money I was able to consider it and keeping it up). However that sometimes is all a bit vain..................no-one important is gonna like ya better for it.

What I am grateful for is I'm now not in the position where I feel I need to lose huge amounts of weight. A couple, - 5 kgs nice.........yep, getting fitter and a bit more toned.......yep. But not oodles. My thing of lowering my cut off point, (of rebounding weight gain) has been successful for a few consistent years.

So as a result I am more worried about trying to cover up/use sunscreen/hats etc rather than getting a tan, I don't spend money I can't afford, (chopped up credit cards maybe a year ago), my weight fluctuations have become lots more minimal and actually my BMI is a couple of kg under 25 now.

I don't want to settle here though................I've entered two races as per above post in the nearish future and wanna be happy with my prep! However.......it's fun to acknowledge progress! And I'm on track for my overseas big holiday/adventure in a few years.

Guess I can't get too caught up in greys/permanent facial lines and realise I've kinda grown up LOL! BTW I turn 31 on July 19 this year. The pics at top of this post are of today and there is one with no makeup or nothing. Today I went a shade lighter with my hair colour, - a 4.0 instead of a 3.0 but don't notice much difference :-)

Finally, - I can't really figure out how to delete the right photo. The one of me in my maroon top with my mate are from a Christmas party last December, not to be disturbed with this post. The one with the pink top of me 2 weeks ago was the one I was meaning to put here.

Howdy gang!

Well, as of this morning I actually entered the HBF Perth 14km Run for a Reason on 22 May. AND I secured my spot in the Gold Coast Half Marathon held on 3 July 2011. So all is on. Sometimes I wonder why I do this to myself! But it's all good!

I did the HBF run last year and reckon it was more 14.5km rather than 14km as there was about a 500m finishing bit to run after seeing the 14km sign. My time last year for that was 1 hour, 28 mins. Therefore I need to beat that this year, - at least I aim to finish under 1 hour, 24 mins to keep above 10kmph pace. I remember I was 74-75kg when I did that race last year and training hadn't at all been consistent. This week I put a reasonable effort in and have another 5 weeks to produce some consistency for that race.

Oh yeah, I weighed in @ 70.5kg this morning, (155.5lb). Lightest this year to date and can tell in my clothes now just a bit. Still flabby around the middle......but improving! Good to be a comfy size 12 now in general.

Talk soon

Pip :-)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

QUICK UPDATE..........................

G'day! I see I haven't blogged in close to three weeks! This hasn't been intentional......................just guess I haven't had lots of spare time and it's bedtime now pretty much so will try not to go on too long now!

So what's been happening?:
* Work has been rather full on, - doing some overtime and have been going full steam at the fastest pace I can muster most of the time haha! Nah, I've been working hard!

* BF and I have been having quite a social life the last few weekends and have a dinner out with BF's family planned for this weekend. BF is planning on some overnight motorbike trips with his mates and is eventually planning for a really big 3-4 week type one incorporating heading up north to Broome, maybe across to NT even before heading back to Perth. We caught up with his mate's family for tea last weekend. His wife swam at state and national level a few years back, she knows I occasionally attempt triathlon and came forward to help me with swimming which is fantastic and of great help to me. She has written me out a 5 day program with each day looking to incorporate 3-5kmish a hit! I'm to do a swim session twice a week and rotate the 5 days. She has offered to come, help me with my stoke etc. That's a lot of swimming, - more than I'd ever do without a program but if I improve and get stronger at it I will be stoked!

* 9 days ago the work team went to play Supa Golf in the Swan Valley, - lots of fun. Bigger balls and bigger clubs than regular Golf. I'd get frustrated with golf and my hits but could see myself really getting into Golf. This was my first attempt at any Golf bar mini Golf!

* I've booked my accommodation on the Gold Coast for the half marathon on 3 July. Have yet to book the race and part of me is wanting to just do the 10km but I still want the satisfaction of doing the half marathon so intend to enter that event. I still am striving to go under 2 hours! My excitement would be unstoppable if I did that! However finishing under 2 hrs, 6 mins would be awesome as I would have maintained 10km/h pace or 6 min kms! My PB is 2 hrs, 15 mins, 14 secs in the half in 2008 so I guess I'd be pleased to improve on that. In theory that shouldn't be hard as I was 13-14kg more then than I am today.

* I have quite a bit of work to do with running but! I did 30 mins as fast as poss on the treadmill yesterday achieving 5.56km. So that's just over 11km/h pace. The last 7 mins or so though I felt physically sick, stuffed and everything and just wanted to get off but thought of those Biggest Loser contestants and went minute by min and was glad to get to the end of 30 mins without slowing down the treadmill. Scary thing is I have to do almost 4 times that distance at a similar pace to that to do the half in under 2 hours. However I was happy with yesterday's treadmill run as it was my fastest in almost a year on the treadmill. I managed the turbo trainer today for 30 mins.

* Lately I've been maintaining my weight rather than it going down, (or up for that matter) either. Just up and down but about a kilo depending on my focus for the week but it's done that a few times. Just a bit more consistency would get it down another few/couple of kilos and help with a bit more core toning, - easy in theory haha! Was surprised/pleased to be told I was more a 12 than a 14 when using BF's Chrissy voucher to get fitted for bras last weekend! 12DD -12E! I fitted into a nice pair of demi curve size 12 Levis from the Levi shop recently but left them on the shelf.
71.4kg or 157 lb today.

* Oh, I decided to take advantage of the strong current Aussie dollar and ordered some sunglasses from USA! They retail for $320 here in Sunglasses Hut in Aussie but I am paying $183 all up to get them sent to me from the States, ($US189)! Should get them soon, - whoohoo :-)

So that's about it, till next time,

Pip :-)