Sunday, June 19, 2011



These pics are from today, - this morn after brekkie. Sis said she was keen to see them and now that I got round to taking them I'm glad I did. I didn't weigh in today but yesterday saw my lowest at 62.4kg/137.6lb, (since early 2002). (Am 1.71m) I went out to a BBQ and a few drinks last night so if I looked it may have been a couple of hundred grams up today! So I said total ultimation was 62kg but this is pretty damn close and in the range I decided I want to maintain which is ideally 60-63kg, orange light to 65kg but to not get above 68kg.

So these pics will mark the end of this blog. Right now I feel it's been a productive time.

As for how I lost the weight: - for me it seriously wasn't that hard. Consistency and no bingeing was the key though. I didn't give up carbs, I didn't 100% give up sugar, I don't keep to strict portions/macronutrients or mealtimes, I didn't take any fatburners or supplements, I didn't follow the 'intuitive eating' guidelines, I didn't keep a food log.

For me pretty much is was common sense. Such as treating food more like a ration. Eating till say 6/10 instead of 9/10. We can have another 'ration' later! Meat portions are generally around deck size of playing carbs, - slighly more with fish or maybe 100g-150g meat and always cooked in a non too fatty way! Green veg are pretty much as much as I want. Gourmet low fat muesli or oats is pretty much totally heaped third of a cup and is served with a serve of fresh fruit and 100g or so of a low fat/low sugar kinda natural yoghurt. I still like my scooped out multigrain baguettes with salad and protein and dijon for lunch, fruit or portioned yoghurt for snacks as needed, 1-2 small skinny flat whites/no sugar per day, lots of water. Then healthy but not oversised meal at tea. I'm not that strict though and love going out and tend to work on balancing things out.

Not always easy cause the day after a good party when I maybe indulge in an extra drink and an extra bit of meat, - the next day the temptation is there to wanna go all out and binge, - but I haven't given into that yet. Am definitely enjoying this fitter slimmer leaner thingie going on!

My new blog is http://passions-hobbies.blogspot.com

So please come over for a look. It will keep you up to date with my doings and visions. However I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with this blog...............but I feel time to say to say goodbye.

Pip :-)

Monday, June 13, 2011

WHAT'S WITH THIS...........???

Just before I get around to setting up and opening up my new blog I will state that I went Levis shopping! Thought I'd take advantage of the current sales. My size 12 jeans seem to be on the big side now and slightly dowdy! Even my size 11 Lee's are on the loose side.

Today's purchases = one pair of '27's demi curve stretch black skinny legs AND one pair of maxi curve higher waisted mid blue '28' bootlegs. And they fit good right now! 62.9 this morn or 138.4lb. Glad now I went on a big walk yesterday morning and resisted a greasy feast after attending a big party on Saturday night and feeling slightly hungover, - instead just had a skinny flat white and came home to rye toast topped with cottage cheese, cracked pepper, cherry tomatoes, spinach leaves and a smear of vegemite, - 2 slices only! Then an apple.

Talk soon,

Pip :-)

Sunday, June 12, 2011



I've had this blog since 2007 and have basically decided it's time to update somewhat. Over the years I have deleted many of the repetitive sounding blog posts and particularly those posts in which I've felt I've complained about feeling overweight, make statements on what I say I'm gonna do.........but don't!

As my posts have stated............my long term goal of many years was to get under 68kg and stay there. 60-63kg is ultimate if it can be managed without either too hardcore or health endangering methods! And also to stop binge eating, (the biggie) and stay committed to reasonable regular training and to permanently hold a fitness level I'm proud of.

I have spent many years formulating plans for this, stating them, slipping, making more plans and eventually decided to think............this yoyo thing is normal and decided to try not to worry about it. But the desire to be at optimal health, fitter, sharper etc still persisted so I guess I did what I needed to do!

I believe I'm about 140 lb, 10 stone or 63.4kg these days. The non digital scales can tell me close to 62kg. I wouldn't mind sharpening up by a couple of kilos but don't want to start seeing numbers below 60kg either! 50's just sound too small! But I certainly don't wanna go up either! 60-63kg sounds ultimate to me, - orange light up to 65 and to never get above 68kg!

However moreso, I want my new blog to talk about more than weight. I intend to talk about my fitness pursuits, travel, I want to get a bit more up to date on blog designs, how to get the best out of a computer. And maybe occasionally just day to day life for Pip :-) I am feeling good and confident that my binge eating days may be over for good but do realise it's a lifelong project. I am a foodie, forever will be I think but for now it's under control. I may slip up with say a bit much wine one night, - the next day may feel like a blow out but can somewhat rein self in.

The new blog will be up soon, I will leave this one here but just feel it's time to update! I will keep reading all the regular blogs I read and I'm sure still will talk about my body composition from time to time, (just don't want it to be the main theme).

Till next time,

Pip :-)

Thursday, June 09, 2011

'ULTIMATION' approaching and it feels unreal!!! :-)

Howdy! Firstly I'll explain my explanation of 'ultimation' for me it fatloss/weight and fitness terms.

The easiest way was target one being 68kg or under on me with equates with getting my body fat down to maybe 27-28%. Or at least under 30%. I must say getting body fat % to under 30% is a huge thrill when in the past it's been 40% plus at some points. And 3 years running I reached 68.something for a day before letting it slide. And for the past few years before that didn't see much below 73kg at my fitter points. The idea at target one of 68kg was to feel thrilled, stay below it, lose a few more kg if poss without too much hardcore effort so I could use 68kg as a 'cut off' point if I went on holidays or something.

However I considered 68kg as 'target one', - very pleasing. And considered 60-62kg as ULTIMATION! Body fat % would be in the low 20's, even possibly slightly better if I built some muscle. Size 10 would be closest general clothes size, (occasionally 12's for designers or even '8's believe or not for the bigger generic type brands! I didn't know if my 'ultimation' goal was realistic so decided to let the satisfaction of letting 'target one' set in and not allow myself to slip up on that basically, - ideally be well under it with a bit of a buffer if poss without overly obsessive effort!

And since have been getting fitter, running ability has improved. Nutrition wise I feel it's been rounded. I've given up the daily weighing but do still have a peek every 2-3 days or so.

As for getting close to my ultimation definition:
* I've seen the high '62's' twice over the past week on a morning first thing naked after a big run the day prior, a couple of wines but a light tea! Today was one of those.
* If more hydrated (ie no wine) of if bowels don't feel quite empty in mornings it's closer to 64.

At ultimation I think body fat is in low 20's for me, (if it gets lower I won't complain but am happy at this). Decided 60-63kg is 'ultimate'! Up to 65kg is 'orange zone'. But 68kg now is the number to not get above. I don't think I want to get much below 60kg though, - would rather build muscle if I want to get fitter or leaner. The fact it's so close if not here is awesome.

Thing is I've been 'relatively' discplined and have balanced stuff out but have done nothing particularly hardcore or unsustainable to get here! I do train hard, - run on average 25km per week over 3-4 sessions, one other intense cardio, maybe a 15 min resistance workout cause I'm slack on doing two each week. Work is active and on the go which may help contribute. Calorie wise I reckon I average 1700-1800 a day with a 300 cal a day average of wine or low carb beer cals! However have not binged once recently and I've made sure social meals at others homes or restaurants haven't turned to personal binges.

Talk soon,

Pip :-)

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

19.2km run of today..........


Firstly I'll announce I did train on Sunday, - a 12km run in the Hills. Saturday was 30 mins on the turbo followed by a short 15 min run before we headed to watch the footy. Friday was a day off training. Last Thursday was a 9.6km run effort around 'The Bridges' run. Anyways I'm getting in about 4 good intense cardio workouts a week on average and maybe a piddly resistance workout once a week, - ya know push ups, sit ups and various crunches, plank, lunges, sit against wall thing, tricep dips, walking lunges with not much rest in between various exercises. With the resistance at this stage I just make sure I last 15 mins and usually do some stretching after.

Early Mon morning I COULD have done some training but was still quite pleased with the run the day prior and just bummed around kinda till 10am which I headed out for the days activities. Yesterday after work I blew off a swimming training session to undertake another un-mentionable mission I felt held priority at the moment :-)

Work has been busy and active as per norm.

Anyway it has occured to me a few times that I'm doing a 21.1km half marathon in just over 3 weeks now. Since my last half marathon in 2008 on the Gold Coast my longest run since has been 14km, (which was 'Run for a Reason' race this year and last year). And if running alone my 'long' runs have still been no longer than 12km. 'Short' speed runs are generally around the 5.5-6km.

If I tried 2 laps of my 12km run or 9.1km run in the Hills close to home I know I'd be discouraged by times.........in seeing how I could improve on my current half marathon PB. 1 lap at the fastest pace I can manage is sure enough!

However for being a slacker in regard to organising training the last 2 days and to see how far 'off pace' for half marathon I am I decided to run 2 laps of the 9.6km 'Bridges' run today to see how I went. Not just the one lap where I hold a PB of 51 mins. Obstacles for me were two flights of steps for going up and down, the other cyclists and pedestrians out on the route such as trying to pass a pedestrian on a bridge while looking out for cyclists in all directions, also stopping and jogging on a spot at a couple of intersections till walking lights turned green.

I formulated this plan yesterday and it worked wonders.

The only time available for this run was after a very busy energetic work day on feet. So at the time the last thing I felt like doing! Nutrition had been OK, not magical. Rest, - on feet so not really rested.

And on a 12km run I wouldn't take a water bottle. But on a new 19.2km run I thought I better take a screw top Mt Franklin 600ml bottle as that was all I had on me. So I carried that in one hand and a building swipe card and shop keys in the other.

In general I HATE running carrying a water bottle! I feel lopsided, lost in stride somewhat and slower than I'd like. However my goal was to consume the bottle over the first lap, then ditch it by start of second lap, then speed up on the second lap just carrying swipe card and key.

Successful!!! I had to deal with head winds the first lap, mostly over first 3km! I didn't go out too hard as I knew I had 19.2km to do. Carrying a jiggly water bottle was awkward! I could tell my pace over the first 9.6km lap didn't feel fast, (but it didn't feel hopelessly slow either). I clocked in at 57 mins 30 for the first 9.6km lap and felt like that was just a warm up as I ditched my empty water bottle. 10km/h feeling like a warm up was a tops feeling! For the first few kms of lap 2 I sped up, feeling mighty pleased with myself. At about the 14-15km mark I felt a bit sore, slight cramps but nothing major. I did expect it but I still maintained my pace. In the final 2km or so I guess what, - SPED UP! I was trying to finish under a various time and managed it.

Anyway my time for today's 19.2km run was 1 hour, 51 mins, 54 secs. And I don't feel as if I have particularly gone hard at race pace, - such as I could have put on my 'sprinting' pace earlier rather than reserving. I don't reckon I will be sore tomorrow like I was after 'Run for a Reason 14km'. My first lap was a bit slower cause of holding a water bottle, a min or so in total would have been cause of traffic, I was somewhat tired at starting after a busy work day plus I was running on my own rather than trying to topple my ability.

So today I finished slightly over 2 hour half marathon pace. But I feel I could have gone faster and would have etc if in racing conditions. I felt at the end of today I could have held a decent pace for another 1.9-2km to complete a half marathon! Today's run felt like a training run more than a race................yet if I raced at this pace I would be pleased!

And to get where I needed to go I had an easy 3km or so of walking after finishing my run.

Weight wise I haven't been on the digital to 100g scales but the others show I'm around 64kg these days.

Talk soon,


Wednesday, June 01, 2011

SKINFOLD PROGRESS.................


It was skinfold day today. Two years ago I was seeing a trainer for a good few weeks. Anyway I managed to get my skinfold total over 8 sites down from 183mm down to 115mm in I believe 8 weeks. When I was over 90kg I believe skinfold total would have been over 300mm which is mighty scary.

And I remember dropping about 9kg in that timeframe two years ago as well and feeling pleased with my progress at the time.

Lately however I have felt I've reached yet another 'new better' level so was keen to actually see what my skinfolds were now rather than just assume they were 'about something LOL'.

Anyway today came out with my skinfolds totalling 89 mm over 8 sites, my weight sitting on 64.6kg. Seasoned pro triathletes and runners may peak in the 50-60mm range I believe. Body builders maybe in roughly the 30-40mm range. But now I'm not sitting in an 'overfat' place, - instead an 'acceptable' era! Yay yay, - it's feeling good and will pro improve bit and bit over time :-)