Monday, May 31, 2010

PHOTOS and 7 weeks only left of my 20's.............

G'day, I received my photos in the mail of me doing the HBF run which was on Sunday 23 May. They look like I was working hard, (I can tell you I sure was). Nice to have the evidence printed out of me airborne though and with people behind me running!

I have started this training week to plan. Tonights task after work was an outdoor run, (9.8km). I went as fast as I could as per norm and finished in 56 mins which I must say I was pleased with today. That has me averaging a shade over 10km/ph pace or just under 6 min kms which isn't too bad with not lots of running training. The ultimate for me is 10km under 50 mins, - have never reached that one LOL! 52 mins or thereabouts is my all time PB. An active day all round as I think I covered about 8-10km in general walking around, then was active all day at work on top of that, then the run.

7 weeks exactly till my birthday, that is coming around so damn fast!!!

Am enjoying the new metal water bottles heaps, and 'Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle' is a very interesting read as well.

Talk soon all,

Pip :-)

Saturday, May 29, 2010



A bit of excitement for me today that I finally bit the bullet, decided I've had enough of plastic water bottles! I'm sick to death of how many times my Pump and Mount Franklin water bottles have decided to leak on my stuff in my bags, (even though I do secure them first). I bought two 750ml metal water bottles from Lululemon Athletica! I've filled up both bottles, chilled them and just drank a full one before! Chilled water tastes so damn good from those bottles! And no leaching chemicals from plastic either and so much better for the environment!

So the aim is to drink at least 3L, (or 4 of those water bottles) a day! - and to very rarely buy any plastic water bottles. I like chilled water, am active so that's easy for me, and I think I drink quite a bit more than 3L a day when training hard! I must say I LUV the clothes in Lululemon! Very nice comfy workout gear, lots of nice bright colours for the tops! They are said to wear very well, last and keep well but are rather pricey first up! I keep going into that shop for a look and try on but can't fit the stuff into my budget as of yet! One day! It is a Canadian brand I think so the only shop where I fit size 8 and 10 LOL :-) (That is equivalent to size 12-14 Aussie), - of course the workout gear is stretchy too!

Ah yes, 'Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle'. I downloaded the e-book and additional promotional add-ons for a total price of Australian $49 all up after thinking of doing it for a few years! I wanted it for lots of sciency fact bits. Tomorrow I will have time to go, read and digest it all very properly and take notes, do exercises. I'm not entering the 14 week challenge with it, - found out I'm a day late anyway. But from what I've read I've got a bit out of it so far!

I've banned myself from talking about various fat/weight loss 'challenges' of mine now! I can talk about notable achievements when they happen but not long involved plans or ideas. And I've banned myself from moaning about being 'fat' as well LOL! - or joining any forums regarding fat or weight loss! Sports performance ones are a different matter, just not weight/fat loss or stuff to do with over-eating!

So here we go, I have to go, am taking up my attempt of 'healthy rissoles/patties' to BF's for us to have for tea!

Talk soon!

Pip :-)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

'RUN FOR A REASON' pics...................

Howdy! For last Sunday's run my name made the paper!!! And the internet!!! I finished in the top half of the group I discovered and beat the average time by over 9 minutes in the 14km, (14.5km aka last post haha!)

If anyone is curious to see pics of me running go to www.hbfrun.com.au

Check out the results and enter bib number 3532 in the gaps to see some pics of me.

Talk soon!

Pip :-)

Monday, May 24, 2010


Howdy all! I completed the 14km HBF Run for a Reason race yesterday here in Perth.

Firstly my opinion was that the race was actually 14.5km haha! That was because there was a signpost marked out when we completed each kilometre! So for the last km I really had to grit my teeth for my life and go as hard as possible and was really relieved when I saw the 14km sign! But NO finish line! The runners in front kept on running around another corner, down another straight, around another corner, another straight, another corner............when was it gonna come! I even yelled out loud, 'they're teasing us here with the finish line aren't they', so all other frustrated runners could hear me! I guess I was running for another 3 odd mins or 500m past the 14km sign before the actual finish line!

As for race options there was either the long or short option, I did the long one. Then we assessed our estimated finish time so we could line up in either Group A, B or C. I went for the middle group, B which had an expected finish time of between 1 hr 15 mins and 1 hr 45 mins. At the start line the 'Group A's' take up about the first 100m followed the the B, then C group. There was a bit of congestion at take off, that is making it to the start line from nearly 200m back and then the first 200m or so of stopping and starting once past the start line.

My gun time was 1 hour 29 mins, so I'm guessing my net time would be about 1 hour 27 mins. I know I managed the first 10km just under an hour which was pleasing. I know I slowed down a bit between the 10th and 13th km and really bit the bullet in the final bit and finished totally pooped! I ran all the way. I don't consider it a bad effort cause I hadn't done any runs of longer than about 5.5km in the last couple of months.

Involved in the event there were over 10000 participants and we got to run on the freeway I'm guessing to the annoyance of motorists! These event was a last min decision, (I only decided to do it 5 days before the race and signed up then).


* The Perth Half marathon is on 8 August, (11 weeks as of yesterday). I haven't decided whether I will enter this event or not at this stage but will assess it in 8 or 9 weeks time. Then there is the City to Surf 12km run on the last Sunday in August. I have a definite plan to enter this event unless of injury or illness! Then from October/Nov triathlon season starts.

So therefore now I plan on 3 runs per week, (one hilly run, one short fast run or intervals, and one long run per week). The long run will start off at 11km and build up to 21km over the next 11 weeks, - a km a week extra each long run but I may have a taper week before the half marathon if I do it. The short and hilly runs will be at least 5km a pop.

I also plan to keep up one good bike ride per week. At this stage I'm not fazed if it's an RPM class of at least 45 mins at gym doing as best as poss or one ride of at least 20km steady per week. I really need to be more organised and get in one swim per week. Just 1km focussing on technique and pace for freestyle for the next 4 weeks anyway. However the good lap pools aren't so handy to me. There is one 10km away so if I ride there and back and do a swim I can count that as having have completed the bikeride and swim in one go! I'm not at this stage phased that the 20km bike ride is broken into 10km rides! And for strength: - either 1 Body Pump class per week or a self made weights workout covering all major muscles. I also still want to get in once per week a 15 min circuit covering pushups, plank, lunges, crunches, dips, - that's easy, can be done at home without equipment! I will ensure I have one day off all training per week too!

If I do the half marathon, a completion time of under 2 hours would TOTALLY rock my world!!! However beating my half marathon PB of 2 hours 15 would be fantastic too! Following City to Surf the idea is to drop the runs from 3 down to 2 a week and add either a swim or bike ride to help towards triathlon.

Watching diet, sleep and organisation will be vital too. A big focus will be really trying to cut my intake of processed foods. Lots of fresh veg, some fresh fruit, lean fish, meat, chicken. As for packaged foods like oats, brown or basmati rice etc I am to limit foods with the ingredient panel listing names and numbers I don't understand! Ideally wholefoods. Herbs and lemon juice will make good sauces. Natural yoghurt over artificially sweetened yoghurt. I will consider the types of foods served at a health retreat and mirror my choices a bit of them. I won't be totally strict I'm sure but will look for improvements! Also I still am needing to focus on fatloss! So portion control and less sugar will be the go!

Talk soon!

All the best,

Pip :-)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

RUN FOR A REASON..............

I bit the bullet and entered this..............this Sunday! There was a 4.5km run option and a 14km run option. As I've not done alot of running of late and that the runs I have done haven't been much over 5km the 4.5km option made the most sense! I wasn't planning on entering this event and haven't trained for it.............but decided I was over being a 'gunner' and it was time to actually do something I set out to do in the sporting field again! And the opening to following up on more opportunities!

BUT some wave came upon me and I put my name down for the LONG 14km run. This is the second largest running event in Perth, (second to City to Surf) in a year and the Freeway is even closed for it! I have a reason.........had to write it on my entry form LOL!

So hoping I can jog/shuffle the whole way, will see! If I knew I was *fit* I'd be aiming for the 1:15 - 1:20 mark. For now I think I'd be pleased to finish around the 1:30 mark and then be able to carry on with my day! Fitness rules!

This will be my first race since my triathlon well over a year ago.

C ya

Pip :-)

Monday, May 17, 2010



Just thought I'd do a quick post. Firstly I will admit that I bought some lovely new Body Shop products last week. I bought two new things last week...............that I've never bought before from the Body Shop! They were:

* an eyebrow kit! That is a little package with a couple of shades and a mini brush to use to draw/blend together/enhance one's eyebrows! I luv it! It's soft but defined looking and I can decide whether I go for more a mid brown or a dark standout brown or a blended shade in between! Up until last week I used an eyeliner pencil to attempt to define my eyebrows! The 'brow kit' is fun to use and I like the 'look'.

* a bright blue eyeliner pencil! Until last week I generally used a dark brown, taupe, grey or black pencil just along bottom of eyes and then used that same pencil to attempt to define my eyebrows usually with some mascara/maybe eyeliner as well when going out. I never attempted eyeliner along the top of my eyes till last week! So now I like blue eyeliner on bottom of eyes, taupe on top, mascara and if going out maybe some eyeshadow!

(I went in there to buy a new eyeliner/brow pencil and came out with a bright blue eyeliner, taupe eyeliner pencil and the brow kit!) I also bought a facial cleanser as mine is almost finished, and a vitamin E SPF 15 moisturisor that felt so nice and a new liquid foundation as mine are all running down! It's an expensive business being a girl sometimes LOL!

Weekend was good, got a bit done but it went too fast as per usual!

I am on track again regarding goals there. I did a 30 min run at the gym today then weights etc. I didn't do too bad but could be lots better. I started out not too hard out but was totally burnt out by the end as I kept slightly upping the speed throughout. Did 5.25km in 30 mins on treadmill. Can do 9 push ups on toes and still can do plank for over a min. I did a few things on floor. Am sitting around the 73kg mark first thing in mornings at the moment. 9 weeks till my birthday, 9 weeks, 4 days till my photoshoot! Gotta keep to my objectives in the hope of being fitter and comfortably under 68kg!

Talk soon,

Pip :-)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

LATEST HAPPENINGS.........................

Howdee! Hope everyone is having a good/fun/perhaps productive week!

So, what's been happening with me?:
* My night out last Friday was a good one, loads of fun! We visited a couple of bars, did some dancing, drank some sparkling vino!

* After a late one on Friday night, I got off to a late start on Saturday! I got some housework done, then went to BF's, watched the footy and had a quiet one.

* On Sunday, (Mothers Day) I was again too lazy as far as doing a Mothers Day run. I want to improve there LOL! BF went to his voluntary Bush Fire Brigade training before 8am and I got into making some sushi and salads for a party he hosted at his house for his family and relatives to celebrate Mothers Day!

This week has been work as per normal. Weather is cooling down, (those born and bred in Perth or further north think it's FREEZING! Most customers seem to come into the shop shivering and freezing/putting on a bit of a show and moaning of the cold weather! OK, - it's cooled off! A couple of nights and early mornings, (before 8am) this week have made it down to about 8 degrees celcius. But the days are still hitting at least 20 degrees/perhaps today only got to 19 as it was an overcast day and I woke to a period of heavy rain last night! So hardly 'freezing' but a bit cooler. However those from where I was born would describe Perth current weather as 'mild', 'warm' some would say even 'hot'. However I remember these same customers describing the weather two - three months ago as 'horrid/too hot' and came in moaning about that! Weather is weather people!!! Deal with it!!! :-) I'm a hot weather/summer fan but hardly call this weather cold yet!

Other news:
* 2 of my flatmates are moving out in a couple of weeks to continue travelling. My flatmate who originally signed the lease and myself will remain. We have lived together the last 4 years!!! We have decided not to replace the departing flatmates. Instead we will both pay a bit more rent for the remaining 2.5-3 or so months we are here. More fridge/freezer/living space will be a big bonus though.

* When the lease expires at my current apartment in August I am moving up to BF's in the Perth Hills, a 25-30 min drive and 25km from the city centre. This will be after living the last 4 years in the same apartment! I am looking forward to that, this will be a new experience for both of us!!! At this stage I will keep the same job, there are heaps of buses into the city from his place and back out to his and the earliest bus gets into the city at 6.40am so the earliest I will be able to start work is 7am. His home is a 4 min walk from nearest bus stop. He has a quarter acre block so has a big back yard.

* Photoshoot is exactly 10 weeks tomorrow. Yikes!

* I won't go on about it but I will state the ongoing non-negotiable behaviours I vow to stick to from now on, (Friday 14 May 10). This isn't a 10 or 12 week challenge, - rather on going! Quicker to write here than handwrite in another notebook.

- Maintain bedroom and all personal living areas in an organised/tidy/clean state daily to a standard I wouldn't be ashamed if unexpected guests walked in, (before I hit bed and before whenever I leave the house) EVERY day! (Not when I feel like it).

- No drinking alcohol alone ever to chillax! Only permitted for social occasions with others. Unless it's classified to me as a really big occasion, (up to 10 a year allowed) I've got to keep to 3 drinks or less each occasion I choose to drink socially!

- At least 7 hours 'lights out' time a night at least 5 nights per week!

- Keep to my budget ideals, - making sure I stay out of debt, stay on track with my savings objectives and spending allowances. Will involve keeping focussed and not giving into impulsive temptations.

- Keep to dietary choices/amounts I'm happy with. Not strict dieting as such at all but decent nutrition and awareness and control plus calorie and serving size awareness.

- Last, (prob least important but still vital haha) is training! To train I need to meet all above objectives! Training is a privilege! Training objectives will always change, again I will work on devising a training plan for the week ahead! Occasionally after stints of big efforts for events like triathlons etc I may devise a couple of weeks to only brisk walking or something. 6 days per week is training aim!

So that doesn't sound much different to many of my other lifestyle day to day 'plans'. But if I stay committed to these I will be achieving loads.
When I say training is 'least important' - that is cause I do have an active lifestyle already to a degree. I think it would be possible to attain/maintain the goal weight I want with my training being a 45 min brisk walk 6 days a week plus my active lifestyle/keeping up brisk incidental activity and consuming an average of about 1500 cals a day. Of course fitness progress would stop after a while and I may not get that athletic edge and look. But the idea of a brisk walk may be more inviting than running 30 mins as fast as poss or attempting a 10km PB and if we flag the run off to lie on couch eating junkfood, then feel guilty............the 45 min brisk walk is sure the better option! Also the endorphins and highs and satisfaction from hard training and workouts is great!

Talk soon

Pip :-)

Friday, May 07, 2010

Here goes as of tonight, just about to head out! The red box is my big jewel box, (BF gave it to me for my b-day last year). Quick make up job, (very green) and not enough time to dry and straighten my hair. And yes, I can see and feel added kilos to my last dress up outing 5 weeks ago but am seriously adament they will go for good!

Have a good one all! Decided to wear hair up in end.

Pip :-)