Sunday, February 21, 2010


Hello all!

Well, sore back? Yep, yesterday evening I noticed my back being tender when I walked, sat, bent or anything. I can't think of injuring it at any particular moment, - and thinking 'OUCH'.

I was just cruising along going about my thing and thought....................my back is sore, wonder why. I went to bed etc last night, woke up and OUCH! Sore all the time. Getting outta bed took a number of mins. Walking was done very slowly and with each step, - 'ouch'. Bending or squatting takes lots of manouvering and grabbing of walls around me. Can't say I've ever had back pain like this and I don't know how I've done it!

My big bike ride out for a day therefore hasn't happened!

Last time I had a sore back was about 5 years ago and it lasted 2 days but it wasn't this bad.

I am supposed to be starting work in a new company store tomorrow so out of all days, this would be the most invonvenient time ever to have to take off.

Well, lets see! When others have on-going back issues I feel sorry for them and glad its not me.

Talk soon all!

Pip :-)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

SAVING MONEY...............

Can be, (or is) a drag!

I had better be more positive. It's a fact of life that we need to 'live within our means' and then save some if we want to start building 'wealth' for our future and even more if we want money to do big exciting adventures with.

Not living 'within our means' indeed means debt and all the interest charging price tags of being in debt, (living off credit).

SO, - obviously if we find ourselves in personal debt, (debt for something that doesn't increase but instead decreases in value) first priority has to be to pay if off as quick as poss!, - and finding ways to either decrease the costs of our lifestyle or earn more income or both.

However we still wanna have fun..............but somehow have to prioritise.

Right now I'm looking at ways to reduce my lifestyle costs without hurting too much:
Here goes some:

* Quit visits to the salon every 3 months for cut and colour. Colour being permanent and foils plus treatment. Cost is normally over $200, - sometimes over $250 when I buy shampoo, conditioner and product. Say $1000 a year.
Today I found a place in Subiaco doing womens basic cuts and trims for $19.50. Another option could be to check out local tafes searching for trainee hairdressers wanting 'models' to practice trims and cuts on for cheap prices. If wanted, buy our own permanent home job colour. That's $40 every three months max. Just I'm not to have foils or go lighter or try a colour more than 2 shades darker. Saving of at least $800 a year.

* Not listen to marketing about excessive anti aging skin products! Sure, I want to not age, and want nice skin! But is some of it a marketing ploy?
I have reduced my facial skincare to: a basic cleanser, - a supermarket brand whatever sounds good and seems cheap with research, a tube of 'tinted Invisible Zinc' which is a moisturisor, SPF 30 plus sunscreen and foundation all in one, a chap stick and a supermarket brand anti-aging night cream, (perhaps I'm still sucked in there). I have eye cream to use up but am debating whether I will continue to buy it. Probably sun protection (or less sun but that's not likely to happen with me) are best strategies for anti aging and good skin! This will save me $800 a year.

* Drink less alcohol! It's only for occasions! Some too easily leads to more and makes it more tempting for us to relax our standards on other things. For those used to a couple, (sometimes more than a couple) of drinks at least 4 nights a week at home ask ourselves................at the end of the year are we really going to feel deprived if we didn't drink alcohol non socially those 200 plus days over the past year. An interest in wine in particular is an expensive one!

* Only use our banks ATMs, don't pay extra in fees

* Really watch mobile use, - not waste $$$ on it and look at and practise ways to get our household bills down.

* Look after possessions as much as poss as losing and breaking stuff is annoying and costly.

* Be disciplined with budget. Once money is spent, it's spent, it can't be spent twice.

* Re-use water bottles, always make sure I'm carrying enough water so I don't need to stop and buy it.

* Just don't use credit cards!

* Don't get sucked into things we don't need, of course prioritise, (that seems the key word).

As per everything discipline and commitment seem to be the key words!

Pip :-)

Friday, February 19, 2010

19 FEB 2010

Well, now that this blog is accessible to all those on facebook I've really got to think even harder about what I write. If it's about my long term plans/goals...........DON'T. Also if it's whinging about general small day to day stuff............DON'T. In all honesty I like to announce my future short and long term fitness, money goals etc and without a big list on here I feel a bit naked in way. Achievements and definite short term plans will be talked about on here though.

I have been enjoying watching the Winter Olympics, am soon to watch the Women's Half Pipe snowboarding final! Very skillful stuff! Dunno how these comopetitors have the gumption they do!

Talk soon!

Pip :-)

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Hope everyone is having a good week. Just letting ya know I have just put my blog link up on facebook, a slightly scary move but something I've wanted to do for a while! I have lots of friends and contacts I speak to everyday who don't know I have a blog, - even my best friend in Perth has no idea I have a blog so now it's out there.

This has lead me to delete some of my prior posts and also delete the 2010 DOINGS blog.

My reason for deleting these posts is as while my blogs have never been private or had any excessively juicy info or anything..........I'm not sure I wanted my facebook and other mates who have no knowledge of my blog going through my past archives which were mainly accounts of yoyoing with gaining/losing weight and fitness, talking about the way I manage money, (or maybe don't manage it) and a few too many posts stating lists of my goals and plans with less long term accomplishments.

I accidentally deleted a few more photos than I meant to but think they are up on facebook as well anyway. I have left some momentus and perhaps newsy posts or headlines.

I intend this blog to now cover momentus events, (photos at times will be included), holidays, interesting bits of day to day life.

I will do my best to quit complaining here about day to day stuff and making lists or stating my 'goals/plans'. Better to talk about the successes after I've achieved them.

Talk soon all!

Pip :-)