Saturday, January 30, 2010

Here goes as of today, 30 Jan 2010, not just after a workout LOL. But I can't find my old tinted foundation ANYWHERE! My good foundation is all gone, hence the uneven skintone. They are the cut off Levis size 13 jeans I bought 5 years ago, now have just cut them into shorts.

Pip :-)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

These pics are the aftermath of training today. A 5.29km thirty minute run on the treadmill as fast as absolutely possible today, Australia Day. So please excuse the sweat, wet clothes, awful hair and no makeup! Other activity involved a bikeride to beach for swim!!! I look something typical to this after most my workouts haha!

Other news: I'VE REGISTERED AND PAID FOR THE WOMEN'S TRIATHLON AT HILLARYS ON 28 FEB 2010 TODAY! Am doing the middle distance but was tempted to give the longer one a go. For mine the swim is either 250 or 350m, the bikeride is 7km and run is 3km. The longer one is a typical sprint distance, (750m swim, 21km bike and 5km run). There is another triathlon at Hillarys being held on 11 April the day after this tri course finishes. I have full intent of doing the longer sprint distance for that.
All scary as I don't have the flash bike shoes, clipless pedals, cleats or anything but am wanting to give it a whirl and not feel outta place!

Other news is I threw out lots more old magazines today. Now I don't have any 'Oxygen mags' or 'Womens Health and Fitness' or 'Slimming' or 'Weightwatchers' mags in the house. I still have my triathlon and multi-sport mags and outdoor pursuits type mags as I find these really interesting. I still have a couple of 'Australian Women's Health' ones, - I like these along with a couple of the free 'Fitness First' ones. I'm sure I will be in Borders reading and flicking through new editions of Oxygen and the like but am banned from buying them! The continuous job of trying to de-clutter!

Am really not looking forward to starting work at 4am and cycling there. I'm worried about lots of drunk and drugged people even more than normal tomorrow cause of Australia Day and taxis are unreliable. It's such an un-natural time to get up. I can handle getting up at 5am but not hate getting up before then!

Monday, January 25, 2010

2km TIME TRIAL..............

Today as part of our group triathlon training course we had to run either a 1km or 2km time trial, - we could choose either 1 or 2km. We had to run up to an exact 500m disc thing inserted in concrete and back, (once or twice) so this was the exact distance. Many tri clubs and top runners etc use this area for time trials.

If doing the 2km we got our 1km 'split' time read out.

Of course I had the normal Monday 12km hilly bike ride to and from this outdoor training location after work, then a warm up jog, stretching, running drills then this time trial.

My 'off top of head' goal was hopefully under 12 minutes for the 2km, anything around 12 mins would be reasonable and the more under the better!

WELL I was totally stoked with my first km split time being 4:55!!!
I did slow down in the second km, particularly the final 500m but still finished the 2km in 10:19!

We were told before the 2km trial to aim to not slow down in the 2nd km, instead make it quicker than the first. However, - am pleased with that time at this stage! However I was totally totally buggered at the end, - if I had to do another couple of km I would have slowed to a slow jog!! I felt at the end like I do after an intense run or after if I gave my 'all' in the beep test!

I am still one of the slower runners here but, (a few behind me) but many way way ahead, everyone is rather fit!!!. My goal for the 2km time trial at end of the course now is under 9 minutes I've decided. Gotta aim high, - under 4:30 splits for 2kms!!! YEEHAA!

Other new skill I'm mastering is cycling for a few seconds taking my hands off the handlebars for a few revolutions. I can even cross them sometimes on flat paths for a couple of seconds!!! I'd always wanted to do that for some weird reason as I think it looks cool seeing cyclists casually cycling along with their arms folded! As part of my 'cycle skills' course were were encouraged to try cycling with just the balance of one or two fingers, (in attempts to loosen our grips etc) as well as spinning/weaving techniques etc.

I think I made it a good 12-15 secs with arms off handlebars with them crossed maybe 5 secs a few times while turning the wheels on the journey home from the running session, backpack on back and all. If I fall over and stack it badly I may give up on this, but it's fun seeing this skill improve, with staying balanced while not touching the handlebars for a bit!

Best get going!

Happy Australia Day tomorrow everyone! Sleep in on agenda, - yay! Then cleaning and bikeriding!

Talk soon!

Pip :-)