Wednesday, November 24, 2010


G'day! Firstly I will report further regarding my last post. I haven't had any wine since and intend to keep up my resolve and give it a rest for a bit anyway. Last Sunday evening I had 3 midstrength low carb beers and didn't wake up with heart palpations or anything. Infact had a great sleep that night. Since then I haven't had any alcohol.......cutting back for now. Early Sunday I replied to Craig Harpers's post and said I was going to go 28 days drinking no liquid calories, (ie nothing but water). I have to say I haven't given up my morning skinny flat white, (free to make at work, organic coffee beans too). But other than one of them daily all other liquid intake has been water. It's been a busy week so far.

Have stepped up the training the last few days. BF has a turbo trainer in which he attaches his mountain bike to. It has 5 resistance levels with 5 being the hardest. When I get on that I make myself go as fast as poss for 30 mins on level 4 which is a challenge and produces an all over sweat in only 4-5 mins. Tough, yep! At the moment am doing the turbo every second day alternating with either a 30 min run on treadmill or an outdoor run of at least 5km. Today was treadmill run day, I managed 5.36km in 30 mins and that really hit my 10/10 level, I couldn't possibly have done any more! Then stretches and a few mins on the rower. I did a mini brick session on the turbo followed by a bit of a run last weekend and managed. Still haven't been to a pool for a while, I think the local one has just opened as it's only open in summer but it's an outdoor 25m one I hear. There are other pools around but they take a bit of organisation to get to. I love the beach and would love to do ocean swims but am petrified of sharks if out swimming on my lonesome at the moment. That's cause there have been numerous recent reports of shark attacks and beach closures. I know I can swim but not in a fast or efficient manner. But I can plod through a couple of kms at once if I want to.

So um 10 days till the triathlon. Am still in the 'longer event' of a 400m swim, 16km bike ride and 4km run. The aim is to finish and if I'm not the last finisher I will be even more stoked! Usually in run events I'm in the top half of finishers, (excepting half marathons). But in 12km, 14km and 7km run events I generally manage this. But in the first triathlon I did.........I was first from the back, the second I was 7th from the back! Most competitors here seem all serious you see. My looming triathlon will be my longest to date yet!

I weighed in on Tue morn at 76.5. That's 100g down from 10 days prior at 76.6. However it's taken till this week to really up the ante. Have been on track with food too with having no excesses or confectionary so far this week. I seem to have to be seriously on track consistently for at least 2 weeks now till the numbers start to head down so intend to try to keep off scales for a few days! Still am successful with not seeing 80 this year so need to keep to that! I've decided my aim is to be 'comfortably' under 75kg on 31 December 2010 so again next year I can cut another 5kg off from my 'cut off point'! Cut off point used to be 90, last year was 85kg, this year 80kg so to carry on the trend will have 75 next year! When I finish 2010 without seeing 80, - again that will be the first year I've triumphed with that since 1999. (Started year at 78.8 on 1 Jan, highest reading since was 77.4 in Sept 2010, lowest read for 2010 was 68.6 in April, - whoops!)

Enough crapping on so till next time!

Pip :-)

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Howdy. Hmm, I'm in a predicament. Lately, - more so the last month or so I have noticed different effects that wine have on me. Problem is I luv wine however maybe it doesn't like me!

Lately after drinking more than say 2 medium sized glasses of wine I feel the effects 4-6 hours later. If my last glass is finished at 9.30pm about 2-2.30am I wake up with my heart racing fast and strongly and am in a sweat like I've been training. Forehead, hairline and back of neck is often dripping in sweat. I then drink lots of water and take a couple of hours to get back to sleep if I do and if I make it to sleep it is very lightly and I have some weird dreams or doze off and on. If course I don't like to get up or make lots of noise as I don't wanna wake BF up. I don't feel particularly drunk or anything while drinking the wine, and feel fine when I get into bed, but then this happens. Last night I had about 3 glasses of wine, (3/4 bottle I guess over 2 hours) but stopped drinking at 7.30pm but woke up at 11.30pm in this predicament. OK, - I know this is still prob too much wine and maybe 5 standard drinks. I get that. But this reaction is new when I don't consider I've had THAT much and haven't over indulged food wise. A year or two ago this happened occasionally, (such as twice a year or so) but that was after more than a bottle in one hit followed by too much food straight before bed so while I felt mad at myself when waking up, I knew I had only myself to blame. I've even had the sweating thing happen on nights when it gets down to 4 degrees, (but of course after the sweating I get cold). I've only noticed it after wine. Not with beer but I only drink midstrength beer when I do, (3.5% alcohol, - either Hahns 3.5% super dry or 4xxx Gold lower carb). But I generally stick to 2 cans or stubbies at most if I have beer.

Now with coffee, - up until about 3 years ago I never drank it at all, - never liked the stuff! Now however I do like it, - but only freshly made coffee with coffee beans ground on the spot and steamed skinny milk........aka skinny flat whites cafe style, no sugar. I don't like instant coffee so much at all. However now I seem to shake, feel flat, tired etc till I get some coffee into me in the morning! Hmmmm. I may sometimes have another coffee at work, (as we get them free) mid arvo but only sometimes.

Now I prob feel anxious to drink wine cause of what may happen at night. Feeling anxious about what may happen may be part of the problem too. I guess I could cut down to one glass, (or 200ml max) to see if the same thing happens with wine. I would be gutted to have to give up drinking wine but may have to consider it. I have googled it and have found others experience this problem too.

I'm not sure, - maybe should consider a big detox from alcohol and coffee completely for a few weeks. Then gradually on occasion when out start allowing myself one glass of wine again. If the same heart thing occurs then maybe give up alcohol or at least wine altogether. Not sure about coffee or exchanging it for green tea. I already drink loads of water.

I had recent routine health checks at doctor, - ie liver function, cholesterol, sugar levels, pap smear, iron levels, breast check, STD's etc and all come back normal which was good.

Holiday fund is now up to $1835. That is toward my round the world trip scheduled for about 2015. YAY! And in another online account am managing to save $80 a week toward investing which is something I've kept up since March this year.

Hmm, talk soon all

Pip :-)

Monday, November 15, 2010


It's been a couple of weeks since an update I see! So what's been happening? And how is 'Nail It November' going you may wonder?

Well I had a couple of training sessions last week. An outdoor 5km run and yesterday smashed out a 90km road bike ride over several hills. I have a bit of sunburn and a tender butt today. I rode to the beach and back. Weigh in on Saturday was 76.6 which is up 900g from two weeks ago. However can't complain as I can say I haven't been the most disciplined with food and training over the last couple of weeks haha.

However am all good, making a decision on my job/work one way or another has been something I've given some great consideration to but I have come to a resolution about it for now. So hear we have it, - and I notice I often do better with my goals if I don't talk so much about them LOL :-)

Have a good one!

Monday, November 01, 2010

'NAIL IT', - DAY 1!!!

Howdy! Today has been somewhat of a challenge. I'm really not enjoying work at the moment and can be known to make slack decisions out of frustration cause of that. And Mondays I particularly hate work wise. Had to bite my tongue and get on with it as per norm. Also today a company that I gave my e-mail address to got in touch with me, trying to talk me into a financial opportunity that sounds far too good to be true. I asked questions, listened hard and worried if I'm missing out on a huge opportunity if I didn't sign up and put a deposit on. I also worried it was a scam, therefore didn't sign up. The guy on the phone was trying to talk me around to not miss out for 16 mins today before I said a DEFINITE no and he believed me. After that call I felt un-easy that I may be missing out on a good opportunity!

Unfortunately I felt pissed off and fell victim to some spare chocolate muffin, a skinny hot chocolate and a savoury pastry to round it off mid arvo. Whoops! However the small win is I went for a 40 min run when I got home, (which was a bit uncomfy and slow as I was too full) instead of finding an excuse to carry on and have beer or wine on the couch. I was thinking of my rules, - ie the punishment ones for breaking my rules and have come to think of them as un-useful. These are lifestyle rules that apply 24/7 so if I deviate slightly sometimes I don't want to think it's the end of the world then really deviate. I know I prefer to keep to my objectives but if I stray slightly, I'm to mark it down but make sure I get back on track fast and carry on no matter what rather looking at it as a major blow.

I was trying to clean the taps last night with Jif and get them shiny..........but I broke the tap off. Oh dear! BF has spent the last few hours trying to fix them!

Alcohol: nil
Training: 40 min slow run while too full
Bed: - just over 7 hours last night

Talk soon
Pip :-)