Sunday, March 15, 2009


Today was the day, - I was honestly rather nervous about it, mostly the thought of swimming in the potentially cold Swan River which at times isn't all that clean!

I did the Enticer Challenge Series triathlon which was a 300m swim, 10km bike ride and 2.5km run. My completion time all up including the transitions as well was 54 minutes, 28 seconds. The 300m swim: 10 mins, 9 secs, transition one: 2 mins 55 secs, 10km bike ride: 23 mins 43 secs, transition 2: 1 min 18 secs and 2.5km run: 16 mins 21 secs.

That is much better than my last triathlon 4 weeks ago where with a 250m swim, 8km bike ride and 2km run my total time was 58 minutes something!

Enticer females started the swim at 7.03am! We climbed down some stairs, across a floatie mat thing and jumped into the water! 24 degrees so much warmer than expected, - no wetsuit required or allowed! Not long before we were OFF! After the last swim out at Champion Lakes 4 weeks ago I decided it mandatory to get some GOGGLES! Best decision ever! The swim seemed much easier with them!

Transition was nicely marshalled and laid out. So out of the water, ran through transition to find my bike! I found it OK, and took off cap and goggles, put on shoes and socks and helmet, unracked bike and ran with it out of transition to where we were allowed to mount! Up on it and now away! The wind was in my favour on the way up and I was cruising along at around 35kmph on the bike according to odemeter on the way up, -awesome! Then at the turnaround we had a head wind so speed went down to a bit less but still over 20kmph, still I reckon that's good!

At end of cycle was the dismount, then ran bike back to appropriate rack in transition, chugged some water, then off for the run. Jelly legs a bit to start with as well as the stitch for first few hundred metres but I ran it out. Still am slow at running but felt a bit faster than my last tri effort! Then the end, - AWESOME! I wore a bra and black bikini bottoms for the event! HAHA! Over the bra I wore my black rashee with pink ROXY written across bust and my black cycle lycra shorts with a padded bum for the bike. I wore that costume for all three disciplines and I felt it was a good choice!

I've just watched the Olympic distance and Elite races, - WHOAH! Definitely I want to get fit with this sport! The determination and speed and all round 'fit bodies'. I really enjoyed it and it was awesome to see international class triathletes here in Perth!

Also I'm very pleased I decided to get a roadbike with curved handlebars rather than a flat bar bike! I LUV my bike!

Talk soon!