Thursday, April 29, 2010

BOOKED IN..............

I've booked in for the photoshoot, (see post below) on Friday 23 July at 10.30am. So it's all on! I rang up the studio on my lunch break at work.

12 weeks tomorrow! Nah, am not going to do a 'before' shot or a 'start' weigh in! Just instead be commit and do what needs to be done. I really need to ensure I keep 'on track' for these next 12 weeks and more importantly beyond!!!

Kristy, - in Perth there are many places and lovely photographers who do beautiful photoshoots! An idea for you could be when you save enough $$$ to feel ready to visit Perth, also plan for a Perth photoshoot on that trip!

Talk soon :-)


Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Today I have purchased a photoshoot package deal from Viva photography. The certificate etc will be sent out to me in the mail. After some research I found a deal that is a current special. The normal price is $700 but I paid $150. This $150 includes a 2 hour photo shoot with many different photoshoots and $550 credit for prints etc. It's a current special to I guess entice new members and yep, I read the fine print. My plan for when I get my voucher is to book in for the shoot on Friday morning, (23 July 2010). I will do my own hair and makeup and plan on it being casual. But I want one bikini shot, (if I feel I'm 'bikiniable'). So I need to put in a good effort to go for that! Now this date I'm hoping for is that 'magical' 12 weeks away on Friday so maybe some could guess what my plan may entail!

And in my quest to be 'bikiniable' by that date I'm wanna do a first and keep away from the scales until my 30th birthday and on my absence from them................have the kgs shrinking and to stay on track!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

UPDATE............27 APRIL 2010!

Hello! I had been disputing whether to write this post or take a break from my blog for a bit.

My internal 'dispute' is because I really don't want to write too many posts basically going over the same old stuff. If there is great news, humour or achievements I like to talk about them LOL :-) - hence more updates!!! If I'm talking about my somewhat yo-yoing repetitive goals/plans or if I haven't carried out the plans my last post said I would because of personal dis-organisation and or laziness I don't really want to broadcast it. When I get the urge to complain I feel the least I can do is ride over the urge to complain. So..............no complaining or no excuses from me!

As you can guess, - I'm struggling to get 'on track fully' after my last steer 'off track'. I have kept finances intact. Am even doing a bit better, (still room to improve) on sleep and personal organisation. But the biggie, - nutrition and personally scheduled training and substituting wine for the gym/running at the moment have a bit to be desired! I could manage my personal organisation skills more efficiently! As a result I know I've put on a few kgs.

Something really hit me today though which I'm gonna believe. The same thoughts have come before, - but this time with heaps of clarity! Ignore me if ya don't believe the up and coming possible ramble, - it's all just my opinion!

* There is a wide spectrum of personality types. Addictive and more driven at one end. More mellow types, (less goal orientated/enjoy day to day simplicity moreso) at the other end. I think we all fall somewhere in between but probably tend to one end moreso.

An example of someone with an addictive/driven personality big time could be Ben Cousins. He goes 'hard or home'. He puts his all into his footy and obligations and he finds it pretty hard to stay out of trouble if he's not doing that. But addictive and driven could be business or sport orientated as well. I guess many sports people and celebs are naturally programmed more this way.

The other end of the spectrum = much more mellow. They aren't as goal orientated. They are content in an easy day to day existence and take pleasure from easy walks, smelling the roses, reading books and simple day to day activities, they like routine, feel comfortable in relaxing reptition, planning in advance may make such people feel a bit uneasy, travelling new places or being out of the home could make these people naturally feel nervous instead of excited.

My point here is that people who fall near the more 'mellow' end of the spectrum may find general moderation and self control easy and natural but may struggle more with intense goal setting and new challenges.

AND the people who fall toward the more addictive/driven end could find it harder keeping on track, (not going backward) with a 'moderate' lifestyle and less goal driven 'purpose'. They could find it more natural to 'go hard' or 'go home' but struggle with 'moderation' as a way of life.

So there are 'pros' and 'cons' for each side. We all need to be aware of our strengths and weaknesses but make our strengths work for us and ultimately put lots of focus on our weaknesses so they work for us as well! I have witnessed people successfully access parts of their personality through lots of work! Mainly in regard to developing from a seemingly shy person to a natural leader.

It also dawned on me, (with more even more clarity than ever) that it's up to us to create our own reality ultimately. I googled addictive personalities and it came up with numerous suggestions such as therapy etc etc and lots of other stuff. Will it work? Maybe, either short or long term if so but no guarrantee! It's up to us and what we do day to day thereafter and most likely many dollars later!

I have come round to definitely thinking that the only way we can guarrantee if our 'reality changes' last the distance/stick is if we commit to them, - and keep as committed to them as what we do with our paid employment. Yes, the moderate aspect may come more naturally to the more 'mellow' types and the challenging goals bit may come more naturally to us more addictive types. But it's all possible. For sure, coaching or therapy would be of benefit if we don't know how to get to where we wanna go, of have an addiction that is a matter of life or death. Or if you are already succeeding highly in your chosen endeavour but want to go that 'olympic distance' and are willing to pay coaching would be of great help!

But if we know what we need to do to get to where we want to a level we are happy with.........(but for some reason just don't finish what we start or just don't 'do it')...it's up to us!

Other than that, - have been busy, all has been good! I still have the fitness and finance goals and am planning on not stepping on any scales till my 30th, - then seeing the number under 68kg that day! Am looking at costings of getting a professional photo shoot the following Friday, then my party on the Saturday!

Talk soon,

Pip :-)

Monday, April 19, 2010

D 1/WK 1

It didn't turn out to the best of starts today. I dislike Monday mornings with passion! I watched the Biggest Loser Finale and didn't get to bed till almost midnight after my shower. Then didn't fall asleep till after 1am cause I knew alarm was gonna go off at 3.10am. Lots to get done at work and I knew I'd be tired after the weekend so wanted to get there even earlier to feel organised. I decided to attempt calling a taxi the night before................had a more unsafe feeling than norm about this morning and was planning to hit the streets even a bit earlier to get to work on bike.

Alarm went, - urgh. Got organised. Taxi didn't rock up, (none of the taxi companies here are reliable for people wanting short fares). Still didn't come. Called. No one as usual could give an explanation so I decided to cycle to work. I won't go into detail, - nothing happened but I had a few scary people attempting to corner me on my bike demanding money and I put foot down, swerved a few corners and fled. I was chased down the road about 100 metres and screamed abuse at but those running couldn't catch me on my bike had no car amongst them and gave up so nothing happened. That was out and about at 3.45am. I do fear danger everyday when out and about by myself at that time............particularly cycling to Northbridge where I now work. I've had a few people yell stuff at me occasionally but not come running in a threatening way in my direction.

I told all the bosses at work................to see if there was any way we could attempt to arrange some deals with a taxi company so no early morning workers in my company that need a taxi endure this. At this stage as of now I don't have early starts, (earlier than 5.45-6am) unless my boss will pick me up and start the same time as me.

Training, time in bed and nutritional choices didn't get off to the best start at all today after that and work was a struggle all day.

Hmmm, - can see why I was sidetracked today to get stuck into gear.............While I could have handled food choices better in earlier portion of day I will cut myself some slack. Gotta be on form tomorrow in full!

Training: - uncomplete today.

Pip :-)

Sunday, April 18, 2010


MON pm (after work): Bike ride of at least 30km, (either 2 big river laps or to beach and back).

TUE pm (after work): Body Pump class (1 hour)

WED pm (after work): run, 9.5km outdoors, Weather permitting a 30 min treadmill run as far as poss)

THURS: (either before or after work): 20 min resistance workout covering sets of pushups, - as many as poss on toes before dropping to knees followed by plank, lunges, tricep dips, crunches.

FRI pm: (late arvo after work): swim at pool, - focussing on freestyle technique covering at least a km

SAT am: Reasonably early start, (by 8am) and bikeride up to BF's, - nearly 30km. Half hour run around Perth Hills on arrival at BF's before showering or doing anything else.

SUN: - ANZAC day. Day off. I can save Sat's 5km run till today IF I manage to resist alcohol at the ANZAC Sunday brekkie. But safer I get run outta way on Sat. Failing that I could do a flat 5km run on Thurs evening.

No times to be recorded week one. This week is all about maintaining discipline for actually doing what I set out to do. I have an extra cycle in for week one as I wanna get to beach tomorrow! Of course this is in conjunction to normal everyday activity.
ALL ROCKIN...............

13 weeks to go till the big 30 as of tomorrow, 13 weeks, 5 days till the party.


* remain committed to living in line with my values
* keep to budget, (for everything)

I braved the old metaloe's yesterday to find I'm up 3kg on a couple of weeks ago and am up an inch on my waist and tummy. All I can say............have to be grateful it's only 3kg. I have been busy and active, (more general activity/not so much training wise of late). Food discipline went a bit out of control and down the drain unfortunately, not the plan but what can happen if you are not committed.

I have really pulled hard and am out to turn this all around for good rather than spurts. I know I can AND am totally committed to doing this.

Of course I don't plan on going totally hard all the time with everything, - but at all times want to act with a level of control I'm happy with at all times so I go forward with things I want to!

Basically the backbone/most important thing of living within my values are these top two:

* Living in a clean tidy personal living environment/top priority. OK, I really don't have much space but I have to daily maintain all personal living areas to a standard I wouldn't be ashamed for strangers to walk into. If for some reason I have to leave the house quickly and not everything is quite organised it needs to be first priority to re-organise once I'm home.

* Enough time in bed! I have some shifts starting at 4am, others starting at 9am and anything inbetween. The main rule I give myself is that I MUST be in bed, lights out at least 7 hours before the alarm is due to go off at least 5 days a week. I know it's tough in a noisy environment and excuses are easy............but then if I don't it effects productivity in all other areas of life. This is unless of course of a REAL emergency!

Other vital things to do are:
* Keep to a nutritional/calorie balance I'm happy with, (have decided on no off track food to be eaten unsocially till under the 68kg mark!) By the way I don't 'diet' and am not that strict! No bingeing being the major. Generally I like the balance of a good carb/protein/nutritious brekkie, a skinny flat white as a snack, lunch being my highest calorie meal of day being a filled multigrain roll, - excess middle dough scooped out with salad/lean protein or something prepared from home, fruit or similar as a snack if needed when training and a lower carb/cal option in the evening, (salad or steamed veg and lean protein or similar) but can work that around if needed.
* Only ever drink alcohol in social situations of some meanings, (celebrations, gatherings, parties), - generally exercising some sort of moderation! This makes more money available for things like clothes, makeup, short trips.
* Stick to budget. Keep out of debt, (I'm still on track nicely here). Continue to save at least $100 a fortnight toward investing and $100 a fortnight toward my big overseas trip in a few years and $100 a fortnight toward emergency expenses. Otherwise spend as pleased but aim not to waste any $$$ on purchases I could avoid if I'm less lazy or would regret.

Less vital but very important things to do also include:
* No coffee or caffeine after 5pm
* Stick to the training schedule, (ideals) I set for the week. Record training.
* Have fun/learn new things and skills, undertake new experiences

I need to treat all this as things I'm committed to, not ideals I 'should' do some day. And while I have seen improvements in general, I can do more. So that's the strategic plan.

* Get under 68kg in the next 4 weeks, - then work on fitness improvement, sticking fully to the above and comfortably maintaining under 68kg by my 30th. I intend to achieve this by habits I feel are maintainable, - not giving up all carbs and taking fat burners and refusing to eat socially. I'd be more keen to attain and maintain a 20-25% BF level than diet to a 10-15% level which requires full dedication and (but less ability to 'go with flow')

* Training goals:
- Am aiming for the 21.1km Perth half marathon on 8 August. Icing on cake would be going under 1 hour!
- Hilly City to Surf 12km run on last Sunday in August. I want a PB..........and by as much as poss. To achieve that I need to go under 1 hour 10.
- I want to keep up with my swimming/cycling over the winter consistently so I do better with actually entering and completing some mini and sprint triathlons next summer season in a fashion I'm satisfied with.
- Keep up strength training, - finally do 20 push ups on toes as 3 times now I've managed 10 as a PB. But just improve all round, be committed to completing resistance training across major muscle groups and across core. Improving flexibility would be a bonus too.

Of course my training plans will vary slightly week to week. Probably will be alot running orientated at the moment as I have the running events first. Then maybe Sept onwards maybe more cycling and swimming. It is poss from time to time I give myself a week or two off formalised activity just relying on say only 3 30 min powerwalks a week. Or before my next ski trip to NZ I may spend 4-6 weeks with major focus being on leg and butt strength and flexibility! But I want to have a reason, - and a plan for my training.

So while I am on track............I'm all committed to stick to this starting tomorrow 19 April. My birthday is 13 weeks away on 19 July. SO here goes, really easy hey :-)

Am about to watch Biggest Loser Finale..............Lisa or Joe I reckon!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

15 APRIL 2010

Hello! Time for a short update!

Well, a little rain has hit Perth this week after none for over 6 months bar the storm a few weeks ago. Along with that has been some wind. Not alot of rain but some. We've had over 2 inches, (5cm) this year to date. Living in Southern NZ I used to HATE rain....................miserable days seemed endless and winters seemed so long and even in summer, half pleasant days could be few and far between, - or only half a day before a shitty weather change came. I really appreciate Perth for the hot sunny summers and mild, (at worst cool) instead of cold winters! Over the last week or two things have started cooling off, that is nights getting down to 12-14 degrees and days to the low 20's. So still warm really but some say it's FREEZING!

It's exactly 100 days till my birthday party as of today. My birthday is on 19th July but I intend to have my party on the following Saturday, (24th July). I am thinking of having a Hawaiian theme, (to liven up winter haha). There will be a couple of cocktail and mocktail options plus wine, beer and finger food.

I have to say myself without hopefully sounding too vain that I'm quite impressed with how I looked in the last set of party photos at my mates 30th, (a pic with me in the black dress, apricot sash and silver shoes can be seen in the blog post below). I was 68.6kg that morning, (nearly at goal of being and staying UNDER 68kg). Still a little fleshy of course around the mid section when ya compare with my calves, but looking in my opinion quite acceptable in that dress. I did exercise a good level of control to make that pic a reality, (but still had heaps of room to tighten things up to fully live in line with my values).

However, - I have slipped up somewhat since then...............have been battling the same old demons about getting back on track and fitting it back in with my lifestyle which as a hospitality shift worker in a flat doesn't have routine. As my being 'off track' lasted longer than a day that getting back on track feels tougher! And going backward just short of goal again is something that is frustrating and was not intended. No, haven't got into debt or anything.


After more consideration and re-reading Craig Harper's posts and his latest takes on 'forever change' he and I believe it comes down to some strategic non emotional planning, an accountability system and of course following through. That's doing what needs to be done on a given day, (or if situations arise where we can't we need to make an alternative controlled arrangement we are happy with given the situation). That is................doing the needed whether we feel like or not.

I guess..............going to work is such an example. By the way it's very busy at the moment too! I know I always feel like pushing the alarm off and rolling back over when it awakes me for work, - particularly at 3.20am in the morning, even more so if I only manage to fall asleep at 10.30-11pm cause of surrounding noise all around apartment,(s) and street. Getting up, dressed, brekkie, carrying bike with backpack down steps and cycling to work at that time of the morning isn't my idea of fun and can be quite scary! Taxis aren't reliable, - they only seem to rock up about 50% of the time when I've tried. But I've always gone in, - there would be guilt and dire consequences if I didn't so it would take either a bad injury or severe illness for me to miss work. However if I feel outta shape, if my personal living space isn't organised, if I am hungover and if I don't turn the lights out before 10pm, (ideally 8.15pm but that very rarely happens) getting and being at work is and feels even harder!

So living in line with my values means, - keeping to budget/getting ahead and directing money where needed, feeling in control with my nutrition and happy with my choices, (not aiming for any said perfection), making sure my personal living areas are presentable to unexpected strangers on a daily basis, (ideally when I leave the house), only drinking alcohol at social celebrations of meaning with others which should be an average of twice month or so, keeping up with the training regime I give myself each week, getting at least 7 hours lights out time a night at least 5 days a week, also trying to learn new stuff and/or have some fun.

So...............to do and create different this time before things get too outta hand:

* The focus is on the next 100 days, being in great shape with a new fitness PB or two under my belt at my party, (maintaining under 68kg easily). Beyond the 24th July I have discovered the Perth half marathon is held on 8 August. I'm very keen to enter to am aiming to finally go under 2 hours! Then City to Surf last weekend of August. So for training I will tweak around expectations slightly each week but aim for 3 runs, (one long, one 5km or 30 min treadmill, one on either hills or up and down steps), plus one swim at pool starting at 1km and focussing on speed and form initially, one bike ride of at least 3okms, 2 resistance sessions of at least 20 mins a pop each week.

AND if any unplanned slips happen............be back on track no longer than a day later no matter what. :-)

Monday, April 12, 2010

HELLO, a wee while and no blog...........

Howdy! Just thought I'd do a quick catch up here.

The pic of me dressed up with BF was at my best mates 30th on Saturday 3 April. It was a great night, loads of fun! We partied at the venue, then some of us hit the casino bar for a couple of drinks, (no gambling!) For my mates 30th her Mum made her a book of her travels during her 20's! (She is dedicated and does a big adventurous OE every year so has lots of stories we wouldn't fully understand unless we were there).

The new shoes are today's new purchase, my new Brooks runners! I bit the bullet and no, didn't use a credit card. But these are ONLY for running outdoors/on treadmill and perhaps cycling, (NOT for work ever!) I got them from Sports Fever after walking and running on a treadmill to get a computerised image of my feet walking/running!

My $10 backpack of about 3 years old unconveniently broke stitching wise and the zip went recently. Hence I couldn't cycle with a backpack, or even walk down the town with a comfy backpack with whatever inside so I went looking out for cheap new ones today! I went to heaps of shops and discovered there are so many different types of backpacks and they are very high tech these days! I went to some adventure/outdoors sports shops and found a specialised cycling backpack I really want, I loved the comfort and the look of it on me but at a price of $189.95 I couldn't afford it. The backpack I settled on, (pictured above) set me back $55.00 in the end, comes with a warranty, (3 years I think), it has a padded back and will be sufficient for what I will be needing it for in the up and coming months I decided. That didn't go on a credit card either.

I guess you know without saying..............I haven't hit the big 68.0kg or 150 lb or it would be the first thing I'd be posting here. No long boring explanation from me. Infact I've found it easy not to weigh myself for the last 9 days...........as I know scales are up. But am underway to good things now. Will post about them soon :-)

So that's about it! It's raining in Perth today, - different!

Talk soon!

Pip :-)

Saturday, April 03, 2010


I ended up wearing the black satin one with the peach belt. I want to update with a new figure hugging bright coloured dress!!! (Funds to think of...............and I want to keep to budget plan). I wore this same dress and peach belt to another party toward the end of last year when about 9kg heavier, - it's a stretch satin one you pull over your head.

68.6kg, (151.6lb) this morning cause I am hopeless at keeping off them if I think they are going down. Under 68/150 here we come! That's my best read this year. I ate lightly today, - cause I slept in, had a day off training and had a few jobs to do. I made sushi for a party today but ended up eating some of the scrappy end bits which don't present well so............at least no champagne on an empty stomach anyway.

Talk soon,

Pip :-)

Thursday, April 01, 2010


Well, after announcing I wouldn't get on the scales in April on 'Day one' I took a sneak peak before I put them in the cupboard! I did expect to be up a few hundred grams from yesterdays 69.1 cause of chocolate and gelato but hopefully still in the 60's, not 70's.

Well: 68.9 today or 152 lb even. So 68.0 or under and 150 lb or under could be possible on 1 May. And if I'm 'comfortably under these targets' even better!

One thing I do know is with my work/general activity levels before training I do I have a high activity level.

Anyway talk soon! Here's to a fit April!
Firstly a Happy fun Easter..................keep control and with the choccie eggs! I'm stoked today I didn't go too overboard with my indulgence, feel on track, stayed active, my weight didn't go up!

Talk soon!

Pip :-)