Monday, December 27, 2010

2010 ROUNDUP............

Heya all! I'm writing this now as I think I may not have much more time this year!

Christmas Day was great! BF and I spent it down at his parents place down at the beach! His family, Nana and a couple of others were there. It was a great day. The temperature hit 39.9 degrees and we spent lots of time in the water mucking about. Xmas lunch was yum. We had cheese, salami, crackers to start, then rumballs. The main was Xmas hot ham, cold chicken, roast potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, peas and a tomato/onion bake. Then after another swim it was dessert time.........plum pudding. We pay $5 to eat it and the person to find the coin with the hole drilled in wins $50! We all got some awesome pressies, - it was a fun day!

Yesterday BF was confined to the house as he was on standby for his work so he put his technic lego together till he got called out to a fire! I went out to another great gathering!

Today I got stuck into a bit of housework. It's always good to get done!

I decided to brave the metal monsters/scales today after keeping off them for the last 3 weeks. I wasn't expecting an exactly good reading as I'd been flat out, (but very active I reckon) at work so not eating the best options and not being consistent with training, (no excuses) and I feel I look flabby but that isn't new at the moment. 3 odd weeks ago I was 75.1kg. I was tentatively expecting about 78, (hopefully not 80 or above) and had spent lots of time lately wearing elastic waistbands from being so busy and not wanting to check out what I expected the reality to be! Then on Xmas day and yesterday I wore a size 14 Levis mini denim skirt. I used to wear that at about 80kg with it sitting firm just on the navel line. I noticed it was definitely looser Xmas day and yesterday with it sitting right down on lower hips with about 2 inches of extra room in it which was good. So...at weigh in this morning........I was stoked to weigh in at 74.5kg today! I'm still not the most toned around the torso and wanna smash off a good bit more fat but now I can stay true to lowering my cut off point to 75kg for 2011. I've successfully stayed under 80 all of 2010, (I won't weigh self again this year). First time I'd achieved that since 1999! Last year cut off was 85, before it was 90! I didn't touch any chocolates today and lost total desire to after I found out I was 3 odd less kg than expected! Being flat out may count for something sometimes! I still intend to improve my habits, all round fitness, reduce fat and kilo wise wanna get under 68kg.

In brief some things which happened this year:
* Did my longest triathlon
* Moved in with BF
* Got a car, can drive somewhat in quieter areas
* Had a decent 30th party
* Did 14km Run for a Reason race
* Started a triathlon course till I hurt my back.
* Gave up alcohol completely for 6 consecutive weeks
* Poor Granny passed, I spoke at her funeral

Will be back soon to for a New Years talk!!!

Pip :-)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!..........

Hello! Just thought I'd do a check in! Hope everyone has a good festive and holiday season. I reckon it sucks to work too much at this time of year but some of us have to haha!

Now, I've been thinking about holidays and travel quite a bit of late. Infact I think about it lots but unfortunately don't action it quite so much.

I am really excited to be going to Adelaide early March next year for 4 days, - I look really forward to it! I've never been and it will be great to catch up with Kristy and hopefully Magda.

As we have 5 days off in a row at Easter this year, (usually it's 4) I'm thinking of taking a road trip. Am thinking of heading off to Kalgoorlie on Good Friday after getting up early. Will stay there a night or two. Then head down to Esperance for a night or two. Then Albany for a night and back to Perth. I've been to Albany briefly once but not Esperance or Kalgoorlie. Will camp or stay in cheap accommodation. Hopefully BF can come too.

As for overseas travel to new destinations its just so hard to decide.......and I always feel limited on funds and time. I'd love to explore Europe. The other places I'm really keen on at the moment are Hawaii, America, Canada. Other places that interest me are Mexico, Thailand, Vietnam for cycling and kayaking and believe it or not but Alaska! Ideally I'd love to do a mixed cycling/hiking holiday with some canoeing or kayaking thrown in. I also really want to go on a cruise for part of it. Also I'd like to cover lots of area.

Best value for money for what you can see appears to be Contiki. However I don't know if hanging out with the majority of the group in it's early 20's, late nights, hungover days and coach touring is totally my ideal way to spend a holiday in a new destination.

It's all so costly............but new and exciting.

I did develop an idea for July 2012 where I flew to Gold Coast, did the half marathon, went to Airlie beach to see cousins there, down to Sydney to catch up with a cousin for a night, then off to America for 2.5 weeks, Hawaii for 1.5 weeks, NZ on the way back to see family, then Perth but it appears far too undoable when researching it further. Then I decided to try and cull either Hawaii or America and both are too hard and it STILL appears costly after my research. Then I looked at the idea of leaving that holiday plan till 2015 or so and instead looked at flights and trips around Europe mid 2012 culling NZ and the Gold Coast half. I'd really struggle to make a 4-5 week trip to my style under $10-$11000.

To save that type of money I have to be very choosy about proceedings and continue to save $100 a week consistently.

I just had a look on line and pretended I was going to do the Gold Coast half marathon next year. Flights are cheap at the moment for early July next year. I found that I could fly from Perth to Brisbane, stay there or Gold Coast 4 nights while doing Gold Coast half marathon, then head up to Airlie Beach for 2-3 nights to see my relatives, then head off to Sydney for a night or two to see my cousin, then back to Perth all for about $600 at the moment which is rather good. I can even add a flight to Christchurch from Sydney return on appropriate dates for just over $300. In Airlie Beach I'd like to do a full day kayak trip and found one. Maybe on another day do a full day sailing trip or cruise. If I added NZ in this way I get it all.........racing, ocean, kayaking, sailing/cruising/good weather/snow/skiing if I hit NZ and catching up with family all in one trip for maybe $2000. Or could cull the NZ idea and just make a holiday of skiing in 2012 which would cheapen next year further. From another point of view it's harder to justify spending $10000 a pop but then it's always exciting exploring new destinations!

Will let ya all know the outcome soon..............and put up my planned events for 2011 soon!

Pip :-)

Friday, December 10, 2010


Howdy! Hope everyone is having a great week!

After my triathlon last Saturday I prepared to take the drive down to Busselton to watch the Ironman!

That meant I was up early and on the road by 5.30am on Sunday morning. I arrived in Busso about 8.30am. The race started at 5.45am so I missed the swim but saw the competitors going hard lapping it up on the bike!

To anyone who doesn't know:
* a full ironman is a 3.8km swim followed by a 180km push bike ride finished off with a marathon 42.2km run so a distance of 226km is covered all up! A great ultra endurance event! Therefore thats lots different than my 400m swim, 16km ride and 4km run I did last Saturday!

The atmosphere down there was unreal. The dedication of the athletes was mindblowing. People come all over the world to race in Busselton and some entrants were over 70 years of age! There was section for the pros then all the age group categories. The winning guy completed this feat in 8 hours and 14 mins and I think the first female was about an hour behind that. The winning female went in as a bit of an underdog but worked so hard and built up a lead of a few minutes in the run. She crashed in the last few hundred metres of the run and infact had to crawl over the line but still kept her lead and won the girls race!

One of BF's mates has been very dedicated with training for this event for many months or longer. Such training for him involved at least 2-3 hours on weeknights and weekend trainings involved such things as a 200km ride followed by a 20km run on say Saturday and some mammoth swim/run on Sunday. Therefore it was great to see him cross the line in just over 11 hours. All competitors have their name on them and it's amazing seeing them keep coming past. Lots of them look to be going well but totally crash in say the second half or even last 10km of the run. Getting so close to the end but totally crashing would be really frustrating I think......................but these types of athletes don't seem to let disappointments affect them for long!

I didn't stay until the end of the race, (11pm as there is a 17 hour cut off time which means if there are competitors still out on the course after 17 hours they aren't allowed to finish). I left it too late to try and find accommodation unless I fancied paying over $500 a night so I drove back. I didn't want to leave the drive back home too late either as these are unfamiliar roads still.

Now to put these distances into perspective for me...............the longest bike ride I've done in one day is 108.4km almost 2 years ago. Now that was a huge effort and included a few stops. I was buggered at the end of that. More recently, (about a month ago) I did a 90km bike ride one day covering quite a few hills but when I got home from that, - I was had! No way could I do double that, then run a marathon not to mention the swim!

I would like to do an ironman, - maybe someday! But for now I'm working toward a couple of Sprint Distance triathlons which will become my longest efforts and I would love to do these in good form (for me). There is one at end of Feb 2011 and one early April 2011 I'm thinking about. They include a 750m swim, 20km ride and 5km run. Will keep you posted! Probably these are more suited for me for now as my ideal training time is about 5 hours a week.

I have been getting quite excited about the prospects of holidays of late! My proposed plan of a 'round the world trip' in mid 2015 for about 8 weeks is still sounding so far away. I've been contributing funds weekly and consistently and have actually just reached the $2000 mark in my holiday fund. It's in a high interest account and I've been aiming to have a minimum of $25000 but ideally $30000 for this trip. I'm quite excited to have made the $2000 mark as I normally spend money in this fund on other stuff before it reaches $1000. However I'm far too excited when this is still in the much distant future as you can see!

Therefore I'm thinking of making this into two trips. The first one brought forward to mid 2012 and the next but biggie in 2015 and am doing research.

I'm aiming to have total of $10000 minimum by late June 2012. Am now thinking of firstly heading over East to kick the trip off with the Gold Coast half marathon which is always first Sunday in July, then heading up to Airlie Beach for two nights to see relatives in their new home there and do a days kayaking, then down to Sydney for a night, then off to LA where I'd like to bus it up to San Francisco, then do a round trip one week tour covering Vegas, some of the amazing Canyons, hiking and much else. Then want to curtail it over to Hawaii, (somewhere I've always wanted to go). I'd love to do a 2 week tour covering at least 4 of the islands but would need to work out further details. Of course kayaking, swimming, cycling, hiking (and relaxing) would be on the wish list in Hawaii, (and seeing some the the amazing attractions there).
Next I'd head to NZ, catch up with family and want to give the ski slopes a quick whirl again for at least a couple of days. There is lots more I want to do but think that's about how far I can stretch my money and time!

Maybe the 2015 round the world trip I'd have more time to get to more of America and Canada and some European countries. If I knuckle down for a trip in 18 months time I reckon that's doable and not to far away!

Am about to head to work staff party tonight! Have a good one all! :-)

Pip :-)

Saturday, December 04, 2010

HELLO, yep, I did it! My longest triathlon to date! I arrived at the venue at Champion Lakes at 6am when registration opened to set up for the race starting at 8am.

There were two events, - a 'short' and 'long' course. I did the longer one. We had various wave starts all 3 mins apart from each other. I was in 30-39 for 'long' of course.

The water for the swim was a nice temp, not too cold. But it was a bit murky and I found out I needed new goggles. At one point I got about 80 metres off course after putting my head down, swimming hard etc! Shit! In the end I pulled my goggles up so I didn't lose any more direction. But I still did the 400m swim in 8 mins something which isn't too bad.

I had also got over using sucker water bottles because no matter what, they leaked and generally leaked onto things like mobile phones, passports, documents or whatever. But screw tops have always been safe.

So I had a 1L bottle Mt Franklin water with a screw top on my bike cage on the bike. About 5km into the bike ride I slowed down slightly to open it for a gulp or two. After a couple I decided to attempt to put cap on and put bottle back into the cage on my bike. I slowed down a bit, tried to put the bottle in, (with intention of then screwing top on). BUT alas, bottle slipped out of my hand onto ground and I lost all my water! Therefore I had to hang out till 800m into the run till I could get some but it wasn't too bad, just annoying! Not sure of my overall time but about 1 hour 17 or 18 mins. Wasn't last either, (not that holding up the rear end is a bad thing). I think some finishers were finishing about 15-20 mins after me.

Pics at top are from today just after I arrived to rack up bike and set up, (before most people came!)

Talk soon

Pip :-)

Friday, December 03, 2010

TRIATHLON EVE............and SAME OLD STORY...............

Just thought I'd do a quick update for now!

Firstly yes, I intend to do that triathlon tomorrow at Champion Lakes. It's a 400m swim in the lake followed by a 16km bike ride then a 4km run. My bike is packed into the back of my car...........and to my delight it fits in without even having to remove a wheel! I just fold my back seat forward then lay my bike down and it doesn't obstruct my driving vision or anything. I'm rather dyslexic with manual tasks unfortunately which sure isn't due to lack of trying. To correctly take my wheels on and off my bike (with all the knobs turned and facing the same way) has taken much time and frustration which is embarrassing to admit.

Training, (or lack of) and nutrition has been rather shite this week. Why? Early in the week I unfortunately blew off a turbo training cycle session and instead opted to finish off a half bottle of wine when then lead to bingeing on leftovers in fridge..........then 2 beers but no training! Then out of whack and overfull the next day, then a busy work week ladeda! Last week I trained awesomely and last Saturday weighed in @ 75.0. I also have been feeling disappointed in myself as like often, I have put in some hard work, start to go places just to totally undo it. To grasp new fitness and drop fat I need to be consistent for longer these days to see results as I'm now in my 30's. I'd love to think I'd put in a good few weeks or months of consistent training and satisfactory nutrition and to see where I'd be.

Anyways can't dwell. Lets see what I bring to the table tomorrow. I'd be happy to finish and as a bonus, - not come last! There is a Womens triathlon again next March. I'd like to go for the sprint distance, (750m swim, 20km ride and 5km run). I'd ideally like to put a consistent effort I'm happy with in regard to sticking to my training ideals. If I don't perform as I hope on raceday I'd be OK with that and may learn stuff. What would make me happy is being happy with my training and nutrition efforts in the weeks/months leading up. This time I'm not!

I'm a bit nervous about the swim infact! Tomorrow the high is only forecast to reach 22 degrees celcius for a max. It may be rather windy down there and the race starts at 8am so may be cool. I intend to cycle in my wet clothes, (then run). I don't have a wetsuit as I've never dreamed I'd require one at my level!

Am thinking of wearing sports bra, then one piece bathers, then lycra knee length black shorts and a rashee top, (black with fluoro pink writing) as my attire. Hmmm!

Tomorrow I'm planning on being out the door by 5.15am. Sunday I'm planning a road trip down to Busselton to watch the Ironman! Jules is in it as is one of BF's mates. He can't come cause of his work but that will be a big drive for me!

Talk soon,

Pip :-)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


G'day! Firstly I will report further regarding my last post. I haven't had any wine since and intend to keep up my resolve and give it a rest for a bit anyway. Last Sunday evening I had 3 midstrength low carb beers and didn't wake up with heart palpations or anything. Infact had a great sleep that night. Since then I haven't had any alcohol.......cutting back for now. Early Sunday I replied to Craig Harpers's post and said I was going to go 28 days drinking no liquid calories, (ie nothing but water). I have to say I haven't given up my morning skinny flat white, (free to make at work, organic coffee beans too). But other than one of them daily all other liquid intake has been water. It's been a busy week so far.

Have stepped up the training the last few days. BF has a turbo trainer in which he attaches his mountain bike to. It has 5 resistance levels with 5 being the hardest. When I get on that I make myself go as fast as poss for 30 mins on level 4 which is a challenge and produces an all over sweat in only 4-5 mins. Tough, yep! At the moment am doing the turbo every second day alternating with either a 30 min run on treadmill or an outdoor run of at least 5km. Today was treadmill run day, I managed 5.36km in 30 mins and that really hit my 10/10 level, I couldn't possibly have done any more! Then stretches and a few mins on the rower. I did a mini brick session on the turbo followed by a bit of a run last weekend and managed. Still haven't been to a pool for a while, I think the local one has just opened as it's only open in summer but it's an outdoor 25m one I hear. There are other pools around but they take a bit of organisation to get to. I love the beach and would love to do ocean swims but am petrified of sharks if out swimming on my lonesome at the moment. That's cause there have been numerous recent reports of shark attacks and beach closures. I know I can swim but not in a fast or efficient manner. But I can plod through a couple of kms at once if I want to.

So um 10 days till the triathlon. Am still in the 'longer event' of a 400m swim, 16km bike ride and 4km run. The aim is to finish and if I'm not the last finisher I will be even more stoked! Usually in run events I'm in the top half of finishers, (excepting half marathons). But in 12km, 14km and 7km run events I generally manage this. But in the first triathlon I did.........I was first from the back, the second I was 7th from the back! Most competitors here seem all serious you see. My looming triathlon will be my longest to date yet!

I weighed in on Tue morn at 76.5. That's 100g down from 10 days prior at 76.6. However it's taken till this week to really up the ante. Have been on track with food too with having no excesses or confectionary so far this week. I seem to have to be seriously on track consistently for at least 2 weeks now till the numbers start to head down so intend to try to keep off scales for a few days! Still am successful with not seeing 80 this year so need to keep to that! I've decided my aim is to be 'comfortably' under 75kg on 31 December 2010 so again next year I can cut another 5kg off from my 'cut off point'! Cut off point used to be 90, last year was 85kg, this year 80kg so to carry on the trend will have 75 next year! When I finish 2010 without seeing 80, - again that will be the first year I've triumphed with that since 1999. (Started year at 78.8 on 1 Jan, highest reading since was 77.4 in Sept 2010, lowest read for 2010 was 68.6 in April, - whoops!)

Enough crapping on so till next time!

Pip :-)

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Howdy. Hmm, I'm in a predicament. Lately, - more so the last month or so I have noticed different effects that wine have on me. Problem is I luv wine however maybe it doesn't like me!

Lately after drinking more than say 2 medium sized glasses of wine I feel the effects 4-6 hours later. If my last glass is finished at 9.30pm about 2-2.30am I wake up with my heart racing fast and strongly and am in a sweat like I've been training. Forehead, hairline and back of neck is often dripping in sweat. I then drink lots of water and take a couple of hours to get back to sleep if I do and if I make it to sleep it is very lightly and I have some weird dreams or doze off and on. If course I don't like to get up or make lots of noise as I don't wanna wake BF up. I don't feel particularly drunk or anything while drinking the wine, and feel fine when I get into bed, but then this happens. Last night I had about 3 glasses of wine, (3/4 bottle I guess over 2 hours) but stopped drinking at 7.30pm but woke up at 11.30pm in this predicament. OK, - I know this is still prob too much wine and maybe 5 standard drinks. I get that. But this reaction is new when I don't consider I've had THAT much and haven't over indulged food wise. A year or two ago this happened occasionally, (such as twice a year or so) but that was after more than a bottle in one hit followed by too much food straight before bed so while I felt mad at myself when waking up, I knew I had only myself to blame. I've even had the sweating thing happen on nights when it gets down to 4 degrees, (but of course after the sweating I get cold). I've only noticed it after wine. Not with beer but I only drink midstrength beer when I do, (3.5% alcohol, - either Hahns 3.5% super dry or 4xxx Gold lower carb). But I generally stick to 2 cans or stubbies at most if I have beer.

Now with coffee, - up until about 3 years ago I never drank it at all, - never liked the stuff! Now however I do like it, - but only freshly made coffee with coffee beans ground on the spot and steamed skinny milk........aka skinny flat whites cafe style, no sugar. I don't like instant coffee so much at all. However now I seem to shake, feel flat, tired etc till I get some coffee into me in the morning! Hmmmm. I may sometimes have another coffee at work, (as we get them free) mid arvo but only sometimes.

Now I prob feel anxious to drink wine cause of what may happen at night. Feeling anxious about what may happen may be part of the problem too. I guess I could cut down to one glass, (or 200ml max) to see if the same thing happens with wine. I would be gutted to have to give up drinking wine but may have to consider it. I have googled it and have found others experience this problem too.

I'm not sure, - maybe should consider a big detox from alcohol and coffee completely for a few weeks. Then gradually on occasion when out start allowing myself one glass of wine again. If the same heart thing occurs then maybe give up alcohol or at least wine altogether. Not sure about coffee or exchanging it for green tea. I already drink loads of water.

I had recent routine health checks at doctor, - ie liver function, cholesterol, sugar levels, pap smear, iron levels, breast check, STD's etc and all come back normal which was good.

Holiday fund is now up to $1835. That is toward my round the world trip scheduled for about 2015. YAY! And in another online account am managing to save $80 a week toward investing which is something I've kept up since March this year.

Hmm, talk soon all

Pip :-)

Monday, November 15, 2010


It's been a couple of weeks since an update I see! So what's been happening? And how is 'Nail It November' going you may wonder?

Well I had a couple of training sessions last week. An outdoor 5km run and yesterday smashed out a 90km road bike ride over several hills. I have a bit of sunburn and a tender butt today. I rode to the beach and back. Weigh in on Saturday was 76.6 which is up 900g from two weeks ago. However can't complain as I can say I haven't been the most disciplined with food and training over the last couple of weeks haha.

However am all good, making a decision on my job/work one way or another has been something I've given some great consideration to but I have come to a resolution about it for now. So hear we have it, - and I notice I often do better with my goals if I don't talk so much about them LOL :-)

Have a good one!

Monday, November 01, 2010

'NAIL IT', - DAY 1!!!

Howdy! Today has been somewhat of a challenge. I'm really not enjoying work at the moment and can be known to make slack decisions out of frustration cause of that. And Mondays I particularly hate work wise. Had to bite my tongue and get on with it as per norm. Also today a company that I gave my e-mail address to got in touch with me, trying to talk me into a financial opportunity that sounds far too good to be true. I asked questions, listened hard and worried if I'm missing out on a huge opportunity if I didn't sign up and put a deposit on. I also worried it was a scam, therefore didn't sign up. The guy on the phone was trying to talk me around to not miss out for 16 mins today before I said a DEFINITE no and he believed me. After that call I felt un-easy that I may be missing out on a good opportunity!

Unfortunately I felt pissed off and fell victim to some spare chocolate muffin, a skinny hot chocolate and a savoury pastry to round it off mid arvo. Whoops! However the small win is I went for a 40 min run when I got home, (which was a bit uncomfy and slow as I was too full) instead of finding an excuse to carry on and have beer or wine on the couch. I was thinking of my rules, - ie the punishment ones for breaking my rules and have come to think of them as un-useful. These are lifestyle rules that apply 24/7 so if I deviate slightly sometimes I don't want to think it's the end of the world then really deviate. I know I prefer to keep to my objectives but if I stray slightly, I'm to mark it down but make sure I get back on track fast and carry on no matter what rather looking at it as a major blow.

I was trying to clean the taps last night with Jif and get them shiny..........but I broke the tap off. Oh dear! BF has spent the last few hours trying to fix them!

Alcohol: nil
Training: 40 min slow run while too full
Bed: - just over 7 hours last night

Talk soon
Pip :-)

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Hi! I'm following Liz's group/lead here and decided I'm in need of a 'Nail It November' month.........for a few reasons! Therefore I'm on the team!

My objectives:

* NO ALCOHOL! Yep, I'm in the game for a completely dry November! I did it for 6 consecutive weeks earlier in the year but it's time for a re-do! I have a triathlon on 4 December to do and I know my prep could be better/more consistent if there is no alcohol consumed........at all!

* NO WEIGHING! I intend to work to get fitter, my body fat reduced and for the scale needle to go down. When I'm confident the needle is on the way down I seem to get on them at least twice a week. If I know the needle isn't going down I can easily keep off them for a few weeks straight. Yesterday morning I weighed in @ 75.7kg which is pretty much my average for the last 5-6 months. Am aiming to keep off scales till 1 December and be at least 2.5kg less than this!

* ENOUGH TIME IN BED! At least 7 hours lights out time a night at least 5 nights a week. The more the better though!

* NO FLAGGING OFF TRAINING CAUSE OF LAZINESS/POOR PLANNING! I have a triathlon on 4 December and want to feel I've put in at least a month of consistent training. The aim is still to finish and ideally not be the last finisher! I need to swim at least 1km each week, do 3 runs of at least 5km each week, go on a bike ride of at least 20km each week focussing on speed and do 3 resistance training sessions of at least 15 mins each every week. Of course injuries are to be worked around if they occur but general slackness, - no!

* KEEP TO ORGANISATION AND BUDGET! My savings for investing are on track. I've saved $1555.28 toward my round the world trip which I schedule to depart about June 2015. Maintain general organisational standards!


Will keep you informed!

Oh yeah, I've booked a trip to Adelaide using specials from Jetstar! I leave on 2 March 2011 and return 6 March 2011. Am looking forward to this!

Also after my triathlon on 4 Dec I am planning to go down to Busselton to watch Busselton Ironman on Sunday 5 December!

Pip :-)

Monday, October 25, 2010


First up as of yesterday I entered into a triathlon. It's a Womens triathlon fundrasing for breast cancer held at Champion Lakes near Gosnells/Kelmscott. It's on Saturday 4 December and kicks of at 8am. Registration opens at 6am so I aim to be down there then, will set up bike in transition area etc and attend the briefing at 7.45am. I intend to drive there. It's near an area I've driven to before so the drive doesn't scare me too much and it will be in the early hours when there is not much traffic about.

Now I had two choices regarding distances. Firstly there was a 200m swim, 8km bike ride and 2km run OR you could choose the long one with double the distances.....a 400m swim, 16km ride and 4km run. I was swithering thinking the short one was much more sensible for someone who hasn't been swimming in a few months and has only done about 2 bike rides in the last 2 months and the odd run but even in the last couple of weeks I got lazy with running again. But sensibility didn't cross my mind and I signed up for the longer affair! The aim is to complete it............and hopefully not be the last finisher haha! I'd be happy I think with a 400m swim in 14-15 mins, the 16km bike ride in about 45 mins and the 4km run under 24 mins with a couple of mins for each transition. I don't have clipless pedals or bike shoes but I'm sure I will be fine. But training must start now..........and stay! Completing that will be my longest one to date! I was going to enter Triathlon Pink in 2 weeks but am not confident driving to and from the location where that is!

The rules talked about in post below kick off again for good tomorrow 26 Oct 2010 and I really wanna stay focussed with them for a year to start with. Day one tomorrow! Gotta do it!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Hi! This seems to be the question which many ask! Which of these suits us best? I do think that it depends on where we are in our lives and what we want out of life at this time as needs could differ throught life. Also it differs I think depending on the person. Those addictive/driven personality types may thrive better with some rules or guidelines. However the less goal orientated person with a maybe a less addictive personality may feel able to trust their common sense better and thrive to a level they are happy with.

We are all made to believe 'diets don't work'. Ok, they may in the short term if we persist for long enough but as soon as they are unsustained they won't. However if a 'diet' or better words 'nutritional guideline' is practiced forever it is likely to work forever. This in where in which a maintainable approach is required as we all know.

For me I have sort of been doing the intuitive common sense thing for a while.........which for me works to a degree but can come unstuck very easily too. I can very happily live without any confectionary for a few weeks and feel great after a few days refinding that groove of course. But after unplanned somewhat uncontrolled overindulging I'm not happy with..........that leaves me feeling winded, bloated and lethargic there is the big battle of 'getting back on track again' with a tighter waistband. Often then followed by cheese and salt and the like. What I am grateful now for is that I only get about a week/10 days off track and maybe up 2-3 kgs more before reining it in rather than 3-6 months later and 15kg plus more. Alcohol can be a problem sometimes too, just having a couple too many as the affects and sometimes overeating hit an hour or so later! But drinking wine of course feels and tastes so good at the time! Budget is also a big thing. I hate to think of wasting too much $ on wine, 'off track' food, from time to time bigger more comfy clothes I'd prefer not to buy and the like. I'd rather save money, go on overseas holidays and adventures, spend my money on new and fun experiences in this life and do want to get to some fitness levels I like........and something not that far from a 6-pack haha!

I have thought about how I really wanna live and think that self imposed rules may be best for me! The rules are in my best interest, to help me toward my objectives. They aren't there to deny.........I've tried to work toward an achieveable and flexible balance...........cause I'm flexible! I just function best if I keep to these rules! And I've made up penalties if I break them as I think a bit of military style is good! Wanna know my rules anyone haha???

Pip :-)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

WHOOHOOOO,.............THAT'S IT!!! :-)

Firstly, photos above are from last Sat, (9th Oct)

I've made a decision. I'm no longer a work in progress on the weight and fitness fluctuation front. We only get one chance. I'm over it and over making excuses about it unless I'm heading for something exciting!

Firstly I must admit I've seen an improvement in a round about way of present. For the past 6 months my weight has stayed and swayed between a low of 73.2kg and hit a high of 77.4 but the majority of the time when I've hit the scales in the am they have said 75.something. (Height 1.71m and body fat still 33 - 35%). That's size 14 in general, (sometimes 16 across boobs and 12 on hips and in pants). My Cue charcoal suit I bought recently before my last NZ trip was a size 12 which I was stoked about, it fits perfect and 14 was too big! As for training, sometimes I put in a couple of great weeks of at least 4 rather intense cardio styled sessions and maybe 3 intense 15-20 min resistance workouts plus am generally active and busy all day. Along with this I'm reasonably clean with my diet, cut alcohol down to about 2-3 days a week max without overindulging too much! Then I may slacken for a week, drink wine 2-3 drinks say five days a week, train hard maybe only once or twice, eat more cheese after finding an excuse for sweets for a couple of days before making the mental challenge to rein it in and just generally slacken for a bit. After a slack few days and extra couple of kilos I rein it in..........but nowdays it takes longer for the scales and fat to drop though it does with persistance. I always drink lots of water.

I took note of the 6 month after update of 12 of this years biggest loser contestants in this weeks New Idea. Most have done well with pretty much maintaining their new lower weight and lifestyle with finding a balance to suit them. However I'm dissapointed that at least 3-4 of them don't seem to have found that balance yet to be where they want to but do realise the factors involved!

On one hand I'm pleased to be able to rein overindulging in lots sooner and binges are lots smaller than they used to be. Good, - yep!

BUT...........I can do better and from now on will make it my commitment to! One reason is for the reasons listed in the above post and two..........life is all round better if we keep to some self respect standards we are proud of! I'm not talking ultra strict, - I still look forward to a drink or two up to 3 nights a week. I don't want to take my own food to mates houses the times I go or I don't want or ever plan to ring restaurants in advance to check menus on the occasions I may go out. Of course moderation and self control is the key when these occasions do arise. I am confident of getting and keeping off at least 5-10kg for good which I'd be stoked with!

Pip :-)

Thursday, October 07, 2010

'KEEP AT IT'!!!..................

Howdy!!! This week has shown some improvements in my fitness levels..........nice improvements, infact I'm stoked! Am faster, (5.46km in 30 mins on treadmill, big effort and these treadmills equate to my speed outdoors). Amount of pushups I can do on toes has increased from 3 to 9 in 3 weeks. I have gone up a level in most dumbell, barbell and weights exercises and can do or if I get a chance superset with something else 2-3 sets of 12-15 reps. I seem more agile, am better on the plank and other core stuff such as feeling smoother and stronger. I was starting to think since turning 30, I may be past it, have to settle for less or have to work harder for longer to achieve anything small fitness wise!

One thing I have realised is now my body doesn't bounce back quite the same as a few years ago if weight is gained. Hence I don't want to gain weight unnecessarily or I don't want to lose weight if I gain too much to only be left with loose skin after much slog therefore things can't get out of hand.! And it's also not just about weight/fat losses, it's about fitness targets and setting maintenance standards if not striving for something!

Thinking about this and biceps/triceps/shoulders and maintaining calve tone, lifted firm butt (rather than heading for that 'tuckshop look' or 'lowered butt' has motivated me in being reasonably regular and consistent with resistance training/getting stronger and really supple as well as achieveing cardiovscular objectives.

I have drastically reduced sugar intake, - infact sugar consumed in last couple of weeks amounts to about 5 tic tacs to freshen breath, - (in sweet tasting food anyway). It's a little tough initially but after a while the rewards outweigh the momentary taste indulgence and the lingering hankering for more indulging of that nature.

I don't say 'NEVER' for sugar etc but in general I'd save it only for special social occasions where I'd feel a bit of an outcast if I don't have a bit of birthday cake. Or very occasionally, I just may...............but would ideally like to weigh it up first and make sure I feel happy about it and it feels controlled...............Getting old or sensible or what I say??? That seems to have led to no out of control indulging at all other than a couple of extra wines occassionally.

Anyway 3 days ago I weighed in at a new low for a while of 73.9,........thinking, WOW, cool, am on the way to shooting down the kg's finally now and things are starting to happen! I stopped drinking wine, was clean and controlled diet wise, was training hard to max and drinking lots of water and training was telling me good results! Today I got on the scales for some stupid reason..............75.0! Then I remembered...........I was prob a bit dehydrated after getting on scales 3 days ago as I had 2 larger glasses of wine that night but none since. It was also that it was that time of the month, (not that time of the months normally reflects for me on the scales). However training hard, drinking lots of water after a hungover day has made the scales climb a kilo in a day in past-times so I can't be too horrified! Am still 2.4kg down from 3-4 weeks ago but and AM fitter! I am feeling good about staying under 80 all 2010 still!

BTW when I say hardcore training, I'd say it's about an hour 4 days a week at present plus lots of other general work activity, daily jobs and walking so there is still room to increase but am happy with doings and progress at present............seeing body fat drop regularly would be good but!

I bought the Blockbuster Estee Lauder makeup kit for $120 and the Pure White Linen White Breeze Estee Lauder perfume tonight at David Jones where store profits were said to go toward helping the Breast Cancer charity. That's me done for makeup and perfume for at least 2 years! I wanted to buy the Elizabeth Arden Intervene skincare special again but am trying to cheapen up my skincare and now use Dove 2 and 1 cleanser/toner and either Invisible Zinc SPF30 moisturisor sunnscreen then Body Shop SPF 15 liquid foundation or Invisible Zince SPF 30 + tinted moisturisor. I also use Nivea night cream at night with some eye cream morning and night.

It's a tough choice,..........to have big overseas holiday sooner or with more money or to now spend more on skincare to possibly perserve skin for later life. I've gone for saving more for the holiday and trusting cheaper brands and some sun sense!

Talk soon, bedtime now!

Pip :-)

Monday, October 04, 2010

OCTOBER ALREADY!!!!!.........................

Howdy! Just am here for a quick update today hopefully.

SEEDLINGS: The spring onions are starting to germinate. However with the seedlings I realise I now have made a mistake of planting a whole packet of each, (spring onions, parsley and chives) in a too confined area. OK, read............I planted a packet of each per pot with about 30cm diameter! Some thinning may be in order but I do know that our consumption of the plants mentioned above is rather large so I'm sure not much will go to waste! I will see in due course I'm sure.

Saturday was a cruisy day for me as I worked on Sunday. Just odd jobs, a small drive to buy groceries, some training and chillaxing.

Had a good thrashing at gym tonight with a 30 min run as far as poss............5.31km tonight was a struggle to manage and my best in a while. Then stretching etc.
At home at least 3 nights a week I have made up a little regime of doing as many pushups on toes as poss, then dropping straight away to 25 on knees, following by 25 of a type of crunch, then 15 tricep dips against chair, then plank for as long as poss, (at least a min) then repeat once! That's in addition to ideally one body pump class most weeks and some challenging weights at least one night a week at gym. Still need to start some swimming and more cycling but have at least found out where nearest heated pool is, maybe may bike there on Sat morning for a swim, the bike ride there is a good 9km each way with uphill on return. Am pretty happy with food choices etc but the only thing is that I should and will cut my wine consumption down a little more and keep it that way. 2 days ago scales were sitting at 75.1.

Talk soon all,

Pip :-)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


G'day, firstly tomorrow is the last day of Sept, then 3 months of 2010 left, - wow, sorry to remind ya!

Last weekend I did buy some seeds, potting mix and some pots to attempt to grow some herbs. I tried a packet of Yates Chives, a packet of Yates Parsley and a packet of Yates spring onion. Yesterday I put some fertiliser seeds on each of the pots when watering. The spring onions reckon they are the first to germinate, 10-14 days the packet reckons so I will see what happens. I'm interested in trying to grow some cherry tomatoes as well and found I that I need a stick in the soil to tie them to as they grow. All this is completely new to me but that's the news there haha!

I've done a couple of drives of recent. I went ot a party 20 mins away on Sunday and that was OK. I've driven to a couple of new simple to most people locations and yesterday drove to the fuel station to put fuel into car amongst all traffic in different directions then. No stalling gears and am feeling less nervous! Good to see improvement. (I was a more confident driver in NZ, even on my Uncles auto a few years ago. But I learnt in a manual and it's good not to throw the manual driving ability away, even if a bit scary to get used to in busy hilly areas again!)

Have done a few worth mentioning runs since the last post. One was a rather hilly run for an hour and my heart rate monitor says I hit 206bpm in some points and my average heart rate was 98% of the normal projected max for my age. I'm 30 and the average max heart rate is 220 minus your age. I did a 30 min treadmill effort
the other day, went as hard as poss! I did a 5kmish hilly 30 min run last night and felt fast for me which was good, (that was after a busy active day at work. Have done a bit of resistance work a couple of times a week, (am working toward increasing this still) and have been active/busy at work etc.

I confess to getting on the scales, I seem to about twice a week. The day after I got back from NZ I was 77.4, 1.5 weeks ago was 77.3 and this morn 75.8. Under 68kg by Christmas 2010 and New Year 2011? Am feeling on track to give it a decent shot and to see my fitness continue to improve! However I MUSTN'T see 80 this year, I haven't so far and have 3 months to go. If I achieve that feat this year it will be the first time since 1999 and last year my cut off point I succeeded with was 85. Many years before that it was 90! Again I only saw the horrid 90 once but on many different occasions saw 89.something or 88.something before cracking down! I will let you know new goals for 2011 when the time comes. I did probably overindulge slightly on Sun night at the party food wise, (yummy steamed prawns, salad, beaut cheeses, cooked cold roast chicken THEN yummo woodfired pizza and birthday cake) but didn't go haywire for days afterward, infact back to norm the next day which was good. I even did the 10km run a few hours before party so felt good about that haha!

Talk soon all, till next installment whenever that is!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


I'll do my best to keep this short as I'm heading off to bed soon!

Firstly Happy Birthday to my sis in NZ, she turns 40 on Sunday, - have a good one! As they say 40 is the new 30!!! Hopefully 30 is then the new 20!!! :-)

Weather is hotting up in Perth, we are hitting the late 20's here now for a daily high, it's beaut, warm and sunny. It's great that it's lighter in the mornings and evenings. Perth needs rain badly but. Sprinkler bans for watering gardens are now down to one day a week so lush green lawns etc are out of the question here! NZ has been getting some cold weather of late though, rather cold and wet and windy of late! My parents last weekend even had snow at their place in NZ, - at least 6 inches on the ground which is close to sea level for them. The photos looked unreal..............however heavy snow to those levels in mid-late September is rare.

As for the training mission, - well...........unfortunately I can't say I've followed the exact plan outlined in the post below but I have been easing myself in my weird way to ya know, get and stay on track haha! Running and body weight resistance work has featured along with going flat out at work all day. Have tightened up a little on diet and even spending this week as well which I'm happy about, (maybe not at some moments but in general haha)! Looking back at the end of a week it's satisfying to see frivilous things I resisted the urge to buy or consume on impulse and to see cash in the bank, - some of which goes toward savings and other bits of it go toward my long term holiday plan!

I managed a longer drive last weekend and a few other shorter ones to new for me locations and feel I'm improving there. No way am I someone who likes to drive in busy inner city areas with lots of lanes but am getting better. I'm not used to busy city driving, - it scares me but am now feeling more confident in my manual and am glad I have a manual.

This weekend am wanting to buy some seeds and pots to attempt to grow some chives and maybe even cherry tomatoes. I've never done that! And of course watch the footy grand final. Sunday I have a birthday party to attend, just may even sober drive again to it as it's near where another party last weekend was that I drove to. Monday is a public holiday, I will be working though for a few hours.

Talk soon all,

Pip :-)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

DOING'S and IDEAS to rock me till end of 2010.....and beyond......

Hello peeps! Just a quick call in here. Am back at work after NZ, am stuck into my savings objectives and am enjoying living up with BF. I'm aiming to do a bit of car driving at weekends to build confidence there little by little.

However what I still really want to do and must do after these many years of yoyoing blahdeblah is.............lose body fat/weight and keep it off for good, (or within a range). I'm 1.71m and think a good mid road target is to get under 68kg or 150lb which had me at 26-27% BF last time I was there. The last few times I've gotten close I seem to go off the rails when getting to 68.something kg! I've just gotta finish the job! However the objective isn't just to hit 68! The idea is to stay under 68kg so am striving for 65kg which should get my BF to around 25% hopefully. Then the objective is to stay in a range of about 64-68kg but never above 70kg and to keep body fat under 30%.

Then again if after time......................my body is a machine and I get ultra fit through my lifestyle and drop down to 60-62kg with BF in low 20%s I sure won't complain either!!!

So the weight goal is: under 68kg on Christmas morning before my early morning run. As of Saturday morning that is 14 weeks away. And I must be still under 68kg on New Years morning 2011 one week later haha!

However one thing I have noticed is that now being 30 and for the last year or so in particular I don't seem to drop fat/weight as quickly as I used to by doing the same I did a few years ago, apparently that is normal though. If I am pleased with my self control and effort I won't beat myself up if I don't quite make my goals, (but have been consistent and focussed with self control to a point that I'm satisfied with). If there isn't a drop of at least 5kg however by Christmas and I've put in a good effort I'd get a medical. I'd say after a day's bloat has gone I've got about 10kg to shift to get under 68kg. Weigh in last Sunday morn was 77.4.

I still seem to be very on track if focussed, refocussing is a challenge. But still I struggle with moderation but know it can be changed.........for good. I haven't seen 80kg this year yet and don't want to. If I accomplish that it will be the first I've got through a year with not seeing 80 or anything above since 1999. I started the year at 78.8.

I still have the fitness objectives as well as the composition ones. I want to do some short triathlons over summer, work toward some running PB's with the first one being triathlon pink on 7 Nov.

For next few weeks basic training objectives look something like this:
Monday: brisk 30 min walk outdoors or day off or aerobic based gym class
Tuesday: 60 min Body pump class doing best as poss with focus also on correct form
Wednesday: RPM class at gym or 20km bike ride outdoors if I can get home before dark.
Thursday: 30 min run treadmill as fast as poss followed by stretching
Friday: day off
Saturday: Swim at pool, focussing on technique and speed starting at 1.5km and building up to 2km. 20 min resistance session focusing on a circuit with things like plank, pushups, dips, lunges, crunches etc.........repeat blahdeblah and stretching.
Sunday: Long run outdoors including hills.

* Monday's workout may change to be either a run, a ride or swim as the weeks progress. I also may change what I do on particular days around to fit in with work schedules etc.

I intend to partake in this or similar regime for next few months starting Thursday 16 Sept 2010. Of course training may change in a few months time and their may be the odd planned recovery weeks and having to work around injuries. But I want to work hard to stick to at least 2 resistance training sessions of at least 20 mins each every week and hardworking cardio sessions of at least 30 mins each every week.

I't's out there now. And I'm gonna try and bite the bullet and not weigh in until 4 weeks tomorrow, - then will post the result here. I will keep a personal diary but will update here in a week or two.

Talk soon
Pip :-) - Gotta nail this, - permanent control but not perfection!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

BACK IN PERTH..................

Hello all! Apologies for the blogging absence.

Anyways........the evening after I wrote my last post my Granny passed. I actually was at the Resthome in Nelson with my Uncle and saw the event happen. Over the last few days family had been visiting her up there. My Granny was a great special person whom I, (and all family) have very good memories of. Her last 7 years have been unfortunate with what dementia does and about 4 years ago she broke her hip which confined her to being im-mobile and I think her eyesight went as well in her final years. However it was good to be there.

My Uncle and family spent the next days making arrangements for the funeral. I did a speech at the funeral then we went out for drinks/tea with family and cousins I now don't see often as I live in Perth.

I got to bed back at the motel in Christchurch about midnight....................Then 4.39am..........SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE, TUMBLE TUMBLE TUMBLE!!! Lots of swearing took place and I was half hungover and didn't know what to do! It crossed my mind that my life may even be on the line and the momentum of it kept building. I got out of bed trying to think of the safest place where nothing would fall after a bit. Dad raced outside. Sisters hubby was shaken out of bed. Yep, the Christchurch earthquake! It was the worst one I've ever felt. It died down after about a min. We went to take a look outside, had noticed building faces had fallen down all across the street. Dad went and looked in the window of the nearby booze shop and...............they lost everything on their shelves. Then.............it wasn't finished. We kept getting aftershocks, some of them still feeling particularly vigourous.

The family plan was to stay in Christchurch another night but with no water, not much open etc etc Dad decided to get the hell outta there and get back to their home in Southland. We firstly had to find out if the bridges near Christchurch were in tact. The journey out of Christchurch was scary with blocked off streets, cracked roads, ruined buildings and lots of traffic lights not working! But we got back to their home.

The rest of the week was spent catching up with friends, family, other Grandma and relatives on the other side of the family around Southland and Otago.

On Friday I caught up with my half sis in Christchurch and stayed there the night before catching a shuttle to airport at 5am yesterday. I still felt two aftershocks on Friday...........and heard they are still happening today in Christchurch.

Didn't get a chance to go skiing this trip. But NZ now, (early Sept) was considerably warmer than July last year, (still cool, not hot or anything). Skifields were still open but if you are a good skiier, prob July or Aug would be better so everyone said.

Back to work tomorrow unfortunately. I best go and get housework seen to now. It was really good to catch up with who I did.

Talk soon all :-)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

/THE LATEST...........

G'day! It's been a little while since I've updated hey! Have just been rather busy, that's all so here goes.

Firstly I am in NZ at the moment, up in Nelson at the moment. I arrived there yesterday after flying from Perth. (Flight was with Pacific Blue/Virgin Blue stopping off in Brisbane and Christchurch). I am here because basically poor Granny is at the end. She is 87. As I speak she is still hanging on even after losing her ability to be able to eat or drink for a week. For moisture a small sponge is held to her lips. She has had dementia for the last 7 or so years and hurt her hip about 3 years ago in which she has never walked again since. She is at a hospital/resthome at the moment. I'm scheduled to return to Australia on 11 Sept. My other Grandma has had a few health issues of late herself as well but she is totally with it mentally so I will catch up with her as well.

Other than that I am enjoying living up at BF's. Great to have more space! Have done a bit of driving but still like keeping to quiet areas. (I have a bit of a phobia of driving in busy areas). Work has been busy. I have got back into training the last week, (running, resistance training, cycling). Haven't been to the pool yet. Next goal is triathlon Pink long event on 9 Nov.

Right, better go.

Talk soon

Pip :-)

Monday, August 23, 2010


Hello! Long time and no writing. Have just been kinda slightly busy.

Must say I'm really enjoying living up at BF's. Being outta the city, and up in the hills is great, much quieter and so much space! He has a big back yard, nearly a quarter acre and a 'mans' shed at the back of his block. There is garden out the front of his home and he has recently planted some plants around the sides of his block in which he hopes will eventually grow big enough to provide shade in the summer. I like to attempt to maintain gardens and wouldn't mind buying a couple of plants and a couple of vegies to see if I can grow them, will get there!

I've done a bit of driving but am still a bit crap at it haha! I got my licence in a manual car at age 15 or 16 in NZ but most of my experience is limited to driving around quiet country roads, not busy cities with lots of traffic! I had my first car, (a 1980 Honda Accord manual Hatchback) for about 4-5 years. Actually I did tackle some areas in Queenstown and Nelson NZ where it's hilly so I mustn't have been too bad. Then I went to Aussie for 18 months, and got an automatic car when back in NZ. It was easy and I got used to it but I kept well clear of busy cities with heaps of road lanes, busy intersections, merging etc. I would drive a less busy route even if it was longer and would often park a 45 min walk from where I wanted to go so I kept outta busy areas plus I hate paying for parking! Yes, that's my fear! Laugh if ya like!

Getting used to a manual again in the Perth Hills is a challenge for me. Rather busy and many of the roundabouts/intersections seem to be on hills or slopes, (easy for most people). Plus I think I have more fear of hearing toots if I'm slow off the mark etc than what I did when I first used to drive. But bit by bit, I will get better. Not sure about ever driving in Perth City though! And I have to remember to be gentle on the gearstick! My car is a 2003 model, not an 1980 one!

Have been enjoying quite a bit of birthday wine of late which has been rather fun. And seem to have had some close calls with losing stuff of mine lately, (nothing major actually lost, just misplaced). I guess getting used to new routines may be part of that! Work, - am in a really busy shop at the moment, it's full on!

I cracked down with the training/portion size/somewhat more nutritious eats thing, (not a diet haha) again at the weekend after putting that discipline on the backburner for a bit. Objectives now are to lose 10 odd kg by Christmas, (aiming for around 65-68kg) under 25% BF, (that will be a challenge as it's been many years since I've got there, - or under 100mm skinfolds across 8 sites). I intend to (again) actually do a couple of triathlons after some training, next objective is Triathlon Pink on 7 Nov. So am mapping out a kind of a training plan each week to see how I go! And to improve my swimming, running, cycling to some various targets I set, same with strength and flexibility haha! I tested out my heart rate monitor BF gave me for my b-day and did the fit test before training. VO2 max was 40, so not too bad! I still can get max heart rate over 200bpm if I push myself to max!

Talk again soon!

Pip :-)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Just a quick post to say that I'm all moved. Have been busy. All good though. The major thing worrying me at the moment is a rumour of a water bill to cover the last 4 years. Can't be so! And myself and my other flatmate would be here to pick up the pieces. I think my name may be on the lease agreement for the last year but not the other 3. Anyway it hasn't happened yet, better not but that doesn't stop me fretting about a huge totally unexpected bill on it's way. I've never heard of anything to do with a water bill in the last 4 years I've been here and if a letter indeed comes I will be asking my flatmate to view all the contracts.

Anyway chest of drawers has arrived which is awesome! Work has had a bit of drama between selling shops to new franchises and stuff but all sorted for now.

Right, had better head off to the gym now! Am off work tomorrow to go to my old flat, will be around for when the cleaners are in, (carpet cleaning, cleaners removing marks from walls etc) and to change addresses for mail etc.

Talk soon,

Pip :-)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

HERE'S TO THE 30's!!!!!.............

G'day! It's been a couple of weeks hey! Yep, I've been busy. I've had my car, my birthday, my photoshoot, my party, have had my Dad over and in general have been busy. I move up to BF's in 1.5 weeks.

I have been incredibly spoilt this year for my birthday I must say. Very much so!
I've got the help with the car from my Mum and Dad! My family also got me a red icebreaker jacket, a black icebreaker singlet, pyjamas, bracelet, earrings. Little sis got me a 'flirty 30' glass to drink from, will take a pic of that soon and a keyring and a beaut peach dress. BF got me a Polar heart rate monitor/training computer! It comes with a waist band and foot pod! I need to read up on it all, - as well as heart rate it tells info such as cadence/speed per hour, averages and calories burnt etc. You can do a fit test by wrapping the band around your waist, wearing the watch and lying down which tells you your VO2 Max. I haven't tried that yet. My work mates went together and got a generous voucher for me to spend at Lululemon Athletica, - the Canadian chain store specialising in bright coloured yoga, gym and running gear! I have always said I loved that shop!!! Grandma sent me one of her beautiful paintings. She's a professional painter/artist and I'm rapt with it! I also got a Coles Myers Voucher from BF's family, a Roadside Assistance Voucher if needed by BF's cousins, a cake, food and heaps of beautiful favourite wines, a wine rack and a voucher for wine!!!
Very nice!!!! :-)

OK, - will start with my actual birthday! One of the guys snuck in a couple of bottles of Riccadonna to smash open as we were working..........at 9.30am!!! So we all probably had about 1/3 to 1/2 a bottle each! Now that made work more fun!!! I had icecream cake brought in for me, candles and wine!!! BF and I went out to a famous pizza restaurant for pizza that night!

Dad arrived last Wednesday night and I managed to score an extra day off work with annual leave at the last minute! Great to see him! He stayed at a hotel near me that night, (as my apartment is kinda small).

Thursday Dad bought a TomTom for my car and me and so he could get around Perth!!! Then we went up to BF's. He gave Dad a tour of his area and Dad drove off to my Uncles 1.5 hour drive into the country that night!

Friday was photoshoot day! Have to say the experience was fun! I ended up ordering 4 photos, (photographer took well over 100!) One of them is standing in my green dress! The other 3 are seductive ones on a black background and the 3 of them are going to be presented in a frame, 2 of them nude, one in a bikini! OK, you can't see anything too rude so I will take a pic of that tri-plex in the photoframe and post it up on this blog, - not facebook though! It will be ready in about 4 weeks! Then it was party food shopping that night after getting up to BF's!

Last Saturday was party day!!!! Spent the day cleaning and doing party and food prep and making sushi, cutting up lamb and chicken for kebabs and marinating it, cutting up vegies, making savouries, cutting up fruit for the fruity champagne drink!, doing vegie sticks, dips, cut up cheeses, salami, peanuts, crackers, savoury toasts, garnishes. My best mate made quiches. Party started 7pm, BF was awesome help with organising eskies, BBQ, setting up gas heaters and doing lots of outdoor cleaning and arranging party lights amongst stuff! Guests were helpful! BF's cousin made the most beautiful birthday cake. Another of his cousins is a pro shooter maker! A top night it was!!!

Sunday, - a little hungover!!! Spent morning cleaning. Dad, BF and I visited BF's parents for coffee down at their beach home then went out to an awesome steakhouse for tea!

Monday, - I was lucky not to work! Dad and I went to buy a chest of drawers which will be delivered to BF's the day I move!

Tuesday, - Caught up with Dad for tea at a restaurant, - was great! Not sure when I will see him or the family next. I put on some jeans to wear out for tea thinking they may be totally impossible or too uncomfy, - actually they felt the same as a couple of weeks ago which was good! OK, not loose but wearable with a dark pretty much non clingy top!

Wednesday, - decided on a weigh in today. I did one on the morning of my 30th birthday so I had a number to register, I have done that in a roundabout way since 17th birthday. 75.0 on 19th July, that day. 75.7 today. (kg that is)...first thing.

One thing I'm gonna nail from now on is..............not whingeing about my weight/fitness etc if I'm not being pro-active, not whingeing about emotional eating if I choose to do it and not whingeing about having no money if I've spent it on junkfood, booze or un-necessary unbudgeted impulsive luxuries! My new motto: - it's a choice! However I may allow self to whinge if I think I'm doing the right things best I can and things don't go as hoped!

As for the photos I've selected a few. My birthday cake, pavlova, spirits for shooters with the Run for a Reason pic, party dress and work mates, view from Perth Hills, one with BF and Dad, my newcar, pic of me on my 30th birthday in red fleece and others! :-)

Pip :-)

Monday, July 12, 2010

NEW CAR NEWS................GOT ONE!


I put a deposit on a car today. After yesterday saying I would get an auto......guess what! I bought a manual hahaha!

It's a 2003 Toyota Corolla Ascent manual 4 door, 5 speed hatch in silver and has done just on 60 000kms. It has a little spoiler on the back. I got it after it was reduced in price which was I think due to it being a manual and a few years older. 2005-2008 autos seem to get snapped up really fast and are quite notably more expensive.

The bike will fit in the back easily with the back seat folded forward and the front wheel removed, - one of my main requests of a car! Other bags etc will fit around it. BF has liked this car from day dot and has test driven it a few times on 3 different days at the dealer. I have loved this car too but was looking out for autos, and maybe in a slightly later year, - but unwilling to pay the extra money!

I hope to improve my driving skill level. I think manuals could be good for that. I will feel a sense of accomplishment when I feel confident in driving a manual again well. My first car in NZ was a manual, then I had an auto. In the last 4 years I've hardly done any driving except sober drive BF in his manual ute about 4 times on quiet roads. I am hoping to keep out of really tight busy small inner city areas.

Talk soon! I pick it up on Saturday!

Pip :-)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

CAR THOUGHTS............

Hello team!

I received a great present as a 30th pressie from Mum and Dad in the form of $$$ to buy a car. So am feeling very very lucky!

BF and I are searching around to see what is available and to find out what deals best suit my perceived needs/wants or whatever!

I will be living up at BF's in 4 weeks, (wow). That is 25km out of the city up in the hills. I am not anticipating driving into the city daily and parking with such a car. However it will be handy for picking up groceries for 2, (and a dog). Nearest supermarket is only a couple of kms away so cycling (and a few trips) could work. Vegie markets are only a few kms away too..............general convenience of a car will be great. Also taking my bike away to places to go riding and to have the means to drive to possible cycling training, triathlons and in general will rock. I haven't had a car in 5.5 years, (since being in Australia). However when I first moved to West Aussie before moving to Perth for the first 1.5 years I borrowed my Uncle's Ford Falcon wagon to get around and about in on days off. I took it down south to Dunsborough/Margaret River with my bike. In the last few years though the only driving I've done is sober drive BF maybe 4 times on quiet roads in his ute.

I have pretty much decided to go for an auto! BF and I have decided on some model of Toyota Corolla. For body shape at this stage I'm torn between a 4 door hatchback or a wagon. I am perfectly competent and confident with taking both wheels on and off my bike, (although not till I really tried to do it tonight!) It is really easy though as BF said it would be. To fit my bike in a hatchback I'd need to remove the front wheel but it would fit then. I could fit other bags and stuff around it. As for a wagon I wouldn't need to remove any wheels and there is in general lots of space that would be useful! Wagons would be great if away for a while with bike, or for carrying anything outdoorsy or camping, - all things I wanna partake in. Could prob even get a small kayak in a wagon. The wagon I'm looking at isn't a big wagon, but just a bit bigger/roomier than a hatch. However a hatch may look a bit snazzier and be easier for a not so confident person to drive! Hmmmmm!

A week tomorrow till 30. Pity I have to work tomorrow and get to bed, just thought I'd give an update!

Pip :-)

Sunday, July 04, 2010

MID 2010 REVIEW...........

I'm coping Magda's idea here, (cheers Magda) and have decided to give a bit of an update on 2010 to date, - although it's 4 days late but never mind!

I don't have a list of goals for 2010 still posted on here but I do remember what they are...........and they are still the same.

Work: not much change really, am 2IC at a shop that opened this year for my current company. Recently a franchise have bought it, but I will still have a job somewhere in the company. I was offered weekend managing recently for a shop, (having 2 days off in the week) but for the sacrifices involved in my weekends have decided not to go for it. I would need to worry about driving/parking as public transport won't start early enough at weekends and I would only get $40 a week more.
Pretty much just the normal otherwise.

Fitness: I started a novice triathlon training course with great intentions, but without a car and with working full time it was quite a struggle to get to all the training locations on time on my bike! I did well for a few weeks then hurt my back, then sort of got out of the momentum, and it was getting darker/into autumn and cycling out in the evenings was feeling less safe. But I still carried on training on my own. One accomplishment I'm pleased with is a 2km run time trial I did. I did the first km in 4:55 but did slow off slightly in the second km to finish that one just over 5 mins. Also I did the 14.5km Run for a Reason at end of May in 1 hour, 28. Have been a bit inconsistent with training, but quite active in day to day doings.

Weight: Started off 2010 at 78.8. Was under 75 by end of Jan and peaked at 68.6kg on 3 April. I lost my way a bit and got up to 75.7, (see pics below) and this morning weighed in at 73.5kg. My cut off point used to be 90kg, but when I got under 85kg last time, (about 22.5 months ago) I said I would never see 85 again and have stayed true to that! So if we drop another 5kg off that and not see above 80 in 2010 that is a success in a way, - I can do better than that though!
However more than weight I'd love to get my body fat to under a seemingly modest 25%, if I do enough resistance training consistently and get under 68kg I don't think I'd be too far off that.............aim for end of 2010! That's as well as tri training.

Finances: - am doing a bit better here but must work on consistency! One day at a time as I can still go well, then blow it! I have decided if I aim to save less, but just more regularly that could result in a better result in the longer term!

Otherwise: 2 weeks till I turn 30 tomorrow. I had been feeling a bit annoyed at myself recently because there was all this stuff I was hoping to achieve by 30 but hadn't! Body wise, fitness wise, finance wise, experience wise etc and it was often an issue of not finishing what I started. I have a photo shoot in 2 weeks, 5 days and my party is in 2 weeks, 6 days. A year ago I had thoughts of being in the shape of my life, looking like a sports model in my photo shoot ladeda............and never having a weight issue beyond 30!
However while I won't have under 20% body fat in 2 weeks I have let go somewhat in the last week. What will be will be at the time, and if I stay true to my values and goals on a daily basis that will be fine! While I'm a bit overweight it's not hugely so and it's common for athletes to even get that way occasionally, (if their training but not eating drops off). 6kg fat gone I'd be very happy and 10-12kg fat gone I'd be rather lean and prob size under 20% body fat! But if I'm happy with day to day actions, control I'm good with that, - even if it takes 6 months to remove 6kg although if I stay focussed I'm sure it will happen a bit quicker than that! Oh, another success for 2010 is that I went 6 whole consecutive weeks without a drop of alcohol, and seem to have got into the habit of drinking only on 2 days a week if I do now.

So now am looking forward to the party, Dad coming over, the photoshoot. Will get a car, (thinking 5 door Toyota Corolla auto hatch)! Will move to BF's in 5 weeks. Next planned race is City to Surf 12km run on 29 August. I do want to do a couple of at least Sprint distance triathlons over the summer. Other tasks I need to become capable of are: taking bike tyres off/on, pumping up bike tyres alone, being able to change a tyre on a car if needed by myself. I also intend to try growing at least one variety of vegetable in a pot or similar when I move to BF's and have more space.

Pip :-)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Just before I take the blogging break I thought I would leave ya with the bikini and bikini/trackie pics taken this morning. The one down the bottom with the side fringe and the loose accidental one of a 'fattish' stomach are from the weekend. I didn't want to post them on facebook (as they will go to top of my news feed) LOL. But I wanted some evidence of what I look like 22 June 2010. So that's why they are there, (plus you can have a look too). I think the bikini and trackie/bikini ones are surprisingly flattering to what I expected they may have been to be honest. That's cause it's a loose bikini that doesn't dig in too badly, it's made for full cups and comes with thick ties. And trackies seem to work well with a bikini top.

Stats this morning have me weighing in at 75.7 (166 lb). My body fat is around 35%, - I would like to get that under 25%. I have always considered my most probmatic bits for fat gain to be torso/stomach, breasts, face followed by inner thighs.

Oh, I received my new drivers licence in the mail the other day.

Talk soon

Pip :-)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

THE 'JIGGLES'.....AND END OF 20's NEARING WAY TOO CLOSELY!!!................

G'day! Time for an update.

Ho-hum! The 'jiggles'!!! Time for an explanation maybe! OK, BF has a full length mirror in his bedroom. A few, (maybe 3 or 4 weeks ago) he was annoyed that his pants were getting uncomfortably tight. He is very stringent with money so didn't want to buy new bigger ones plus amongst it all he has a concern about health. He had been doing a bit of overtime at work, (which provided 'free' meals to him)'. I know BF likes to take advantage of any saving possible to him so he loads himself up on food, (but doesn't eat much for the next day).

Free meals at my BF's workplace when doing overtime happen to be Chicken Treat, desserts, chocolate or pizza with the same, - really kinda takeaway options. So BF loads up on the freebies thinking he can save on his own food groceries! His pants were getting tight, he weighed himself, got slightly shocked and decided he needed to make a bit of an effort to shed a couple of recent kilos. So he limited himself to 2 midstrength cans per night, made an effort for him to reduce his portions, (mostly) for him and started doing pushups/crunches etc about 4 nights a week without getting hardcore about anything. He is down about 5kg and feels his pants etc feel much better. He's maybe 4-5cm taller than me but I think now only would weight 7-8kg more than me so I have to get cracking! Anyway today he showed me his 'jiggle' test. That is running or jumping on a spot in front of a full length mirror naked. He hardly jiggled, (but said he did lots more 5kg ago). I then tried the 'jiggle' test. Yep, chicks I know have more bodyfat than guys but I now have a new goal!!! I'm not taking breasts into consideration, mainly stomach/torso! I wanna stop the giggles!!!

Right..............ending 20's! 4 weeks this next Monday is my 30th. Party is the Saturday after, (5 weeks today). I've been feeling somewhat annoyed to be coming to the end of my 20's! However age is to be embraced, 20's were great, (did have fun/get lots done) but am planning for 30's top that! I know it won't magically happen without lots of planning/commitments and sticking to them!

Talk soon all!

Pip :-)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

DOINGS and 'BURN THE FAT, FEED THE MUSCLE' thoughts........

G'day, there seem to have been new blog templates to try so I had a little play and came up with this new blog colour theme!

Last night I went to a workmates 30th birthday masquerade party, photos of it are on my facebook! Must say it was a fun night all round! I really enjoyed it! It was a bit more of an effort than I expected finding two cheap masks for BF and I but we got there in the end!

I also went to the hairdressers on Friday for a TRIM! I went into a new place in passing advertising TRIMS for $20 thinking that was what I was gonna get! I asked for a basic TRIM around the layers and ends, that's all! The hairdresser then told me how good in her opinion a side fringe would look on me! I said, 'I dunno about that', she said she would come back to it after cutting the rest. She did, I then said, um, um, this isn't the plan! Next thing..............hack! She took that as a cue to give me a fringe!!! I didn't say yes..........or no but I got one. She then told me that to really make the best of my hair that I really need a professional colour job as my last supermarket one wasn't good! I stood my authority on that one and didn't get swayed in! I told her it was my birthday soon,.........she reckons turning 30 is an excuse for a drastic change and thought I should go platinum blonde all over! I also had about 3cm cut off my hair instead of the requested 1cm so hair is basically now sitting on shoulders at longest layers rather than being ever so slightly past shoulders! Yesterday morning I put my own permanent hair colour in which is a 3.6, (dark mocha brown). So the lesson is ya need to be totally specific and assertive to hairdressers if you are fussy! My 'trim' I specified turned into a $35 style cut as she did a fringe without full consent haha!

Now............Burn the Fat! The e-book has been a very informative interesting read for me! I have been deciding how I'd interpret the info toward bettering myself! Tom talks about I guess the ultimate way to go about burning the fat and feeding the muscle. There is lots of science behind what he says and he also acknowleges that no one exact way fits all to become the best we can be. He does talk about women striving for 5 meals a day, and men 6 meals! Ideally largest meals are at brekkie and taper throughout day in size. He thinks regular meals on the time dot are the go and is even known to chant to himself about losing muscle etc when he is late for a meal! Some need lower carbs, some can get away with 55% carbs. Tom suggests we get used to counting exact calories and planning exact macronutrients for meals. And if fatloss is a goal, he recommends heaps of cardio as well as weights. He recommends regular, (ie weekly) body fat % measurements as well as weigh ins.

As far as I go............working in hospitality/living with others I feel it's impossible to eat meals at the exact time daily, or get 5 perfectly spaced meals in with 3 hours between my last meal and bedtime! However I do know where improvements can be made, - and can get in four meals daily with adequate spacing. Tom suggests 4 meals a day will achieve 60-70% the results that 5 will for most people. My goals are also endurance/strength related as well as body composition relaed. It's a very good read! Even if we can't/don't do it perfectly any improvements made will be good and the book says so too!

Gotta go soon! Work tomorrow!

Pip :-)

Tuesday, June 08, 2010



Well firstly I've banned myself from moaning or talking about 'plans' my weight/fitness/body composition. I'm allowed to talk of notable meaningful achievements (to me) as they happen in this area but am not allowed to whinge. So..........nothing of major note to report!

Last weekend I bought a new handbag! I'd been wanting one for sometime. It's a black Fossil Liberty tote bag, - had been making this decision of 'which one' for month and eventually caved in! (Fossil being the brand). I still haven't used it, it's hanging on my bedpost for admiration! One thing for sure is that any lippie or sunscreen or pens etc will be in another separate bag as I don't want leakage!!!

Today I bought some new comfy work sneakers. OK, they are Adidas runners that were on special, white and pink in colour. I'm not allowing myself to use my good Brooks runners for work. My old runners I used to wear to work, (after having them as my running shoes for a year) were falling apart, getting holes in the sole and basically were dirty/stunk no matter how much I tried to wash or scrub them. I tried wearing my cheap Target slip on closed in black shoes for work for a few days but they are so flat soled, I over pronate out badly, have uncomfy feet all day and have even been getting slightly sore ankles after wearing them all day, (being on my feet and walking all day in them) so I succumbed to new shoes.

I definitely love long weekends but dislike going back to work after them, - like everyone I spose! On Sunday BF and I went down to his parents home for lunch where BF did a job for them. His parents made us spaghetti bolognase followed by pavlova for lunch. Both, BF's Mum and my Mum can make the best pavlova! :-)

I really need to find myself being a very tight scrouge over the up and coming weeks due to my recent spending!!! Still am not in debt or anything and I refuse to touch my small savings account with my other online bank as that account is called 'Future Focus'. However I need to save money for my party over again, - have a couple of bills to pay first and my rent is now higher. So installments to 'Future Focus' will be drastically reduced for a few weeks. I have a 30th cocktail party of a friends at a nice bar to attend this Saturday but am thinking I may have to stick to water as I can't afford to buy expensive cocktails! It will be a good night though!

Talk soon all, have a good one :-)

Pip :-)

Thursday, June 03, 2010


I'll just start hear by saying that tonights tea was about 120g 'heart foundation tick' beef mince, 3 cloves garlic diced fine, leftover half an onion chopped, leftover half a red capsicum chopped, 6 mushrooms chopped, 5th of a tin the lowest sugar/fat pasta sauce leftover and a squirt of no salt tomato paste, maybe 1/4 cup water, a pinch of fennel seeds, small pinch of pepper and green herbs. And served with a couple of floreats of lightly microwaved broccoli. The broccoli was on the side, all other vegies and sauces chopped and inside the mince! What a substantial serve that looked! I even contemplated having half now, and freezing half for another meal as it looked perhaps a bit bigger than I thought it should have! I was hungry though, and had just had a big gym workout and yep, it was 9 hours since my last meal, (I work weird shifts with an early lunch break) but did have an arvo skinny flat white coffee)! It all was eaten in one meal LOL and was good. The moral here though it's amazing how much vegies or salad can span out any meal size...........for few calories and lots of nutrients! I've always found that! I habitually aim to eat a kind of substantial portion controlled brekkie and lunches with wholegrain carb bases, maybe fruit instead of coffee if I have it as an arvo snack, then a lower carb dinner but if carbs are involved with dinner.......watch portion!

I have been on to it with training.......being on track etc this week so far. Today I was buggered and really wanted to flag the gym and miss my workout! However I knew tomorrow was going to be my 'day off' so decided I had to suck it up today after work to stay committed haha! My average half hour tready distances have been around 5.3km (and totally fatigued at end). Today I really didn't feel like it and managed 5.08km. Still, at least I did it :-) I got in some body resistance work reluctantly too.

I'm aiming for 3 runs per week for now, (one long one around 10km, one interval 30 min run, one 5 km or so hilly run building up), 1 bike ride, (steady, 20km min ride will do for now), one swim, (am just aiming for a km focussing on form, technique and little stopping), 1 BodyPump class, one small 15 min resistance body weight workout building up per week. So that's 7 training things but I'm aiming to fit them into 6, (sometimes 5) days so I get a day or two off intense training per week. I wanna build up slightly..........aiming for City to Surf 12km run first, then short triathlons after that. After City to Surf I wanna replace one run for either a swim or ride then stick with that for a bit.

Bedtime here, have a good one!

Pip :-)