Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Just before I take the blogging break I thought I would leave ya with the bikini and bikini/trackie pics taken this morning. The one down the bottom with the side fringe and the loose accidental one of a 'fattish' stomach are from the weekend. I didn't want to post them on facebook (as they will go to top of my news feed) LOL. But I wanted some evidence of what I look like 22 June 2010. So that's why they are there, (plus you can have a look too). I think the bikini and trackie/bikini ones are surprisingly flattering to what I expected they may have been to be honest. That's cause it's a loose bikini that doesn't dig in too badly, it's made for full cups and comes with thick ties. And trackies seem to work well with a bikini top.

Stats this morning have me weighing in at 75.7 (166 lb). My body fat is around 35%, - I would like to get that under 25%. I have always considered my most probmatic bits for fat gain to be torso/stomach, breasts, face followed by inner thighs.

Oh, I received my new drivers licence in the mail the other day.

Talk soon

Pip :-)


Magda said...

Dear Pip, considering the struggles you've had and how many times you think you've started and stopped, these pics reflect quite a good achievement. I think we judge ourselves quite harshly and imagine ourselves to be worse that what we are but this is evidence that things ARENT THAT BAD on the weight / body fat scale for you. So take that comment and remind yourself every day that you look good and you're working towards making yourself look better. (I find that thinking actually makes quite a difference to how I approach my efforts to make positive changes in my eating and training habits).

I look forward to your return and seeing what you've achieved in your absence.



Teresa said...

Great post for Magda, she said it perfectly. Have a good blog break.