Tuesday, August 31, 2010

/THE LATEST...........

G'day! It's been a little while since I've updated hey! Have just been rather busy, that's all so here goes.

Firstly I am in NZ at the moment, up in Nelson at the moment. I arrived there yesterday after flying from Perth. (Flight was with Pacific Blue/Virgin Blue stopping off in Brisbane and Christchurch). I am here because basically poor Granny is at the end. She is 87. As I speak she is still hanging on even after losing her ability to be able to eat or drink for a week. For moisture a small sponge is held to her lips. She has had dementia for the last 7 or so years and hurt her hip about 3 years ago in which she has never walked again since. She is at a hospital/resthome at the moment. I'm scheduled to return to Australia on 11 Sept. My other Grandma has had a few health issues of late herself as well but she is totally with it mentally so I will catch up with her as well.

Other than that I am enjoying living up at BF's. Great to have more space! Have done a bit of driving but still like keeping to quiet areas. (I have a bit of a phobia of driving in busy areas). Work has been busy. I have got back into training the last week, (running, resistance training, cycling). Haven't been to the pool yet. Next goal is triathlon Pink long event on 9 Nov.

Right, better go.

Talk soon

Pip :-)

Monday, August 23, 2010


Hello! Long time and no writing. Have just been kinda slightly busy.

Must say I'm really enjoying living up at BF's. Being outta the city, and up in the hills is great, much quieter and so much space! He has a big back yard, nearly a quarter acre and a 'mans' shed at the back of his block. There is garden out the front of his home and he has recently planted some plants around the sides of his block in which he hopes will eventually grow big enough to provide shade in the summer. I like to attempt to maintain gardens and wouldn't mind buying a couple of plants and a couple of vegies to see if I can grow them, will get there!

I've done a bit of driving but am still a bit crap at it haha! I got my licence in a manual car at age 15 or 16 in NZ but most of my experience is limited to driving around quiet country roads, not busy cities with lots of traffic! I had my first car, (a 1980 Honda Accord manual Hatchback) for about 4-5 years. Actually I did tackle some areas in Queenstown and Nelson NZ where it's hilly so I mustn't have been too bad. Then I went to Aussie for 18 months, and got an automatic car when back in NZ. It was easy and I got used to it but I kept well clear of busy cities with heaps of road lanes, busy intersections, merging etc. I would drive a less busy route even if it was longer and would often park a 45 min walk from where I wanted to go so I kept outta busy areas plus I hate paying for parking! Yes, that's my fear! Laugh if ya like!

Getting used to a manual again in the Perth Hills is a challenge for me. Rather busy and many of the roundabouts/intersections seem to be on hills or slopes, (easy for most people). Plus I think I have more fear of hearing toots if I'm slow off the mark etc than what I did when I first used to drive. But bit by bit, I will get better. Not sure about ever driving in Perth City though! And I have to remember to be gentle on the gearstick! My car is a 2003 model, not an 1980 one!

Have been enjoying quite a bit of birthday wine of late which has been rather fun. And seem to have had some close calls with losing stuff of mine lately, (nothing major actually lost, just misplaced). I guess getting used to new routines may be part of that! Work, - am in a really busy shop at the moment, it's full on!

I cracked down with the training/portion size/somewhat more nutritious eats thing, (not a diet haha) again at the weekend after putting that discipline on the backburner for a bit. Objectives now are to lose 10 odd kg by Christmas, (aiming for around 65-68kg) under 25% BF, (that will be a challenge as it's been many years since I've got there, - or under 100mm skinfolds across 8 sites). I intend to (again) actually do a couple of triathlons after some training, next objective is Triathlon Pink on 7 Nov. So am mapping out a kind of a training plan each week to see how I go! And to improve my swimming, running, cycling to some various targets I set, same with strength and flexibility haha! I tested out my heart rate monitor BF gave me for my b-day and did the fit test before training. VO2 max was 40, so not too bad! I still can get max heart rate over 200bpm if I push myself to max!

Talk again soon!

Pip :-)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Just a quick post to say that I'm all moved. Have been busy. All good though. The major thing worrying me at the moment is a rumour of a water bill to cover the last 4 years. Can't be so! And myself and my other flatmate would be here to pick up the pieces. I think my name may be on the lease agreement for the last year but not the other 3. Anyway it hasn't happened yet, better not but that doesn't stop me fretting about a huge totally unexpected bill on it's way. I've never heard of anything to do with a water bill in the last 4 years I've been here and if a letter indeed comes I will be asking my flatmate to view all the contracts.

Anyway chest of drawers has arrived which is awesome! Work has had a bit of drama between selling shops to new franchises and stuff but all sorted for now.

Right, had better head off to the gym now! Am off work tomorrow to go to my old flat, will be around for when the cleaners are in, (carpet cleaning, cleaners removing marks from walls etc) and to change addresses for mail etc.

Talk soon,

Pip :-)