Saturday, June 19, 2010

THE 'JIGGLES'.....AND END OF 20's NEARING WAY TOO CLOSELY!!!................

G'day! Time for an update.

Ho-hum! The 'jiggles'!!! Time for an explanation maybe! OK, BF has a full length mirror in his bedroom. A few, (maybe 3 or 4 weeks ago) he was annoyed that his pants were getting uncomfortably tight. He is very stringent with money so didn't want to buy new bigger ones plus amongst it all he has a concern about health. He had been doing a bit of overtime at work, (which provided 'free' meals to him)'. I know BF likes to take advantage of any saving possible to him so he loads himself up on food, (but doesn't eat much for the next day).

Free meals at my BF's workplace when doing overtime happen to be Chicken Treat, desserts, chocolate or pizza with the same, - really kinda takeaway options. So BF loads up on the freebies thinking he can save on his own food groceries! His pants were getting tight, he weighed himself, got slightly shocked and decided he needed to make a bit of an effort to shed a couple of recent kilos. So he limited himself to 2 midstrength cans per night, made an effort for him to reduce his portions, (mostly) for him and started doing pushups/crunches etc about 4 nights a week without getting hardcore about anything. He is down about 5kg and feels his pants etc feel much better. He's maybe 4-5cm taller than me but I think now only would weight 7-8kg more than me so I have to get cracking! Anyway today he showed me his 'jiggle' test. That is running or jumping on a spot in front of a full length mirror naked. He hardly jiggled, (but said he did lots more 5kg ago). I then tried the 'jiggle' test. Yep, chicks I know have more bodyfat than guys but I now have a new goal!!! I'm not taking breasts into consideration, mainly stomach/torso! I wanna stop the giggles!!!

Right..............ending 20's! 4 weeks this next Monday is my 30th. Party is the Saturday after, (5 weeks today). I've been feeling somewhat annoyed to be coming to the end of my 20's! However age is to be embraced, 20's were great, (did have fun/get lots done) but am planning for 30's top that! I know it won't magically happen without lots of planning/commitments and sticking to them!

Talk soon all!

Pip :-)

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