Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Hi! This seems to be the question which many ask! Which of these suits us best? I do think that it depends on where we are in our lives and what we want out of life at this time as needs could differ throught life. Also it differs I think depending on the person. Those addictive/driven personality types may thrive better with some rules or guidelines. However the less goal orientated person with a maybe a less addictive personality may feel able to trust their common sense better and thrive to a level they are happy with.

We are all made to believe 'diets don't work'. Ok, they may in the short term if we persist for long enough but as soon as they are unsustained they won't. However if a 'diet' or better words 'nutritional guideline' is practiced forever it is likely to work forever. This in where in which a maintainable approach is required as we all know.

For me I have sort of been doing the intuitive common sense thing for a while.........which for me works to a degree but can come unstuck very easily too. I can very happily live without any confectionary for a few weeks and feel great after a few days refinding that groove of course. But after unplanned somewhat uncontrolled overindulging I'm not happy with..........that leaves me feeling winded, bloated and lethargic there is the big battle of 'getting back on track again' with a tighter waistband. Often then followed by cheese and salt and the like. What I am grateful now for is that I only get about a week/10 days off track and maybe up 2-3 kgs more before reining it in rather than 3-6 months later and 15kg plus more. Alcohol can be a problem sometimes too, just having a couple too many as the affects and sometimes overeating hit an hour or so later! But drinking wine of course feels and tastes so good at the time! Budget is also a big thing. I hate to think of wasting too much $ on wine, 'off track' food, from time to time bigger more comfy clothes I'd prefer not to buy and the like. I'd rather save money, go on overseas holidays and adventures, spend my money on new and fun experiences in this life and do want to get to some fitness levels I like........and something not that far from a 6-pack haha!

I have thought about how I really wanna live and think that self imposed rules may be best for me! The rules are in my best interest, to help me toward my objectives. They aren't there to deny.........I've tried to work toward an achieveable and flexible balance...........cause I'm flexible! I just function best if I keep to these rules! And I've made up penalties if I break them as I think a bit of military style is good! Wanna know my rules anyone haha???

Pip :-)

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Kristy said...

It really is tricky Pip, and I know I don't know that answer at the moment... Let me know when you find the answer