Sunday, June 12, 2011



I've had this blog since 2007 and have basically decided it's time to update somewhat. Over the years I have deleted many of the repetitive sounding blog posts and particularly those posts in which I've felt I've complained about feeling overweight, make statements on what I say I'm gonna do.........but don't!

As my posts have stated............my long term goal of many years was to get under 68kg and stay there. 60-63kg is ultimate if it can be managed without either too hardcore or health endangering methods! And also to stop binge eating, (the biggie) and stay committed to reasonable regular training and to permanently hold a fitness level I'm proud of.

I have spent many years formulating plans for this, stating them, slipping, making more plans and eventually decided to think............this yoyo thing is normal and decided to try not to worry about it. But the desire to be at optimal health, fitter, sharper etc still persisted so I guess I did what I needed to do!

I believe I'm about 140 lb, 10 stone or 63.4kg these days. The non digital scales can tell me close to 62kg. I wouldn't mind sharpening up by a couple of kilos but don't want to start seeing numbers below 60kg either! 50's just sound too small! But I certainly don't wanna go up either! 60-63kg sounds ultimate to me, - orange light up to 65 and to never get above 68kg!

However moreso, I want my new blog to talk about more than weight. I intend to talk about my fitness pursuits, travel, I want to get a bit more up to date on blog designs, how to get the best out of a computer. And maybe occasionally just day to day life for Pip :-) I am feeling good and confident that my binge eating days may be over for good but do realise it's a lifelong project. I am a foodie, forever will be I think but for now it's under control. I may slip up with say a bit much wine one night, - the next day may feel like a blow out but can somewhat rein self in.

The new blog will be up soon, I will leave this one here but just feel it's time to update! I will keep reading all the regular blogs I read and I'm sure still will talk about my body composition from time to time, (just don't want it to be the main theme).

Till next time,

Pip :-)


Kristy said...

I think it's a great idea to start a new blog Pip, if you feel like you are starting a new chapter in your life :)

Teresa said...

Wonderful idea Pip. Don't forget to post the link.