Thursday, June 09, 2011

'ULTIMATION' approaching and it feels unreal!!! :-)

Howdy! Firstly I'll explain my explanation of 'ultimation' for me it fatloss/weight and fitness terms.

The easiest way was target one being 68kg or under on me with equates with getting my body fat down to maybe 27-28%. Or at least under 30%. I must say getting body fat % to under 30% is a huge thrill when in the past it's been 40% plus at some points. And 3 years running I reached 68.something for a day before letting it slide. And for the past few years before that didn't see much below 73kg at my fitter points. The idea at target one of 68kg was to feel thrilled, stay below it, lose a few more kg if poss without too much hardcore effort so I could use 68kg as a 'cut off' point if I went on holidays or something.

However I considered 68kg as 'target one', - very pleasing. And considered 60-62kg as ULTIMATION! Body fat % would be in the low 20's, even possibly slightly better if I built some muscle. Size 10 would be closest general clothes size, (occasionally 12's for designers or even '8's believe or not for the bigger generic type brands! I didn't know if my 'ultimation' goal was realistic so decided to let the satisfaction of letting 'target one' set in and not allow myself to slip up on that basically, - ideally be well under it with a bit of a buffer if poss without overly obsessive effort!

And since have been getting fitter, running ability has improved. Nutrition wise I feel it's been rounded. I've given up the daily weighing but do still have a peek every 2-3 days or so.

As for getting close to my ultimation definition:
* I've seen the high '62's' twice over the past week on a morning first thing naked after a big run the day prior, a couple of wines but a light tea! Today was one of those.
* If more hydrated (ie no wine) of if bowels don't feel quite empty in mornings it's closer to 64.

At ultimation I think body fat is in low 20's for me, (if it gets lower I won't complain but am happy at this). Decided 60-63kg is 'ultimate'! Up to 65kg is 'orange zone'. But 68kg now is the number to not get above. I don't think I want to get much below 60kg though, - would rather build muscle if I want to get fitter or leaner. The fact it's so close if not here is awesome.

Thing is I've been 'relatively' discplined and have balanced stuff out but have done nothing particularly hardcore or unsustainable to get here! I do train hard, - run on average 25km per week over 3-4 sessions, one other intense cardio, maybe a 15 min resistance workout cause I'm slack on doing two each week. Work is active and on the go which may help contribute. Calorie wise I reckon I average 1700-1800 a day with a 300 cal a day average of wine or low carb beer cals! However have not binged once recently and I've made sure social meals at others homes or restaurants haven't turned to personal binges.

Talk soon,

Pip :-)

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Teresa said...

Yes you do work hard and it shows. I hope you achieve all you set out to accomplish. Good luck