Sunday, June 19, 2011



These pics are from today, - this morn after brekkie. Sis said she was keen to see them and now that I got round to taking them I'm glad I did. I didn't weigh in today but yesterday saw my lowest at 62.4kg/137.6lb, (since early 2002). (Am 1.71m) I went out to a BBQ and a few drinks last night so if I looked it may have been a couple of hundred grams up today! So I said total ultimation was 62kg but this is pretty damn close and in the range I decided I want to maintain which is ideally 60-63kg, orange light to 65kg but to not get above 68kg.

So these pics will mark the end of this blog. Right now I feel it's been a productive time.

As for how I lost the weight: - for me it seriously wasn't that hard. Consistency and no bingeing was the key though. I didn't give up carbs, I didn't 100% give up sugar, I don't keep to strict portions/macronutrients or mealtimes, I didn't take any fatburners or supplements, I didn't follow the 'intuitive eating' guidelines, I didn't keep a food log.

For me pretty much is was common sense. Such as treating food more like a ration. Eating till say 6/10 instead of 9/10. We can have another 'ration' later! Meat portions are generally around deck size of playing carbs, - slighly more with fish or maybe 100g-150g meat and always cooked in a non too fatty way! Green veg are pretty much as much as I want. Gourmet low fat muesli or oats is pretty much totally heaped third of a cup and is served with a serve of fresh fruit and 100g or so of a low fat/low sugar kinda natural yoghurt. I still like my scooped out multigrain baguettes with salad and protein and dijon for lunch, fruit or portioned yoghurt for snacks as needed, 1-2 small skinny flat whites/no sugar per day, lots of water. Then healthy but not oversised meal at tea. I'm not that strict though and love going out and tend to work on balancing things out.

Not always easy cause the day after a good party when I maybe indulge in an extra drink and an extra bit of meat, - the next day the temptation is there to wanna go all out and binge, - but I haven't given into that yet. Am definitely enjoying this fitter slimmer leaner thingie going on!

My new blog is http://passions-hobbies.blogspot.com

So please come over for a look. It will keep you up to date with my doings and visions. However I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with this blog...............but I feel time to say to say goodbye.

Pip :-)

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Teresa said...

Well done well done. You look GREAT!