Saturday, May 28, 2011


Firstly yep, it was 4 weeks ago to the day today that I finally saw a number 68kg or 150lb or under. 4 weeks ago I saw 2 dehydrated reads of 67.5 and one of 67.9 and 149.2lb. The reads depended on how the scales were positioned on the tiles or other stupid factors. I say I was dehyrdrated as I'd consumed quite a bit the wine the evening prior while watching the Royal Wedding on 29 April and I note I can weigh anything up to a kilo less the next morning following some wine! I therefore hit target on Sat 30 April 2011. I hit under 70kg first time this year on 18 April.

Secondly I'm proud to report I haven't seen a number above those ones since either.

Today I decided to take a visit to the scales after almost a week of keeping off them. No wine last night and infact a late but lightish tea last night. I therefore felt powerful enough to perform a decent 5-10km run rather than depleted or dehydrated or in dire need of a good brekkie before a run. I saw one read today of 65.4, another of 64.9 and another of 65.0kg. As for pounds I came up as 143.5lb.

I am not really an overly analytical precise person but this has been fun.

I will note another pleasing experience last night was taking a rushed visit to the shop 'Cue'. I had noted at 70-72kg my most regular size had been a 12. OK, sometimes I needed a bigger top to fit across bust etc but average close to a 12. Infact when getting under 76kg I remember being pleased to be able to get into size 12 pants instead of bigger from shops such as Cue, Target, Country Road, Colorado. As you could imagine my size 12 Cue suit I bought last year at 75-76kg is now rather big.

Basically I wanted to go in there to see if I could get away with a size 10 suit! I believed I may have been able to. Until last night I hadn't bought any new clothes since reaching target. The size 10 dress pictured above was a purchase! Infact it was a non stretch size 10 and the pics were taken an hour ago today.

I did try on a beaut grey suit and the assistant looked at me and gave me a 10 jacket and believe it or not size 8 grey suit pants! I put them both on over a beaut lace size 10 fitted top and paraded out feeling comfy! She then told me the pants were an '8' and I thought she was joking! I tried on the '8' skirt but felt that was a bit uncomfy and tight with the 10 being much better. Still seriously, - I think they must be big fitting '8's as my waist at smallest point is still a comfy 29 inches, not tiny or anything. OK, maybe 28.5 inches first thing in morning over bare skin before brekkie. I found another size 10 black mini and other tops to try on. I was advised it's the fashion and often a better look to tuck non bulky tops into skirts. That's a first for me but it was great to feel I looked acceptable in doing so!

I didn't buy then and there. I went and swithered about it while doing my fastest treadmill 30 min run at gym. I achieved my fastest 30 min run for ages at 5.75km in 30 mins so decided um.............stuff it! I'd buy the dress, black mini skirt and a navy lace fashionable formal top. Being sweaty and all I didn't try it on again!

I have decided upon achieving under 68kg..........I sure wanna stay under it. I always used to say 68kg was target one and 62kg was ultimation. I still think along those lines. For example finally getting my body fat under 30% after being 40% was fantastic and I have taken time to feel thrilled but 20-25% body fat is awesome!

I remember via a DEXA scan 3 years ago lean mass was 46.something kg. I maybe able to do slightly more pushups but I just hope it hasn't decreased. If I put on a kg or 2 of muscle, - fantastic. I've decided to make my ideal fitness range 60-65kg.............but if I go travelling etc NEVER to get above 68kg. By keeping up a small amount of regular challenging resistance training as well as my other stuff I believe this is actually achieveable. That will have me maintaining a nice maintainable body fat of 20-25% in the 'fitness' but not 'athlete' range. If I get into the 'athlete' range I'd be stoked but believe that is a bit seasonal etc. I'd be stoked to get and maintain in the fitness range!


* Following a 'no' carb or even 'low' carb diet
* Having set precise mealimes and eating 5-6 mini-meals
* Sticking to my training regimes religiously
* Banning alcohol
* Keeping a food diary
* Following a precise plan
* Prob sleeping enough
* Being strict
* Ringing up restaurants scrutinising their menus in advance or electing to only eat my own food if visiting others


* Mental rough calorie, nutrient balancing
* Common sense
* Often but not religiously sticking to about 3 meals a day during week, 1-2 snacks if needed. At weekends may have a good brekkie, train an hour or two later then not eat till tea if going out unless I feel hungry which is then often something light like fruit.
* Staying away from bingeing
* Have been keeping sugary options out of day to day life. But if it's occasional and I really want something I can plan for it, keep to a moderate portion and budget it in. Not that hard once ya start.
* Getting in at least 3 hard intense training sessions of at least 30 mins each week, a couple of good short resistance workouts and am just generally active with my job etc day to day.
* Really keeping an eye on portion sizes. If out etc I may have a bit more than normal, even dessert as well if say at a dinner party and it's specially made but must feel I'm in control and whatever I do I can't let it turn into getting 'off track'.

Wine is the next big thing I must get a bit stricter on regarding moderation :-)

What I have wanted to achieve since getting under 68kg was:
* staying comfortably under there, (it not being a fleeting one day visit)
* not getting (or appearing) to others too obsessed or completely hardcore about it either.

Talk soon,

Pip :-)

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Teresa said...

Excellent work! Love the dress. I'll say it again but your are doing great and it shows. Keep well.