Sunday, February 27, 2011

ADELAIDE THIS WEEK............!!!

Almost here now, am feeling excited. 2 days of work this week so I can't wait till I finish on Tuesday!

I have quite a few things to do in the next 2 days.............will get them done though! I got a run of just over 9km over heaps of hills and various terrains in on Sat morning. I'm eventually aiming to get that down under 50 mins but it took an hour exactly which is a bit long! However it was already 33 degrees by the time I started just after 7.30am, (it got to 38!) I managed 20 pushups again on toes, a real struggle!

Today I got in 31 mins on the turbo, hardcore! Again in warm weather and no aircon and I went hard so am happy with that effort while drinking lots of water. Should go and do some resistance now before I have a quick shower before bed!

I did the stupid thing of misplacing my ATM card on Friday evening but didn't realise till yesterday arvo as I was about to do food shopping! Urrgh! As I don't have a credit card these days (a good thing) I have no way to access money till tomorrow and I don't carry much cash in wallet! So that meant pantry food such as tinned tuna and frozen veg nuked in microwave, toast and cottage cheese and finishing up the fruit! Can't wait for some fresh produce! BF got into the frozen pies in the freezer. So I will order another card, withdraw cash and do banking the old fashioned way for a few days.

Food hasn't been too bad otherwise. I confess to 2 beers both days as well as heaps of water but still think daily cals were around 1500 and felt in control.

Can't see msyelf getting time for a workout tomorrow with particularly long workday and food shopping! However Tuesday, Wed morning there really aren't any excuses!

My thoughts are with the terrible situation in Christchurch.

Over and out,
Pip :-)


Kristy said...

Can't wait Pip, it will great to have you here :) Just ignore the huge wall of boxes :P

Magda said...

and I'm looking forward to lunch on Saturday


Teresa said...

Good luck Pip. Have a wonderful time. Keep up the good work. When you plan your trip this way we will have to get together.