Sunday, February 13, 2011


Alrighty gang, I dunno how to score myself for last week! If I had The Commando from 'The Biggest Loser' or even a personal coach/trainer I'm sure I'd get a score close to a big fat ZERO!

On self analysis: I didn't pull myself back from BF's b-day party. On Sunday after the party I ate a modest, (or slightly more than modest but not binge worthy) portion of leftovers and had no real prob about that. In Perth (but not me personally) there were some fire disasters. BF is a firefighter and was out for 2 nights helping to fight them. The first night I didn't manage to keep to my non-negotiable behaviours.............I found it just too hard to pull back into line, (but it would have been possible). Not the best place to be. I found excuses to pick at muffins, skinny mochas, cheese, chocolate, un-needed extras for rest of week to a degree where I felt slightly too full to train at end of day. After consuming a little confectionary that 'I know it was best if I didn't'...........I just wanna gorge!

When not having it............I'm fine, don't think about it and do like healthy nourishing type options.

So.........no excuses, beating oneself up sure doesn't help. However I know if I had a pro trainer monitoring me............there would be hard questions!

To re-iterate........my main goals/behaviours aren't that hard and need to be non negotiable if I'm to head toward my objectives. They are:

* confectionary sugary products and deep fried or pastry laden products are only acceptable in social situations in moderation, (where I feel out of place if I don't have a little), - on average once every 4 weeks or so. That means no buying for self, eating leftovers non socially etc etc Iced coffees and soft drinks etc and any similar sweet tasting stuff..banned!

* the alcohol one is and stays non negotiable: That is: I'm not allowed to drink anymore than 3/7 days in a calendar week Mon to Sun. Maximum quantities allowed in a day are either: 2 glasses/400ml wine OR 2 beers, (stubbies, pints, schooners etc) OR 60 ml spirits. Up to 12 times a year I can exceed these amounts............but not more often. These days and amounts must be recorded! Unsused drinks or drinking days can't be saved up. If on annual leave holidays I can drink more days if I want but must keep to general day drinking limits, (no more than 400ml wine, OR 2 beers OR 60 ml spirits per day) except for the 12 day a year allowance.

Rules above are the non negotiables and I feel need to be adhered to for the rest of my life. They are strict enough but not overly strict! It's better to feel a little annoyed at not overindulging occasionally then the annoyance from overindulgence after the party has finished and thoughts about further un-needed indulgences are!as I found out yet again.

I know I CAN do this..............it's not a question of that. It's keeping it up as a lifestyle without the annoying fluctuations in these areas!

Other lifestyle rules are doing upmost best to my satisfaction regarding keeping to training standards, also to keep in line with organisational standards and to keep to budget and do my best to keep to goal of being in bed, lights out at least 7 hours at least 5 nights a week.

Scales and body tell me I've put on 1.5 to 2kg in the last week:-(

However onwards and upwards and tomorrow marks day one of 20 week half marathon training plan for the Gold Coast half marathon on 3 July 2011! Most half marathon training plans at an intermediate level seem to have 4 running sessions a week and up to 2 cross training sessions if wanted. I've been debating whether to follow one to the letter OR get a personalised plan or coach OR whether to make up my own plan from the base plan which sort of gears toward triathlon building as well.

In the end I've decided to make up and follow my own plan and see where it gets me! I intend to give myself at least 3 running sessions per week with one of them being a long run. Then also at least one bike and one swim session, (maybe more) and at least 2 resistance sessions weekly.

Performance goal for half marathon is completion under 2 hours! Wanna feel good for this holiday and also Airlie Beach kayaking etc and skiing in NZ after that! Wanna keep self in line for triathlons the following spring/summer.

Weight goal before leaving Perth is under 66kg, (with intention of staying under 68kg for good thereafter), (73.5-74kg now).

With body fat % goal is under 25%.


MONDAY 14 FEB: Treadmill 30 mins as fast as poss running. 15 mins resistance (pm) workout

TUESDAY 15 FEB: Rower 15 mins, Body Pump class performing best as poss (pm)

WEDNESDAY 16 FEB: Turbo trainer 30 mins as fast as poss (pm)

THURSDAY 17 FEB: Either 5.3km run outdoors OR treadmill 30 mins as fast as poss, 15 mins resistance (pm)

FRIDAY 18 FEB: 30 min swim session somewhere, no matter what it takes me!

SATURDAY 19 FEB: turbo 20 mins followed by 20 min run, (am)

SUNDAY 20 FEB: Run around block which is just over 9km, (am)

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Teresa said...

Good luck Pip, I'm sure you can do everything you set out to achieve.