Thursday, December 27, 2007


Kristy said...

Hi Pip

I love all the photos and it sounds like you are having a fab holiday and keeping up with your fitness at the same time. Your doing very well.

Enjoy the rest of your holiday and have a great new years.


Anonymous said...

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danie said...

Hi Pip.. Happy New Year..
Its been too long since I have got on the computer and actually played around (instead of working), and I was really happy to see that you are still your happy self.
Your sister is gorgeous.. I have a beautiful sister as well.. two of them actually - one is a sporty size 8 - 10 as well! I live in hope that I will one day borrow her clothes, but in reality - I would be happy just being a size 12 at the moment!
Anyhow.. I am ready to start a new year and new me. I looked at the challenge I wanted to start with you in April/May (when I last blogged).. and was so embarrassed to see that I have done NOTHING since. ahhh well..
Time to get my act together. I promise I will check your blog more often - and maybe come visit you because my sister lives in Perth now! That is two reasons to visit the wild west.

Have a great day!! Danni.

Jadey 0:-) said...

Hey Pip sounds like you had a great chrissy enjoy your time in Sydney have a great new years eve and a brilliant 2008 with more acheivements than you ever thought possible.